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Bruntwood Park Score Event
October 3rd, 2009

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Organiser - David McCann

Planner's Comments - Ian Gilliver

Thanks for attending our Bruntwood Park event, the first of six in our autumn series.
The number of competitors was a bit down on our aspirations, though we understand that there were several competing activities.
If you enjoyed the event, perhaps you can help us spread the word?

Congratulations to Martin Green and Eddie Speak who both got all the controls within the 45 minutes allowed.
Commiserations to Warren Mason who got all the controls within 36 minutes, but omitted to punch the finish control.
Commiserations also to Dave McCann who thought he’d got all the controls, but found later that he’d missed out 114.
And thanks to those club members who helped to stage the event.

I was aiming at a total crow-fly distance of about 5km (2.7km for the master controls and 2.3km for the slaves), and I gather from people who carried GPS with them that their total distances were about 5.5km. Clearly the leaders were running pretty quickly to achieve all the controls in the time!

We’re giving some thought to how we might improve the format for later events in the series. As examples, we’re planning to have coloured pens on the slave map boards and are giving some thought to how we might better cater for newcomers and juniors.

I found the planning task a bit more tricky than for more conventional events of similar scale, which together with the 10 slave maps meant that there was more to prepare on the eve of the event. But judging by the comments a number of people had enjoyed the event, which makes the effort worthwhile.

If you have any comments on the event, and in particular how we might improve the format, please use the “Autumn Events Forum” which Steve Lang has set up.

Ian Gilliver

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