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Saturday Park Event at Platt Fields and Fallowfield Campus

Saturday 20 March 2010

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The final Saturday Park Event in our Spring 2010 series, offering both Introductory Courses and Chasing Sprints for more experienced orienteers.

Organiser's Comments

Thanks to Norman Gillson and Ed Braney for Fallowfield permissions; Claire Blaney for Platt Fields.

Thanks to all our helpers ... Ian Gilliver as Planner; Jen and Edouard on registration; Margaret and Andrew on colour coded; Dave, IanW and Chris on computing; Steve, Jim and John on Platt Fields; IanG, Martin and AndyT on control hanging and defence; plus assorted control collectors.

And thanks to everyone from near and far who turned out on a miserable-looking morning when there were plenty of other places to be.

I thought Ian's courses made good use of the areas ... and feedback was generally very positive, including lots of debate and split comparisons on the Platt Fields route choices. Maybe RouteGadget will provide the answers. The gaffled butterflies seemed like a popular introduction ... it certainly adds a little something to a close head-to-head chase, of which there were several.

One major talking point was the possibility for confusion of 6 and 9 on the gaffled bit of the Chase. Apparently a number of people lost time reading them the wrong way round - which was an unexpected effect of the approach being from the North meaning you were thumbing the map upside down. Amazingly, on the very same day, the very same problem happened in the Huntingdon Urban League event !! Would an underline have helped ? (And if so, why doesn't the standard control numbering software apply them automatically ?)

Lost Property ... 1 Small blue cagoule

John Britton

Planner's Comments

Thanks to John for his input as controller - in particular I was pleased to take up his suggestion to introduce the gaffled butterflies.

Thanks also to:
- Eddie for enabling the map corrections, setting up the maps for printing and for SI box preparation
- Martin for placing controls, and thereby giving up his opportunity to run, and for staying on to collect controls and lead the sorting out of planning equipment after the event
- and also to John, Edouard and Andy T for control collection.

You all made my job a lot easier!

Ian Gilliver

Next events:

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Wednesday 28th April - Countryside Score Event at Bollington, near Macclesfield

Thursday 29th April - Lyme Park Introductory Event 1

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