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Mellor Moor Countryside Score Event

Wednesday 4 May 2011

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Planner/Organiser's Comments - Ian Gilliver

I hope you all enjoyed the event, despite some ‘flaky’ clues for which I apologise. A number have been brought to my attention, and in many cases alternative answers to those which I intended have been accepted. In numerical order:

6 – I gather that there are two power line poles here. My answer of “H above 8” related to the one nearer the wall corner.
12 – OK, yardage rather than “Par 3” is acceptable – perhaps I shouldn’t have assumed a knowledge of golf?
13 – my answer was ‘Spaldings UK’ but another name including the word ‘Electric’ or similar is OK [Certainly ‘Spaldings UK’ was in a very small font size!]
16 – there were three metal barriers right in the corner of the field, and another one about 10m away. So my answer was 4, but 3 is OK.
19 –There was only one post which was “nearest to the SE side of the wall crossing” and that was definitely blue or ‘faded blue’ so those I will accept. (Grey and white I will not accept.)
22 – yes, the weakest clue - sorry. I needed something thereabouts to get the route choices ‘right’ in the vicinity. So, my answer was brambles but undergrowth, woodland, holly, ‘I could find nothing there’ (because I couldn’t either!) etc will all do. Perhaps I should have planted a temporary feature and used that?!
26 – rope ladder. If I had gone closer I might have seen the 7th step on the ground, so 6 or 7 are OK.
29 – sorry this provoked so much debate. I had been confident that ‘silver birch’ was uniquely the right answer, but I have been proved wrong. Again, I needed a control on that stretch of path... so I have accepted answers such as silver birch, holly, sycamore and acorn!
34 – stag or deer are OK
40 – there are two flights of steps, numbering 6 and 14: half a point for each, so a full point for 20

Apologies to Paul Turner who spent an hour looking for the event, and so only had a 48 minute run. I need to learn to give more precise directions for those reliant on Satnav.

I was heartened by several things last evening, including:

Finally, a few words of thanks: to Nicky, George and Graham Burgess at Shaw Farm; to Mel, landlady of The Fox; to Jane and Eddie for providing me with the base map for the event; to Steve for the printing; to Martin, Pete and Rae for help in and around the car park; to the McCanns for marking the clue sheets, and then reviewing the answers marked initially as ‘wrong’, so that we could debate what alternatives would be acceptable; to Vicky for re-checking scores according to the decisions listed above; to Andy for running registration and in particular also to Andy: for suggesting The Fox as a venue, and then providing excellent support to me before, during and after the event; and thanks to all participants for coming along and making it all worthwhile.

Score Checker's Notes from Vicky Thornton:

An extra column has been included in this year’s results which gives the total answers given (prior to marking) so that people can see where they could have come without points deducted for incorrect answers. I have been lenient where I can be following the planners notes but where the clue has been very clear and the answer given incorrect you will have lost a point; this may seem harsh but to win you need to try to be more careful/accurate in the next events! (Some examples are: Middlewood Way instead of Midshires Way is not accepted, nor are incorrect answers from other signs, miss counts of ‘short towers’ on roof buildings have been marked wrong, numbers recorded from the wrong pole are incorrect, cockerel instead of stag or deer is wrong etc (sorry -I can’t write them all down!) The score checker’s decision is final and please bear in mind that the main aim of these events is for fun and although any debating about clues and answers in the pub afterwards all adds to it I don’t really want debates about fairness of clues etc to be continued by email – needless to say the events may not be flawless…I can assure you planners, participants and markers can only continue to try to do their best! (For your interest: I will put the bundles of previously marked sheets at registration and if you have any queries you can try to find me!!)

Well done to all those who took part there are some impressive results by young and 'older' :-)


Position Name Answers
Penalty Points
per 10 Min
1Greenwood Mike2121.0318.03.00
2Vernon Steve2218.5117.52.92
3Thornton Andy & Vicky1717.0017.02.83
4Fellbaum Heather & Alice1917.0116.02.67
4No Name?1917.0116.02.67
6Platt-Wells Holly & Steve1313.0013.02.17
7Chambers Barry1313.0112.02.00
7No Name?1212.0012.02.00
7Laverock Julie1513.0112.02.00
7Turner Paul1212.0012.02.00
11Fellbaum Matt1111.0011.01.83
11Hindle Trevor & Carolyn1212.0111.01.83
13Green Martin1010.0010.01.67
13Barnett Claire1010.0010.01.67
15Gibbs R.S.
15Brook Julie1212.039.01.50
15Evans Gareth & Cathryn H99.009.01.50
18Bloor Harry & Lis88.008.01.33
19Riley Michelle87.007.01.17
19Home Abi87.007.01.17
19Ellis Jan87.007.01.17
22Lomas Rae76.006.01.00
23Britton Jennifer55.005.00.83
24Birkinshaw Sue44.004.00.67
25Gibbs J43.003.00.50


Position Name Answers
Penalty Points
per 10 Min
1Corner Liam3232.0329.03.22
2McCann Alex2828.0028.03.11
2Britton John2828.0028.03.11
4McCann Dave2726.5026.52.94
5Fox Andrew2825.5025.52.83
5Redhead Peter2725.5025.52.83
7Lang Steve2725.0025.02.78
7Proud Simon2828.0325.02.78
7Stimson Andrew2826.0125.02.78
10Baker Darren2323.0023.02.56
11Jackson Peter2222.0022.02.44
12Bedwell Tom2521.5021.52.39
13Griffin R2121.0021.02.33
13Rostron Chris2121.0021.02.33
13Roberts Trevor2121.0021.02.33
13Griffin Clare2121.0021.02.33
17Bedson Carl2221.0120.02.22
17Harris Digby2020.0020.02.22
17Brown Julian & Miles Jo2020.0020.02.22
17Hunt Paul2321.0120.02.22
21McCann Jane1919.0019.02.11
21K-Hicks Matt & Thompson Rose1919.0019.02.11
21Scott Lee1919.0019.02.11
24Cliff Mark2018.0018.02.00
24Hindle Hazel & Laura1818.0018.02.00
24Bryant Kate1818.0018.02.00
27Robinson Brian & Ruth1717.0017.01.89
27Ogden Alan2117.0017.01.89
29Roberts Marie1616.0016.01.78
29Parker Dan (retired injured)1616.0016.01.78
29Crawshaw Graham1616.0016.01.78
32Thompson Melody1414.0014.01.56
32Newton Jackie1414.0014.01.56
32Leonard Angela2020.0614.01.56
36Williams Kirsten98.008.00.89

Routegadget Instructions

Because SI boxes weren't used, the steps to add your route is slightly different to normal.

  1. Go to
  2. Select the Mellor Moor Event
  3. Tick 'Draw your route' near the top right corner
  4. Select your course (Score)
  5. Enter your name
  6. A textbox to the left of your name will appear. Enter your time in this box. For example if you took 92 mins 15 secs, type in 9215
  7. Optionally, add your comment
  8. On the map draw your route, finishing at the finish control. The position of the finish control could not be placed at the same location as the start control.

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