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Autumn Series Event 1 at Vernon/Woodbank Park
Saturday 19th September 2011

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Organiser - Chris Rostron

Planner's Comments - Paul Clifford

Thanks to all who took part and all the helpers for what was my first event. I hope you all enjoyed it. There had to be some last minute changes to the courses due to the memorial event that was not known about until 2 days before.

I planned with the target that even the faster runners would need to plan carefully and find it a challenge to get around every control. In practice, it seems that the park caught people unawares, based upon the number of time penalties. I anticipated routes splitting between the lower river levels and the upper levels, but it seems that you all enjoyed running up and down hills more often than you needed to! Perhaps giving the gift of the easy circuit in Vernon park lulled you into a false sense of security, or maybe there was too much temptation to take pairs of controls despite the gradient between. It seems that the lack of variation on the southern end paths made it difficult to find the controls set away from the path. Anyway, here’s to the next time.

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