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Street League Event 1 - Marple

Thursday 10 November 2011

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Planner/Organiser Comments - John Britton

Finish group - click to enlarge

It was wonderful to see 44 competitors from all manner of places brave the darkness of Marple last night. Thanks to everyone for coming and thanks for all the kind comments. I think our new venture has got off to a flying start.

We copied all the principles shamelessly from the long-established and totally-excellent SROC Street League - huge thanks to Grahame Crawshaw for getting the series started up and Controlling this event, and to Ian Gilliver for his supporting efforts, and thanks on the night for the super-efficient office team of Jen and Irene.

I think the two differences from SROC standards we decided on both worked out pretty well, but I'd be very interested in other people's thoughts:
> the use of SI timing may be a slight nuisance for the runner, but it takes away a highly stressful official job - timing multiple incomings while still running the start is not easy
> dropping the 75-minute option enables us to use smaller areas, and have more pub-friendly timings, while not significantly reducing the physical workout for the faster folk.

The results are presented as a table of merged 40 and 60-minute totals pro-rata'd to points per hour and then taken as a percentage of the winner. That is your counting score for the accumulated league results. An additional table is the same totals adjusted by the SROC age/sex/adjustment algorithm, which may be a better measure of individual performance, and which will also be accumulated over the season. It's interesting that the M16 and M40 adjustments are identical, so the straight fight between Alex and Steve will be one to watch.

Apologies to everyone who lost time at #49 - the metal TP and its very high-up number - and the dot for #30 was a mm or two out. I generously allowed 3 instead of 8 in the answer for #25 as I'd made the very same mistake when planning. Not sure why there were a couple of different wrong answers for the Green Box at #37.

I was truly astonished by the various degrees of muppetry I saw and heard last night. Maybe everything is too familiar for a chap who's been doing these events for the best part of 20 years, but let me just make some basic comments:

> What are you looking for ? There was a display board in the pub explaining every type of control in use, with helpful photographs. This board will be at every event. Given that you get your questions when you register, you have plenty of time to look through them all and make sure you understand what you're in for. It won't be long before TP, LP, H and GB become second nature.

> Controls with different values. This seems complicated but is essential for street league to work - it means you have to think carefully about where the value is and how much of it you can get to. One useful thing I always do is to take a highlighter and pick out the top values (the 40s and 50s, say). It takes a few seconds, but gives you a very quick feel for the distribution.

> Sensible watches are essential for score events. I always carry a little compass just in case of disorientation. And a spare writing implement - pencils are most effective for waterproof paper.

> Thinking time. Even on a 40-minute event it has to be sensible to spend some time thinking about your strategy before charging off. I usually take a good couple of minutes to highlight the values and ponder the consequences before leaving the start. I'm trying to decide what I'm going to do for the first 15-20 minutes, where big decision points might be, and what return route leaves most options available.

> Studying the blank map display - first, you can work out where the start/finish is, so you don't have to hunt after you've started. Second, you can work out possible shapes of course and make some advance decisions about bits to do first or bits you won't be able to get to. It's also useful to know where North is and suss out the possible ways of leaving and returning while you warm up.

Some words of warning ... map scale, number of controls, values of controls, penalty rate are not guaranteed to be the same every week. Check them all before you start, to make sure your decisions are going to be correct for the way each event is set up.

Please can everyone fill in their RouteGadget for me.

Gross Results

per hour
% of winner
1Alex McCannMDOCM1660122058.46012201220100.0
2Steve LangMDOCM4060117059.5401170117095.9
3Paul TurnerSELOCM5060105059.5501050105086.1
4John KewleyMDOCM454065040.4523627940.577.1
5Andrew StimsonMDOCM216089057.46089089073.0
6Paddy WalshSROCM2160104065.2916587587571.7
7Clare + Rick GriffinMDOCW356087059.24087087071.3
8Thomas McCann + DaveMDOCM146087059.25087087071.3
9Darren BakerDEEM406093062.277485685670.2
10Dan RileyMDOCM356085059.34085085069.7
11Peter JacksonIndM606080059.10080080065.6
12Rebecca GlenMDOCW356080060.15879279264.9
13Matthew Fellbaum + SteveMDOCM146083061.475477677663.6
14Carolyn Hindle + HazelMDOCW164051038.56051076562.7
15Laura Hindle + TrevorMDOCW144047037.48047070557.8
16Julie LaverockIndW406070057.46070070057.4
17Chris RostronMDOCM606070058.33070070057.4
18Peter GorvettSYOM606070058.55070070057.4
19Edward MellorSELOCM404046039.57046069056.6
20James McCann + JaneMDOCM126065059.54065065053.3
21Kath + Eddie SpeakMDOCW504041036.59041061550.4
22James Wilson + 1MDOCM144040040.4121379568.546.6
23Steve RoundSELOCM604037035.50037055545.5
24Barry SearleIndM456058060.593055055045.1
25Michelle RileyMDOCW214036038.16036054044.3
26Ian WatsonMDOCM604036040.00036054044.3
27Barry ChambersDEEM606053058.08053053043.4
28Ian GilliverMDOCM606047057.17047047038.5
29Rae + Pete LomasMDOCW704030039.34030045036.9
30Sue BirkinshawMDOCW704030039.56030045036.9
31Julie BrookMDOCW604030040.3317283424.534.8
32Brian RobinsonIndM656048062.408040040032.8
33Steve NichollsMDOCM504024031.16024036029.5
34Ruth RobinsonIndW606049068.0524324724720.2
35Doug EdwardsMDOCM604012037.41012018014.8

Handicap Results

per hour
per hour
% of winner
1Alex McCannMDOCM1660122058.460122012201317.6100.0
2Steve LangMDOCM4060117059.540117011701263.695.9
3Paul TurnerSELOCM5060105059.550105010501239.094.0
4John KewleyMDOCM454065040.4523627940.51062.880.7
5Peter JacksonIndM606080059.1008008001040.078.9
6Clare & Rick GriffinMDOCW356087059.2408708701017.977.3
7Thomas McCann + DaveMDOCM146087059.250870870983.174.6
8Carolyn Hindle + HazelMDOCW164051038.560510765933.370.8
9Rebecca GlenMDOCW356080060.158792792926.670.3
10Darren BakerDEEM406093062.2774856856924.570.2
11Chris RostronMDOCM606070058.330700700910.069.1
12Peter GorvettSYOM606070058.550700700910.069.1
13Laura Hindle + TrevorMDOCW144047037.480470705902.468.5
14Andrew StimsonMDOCM216089057.460890890890.067.5
15Dan RileyMDOCM356085059.340850850884.067.1
16Matthew Fellbaum + SteveMDOCM146083061.4754776776876.966.6
17Paddy WalshSROCM2160104065.29165875875875.066.4
18Julie LaverockIndW406070057.460700700854.064.8
19Kath + Eddie SpeakMDOCW504041036.590410615830.363.0
20Rae + Pete LomasMDOCW704030039.340300450774.058.7
21Sue BirkinshawMDOCW704030039.560300450774.058.7
22James McCann + JaneMDOCM126065059.540650650767.058.2
23Edward MellorSELOCM404046039.570460690745.256.6
24Steve RoundSELOCM604037035.500370555721.554.8
25Ian WatsonMDOCM604036040.000360540702.053.3
26Barry ChambersDEEM606053058.080530530689.052.3
27James Wilson + 1MDOCM144040040.4121379568.5642.448.8
28Julie BrookMDOCW604030040.3317283424.5636.848.3
29Barry SearleIndM456058060.5930550550621.547.2
30Ian GilliverMDOCM606047057.170470470611.046.4
31Michelle RileyMDOCW214036038.160360540604.845.9
32Brian RobinsonIndM656048062.4080400400548.041.6
33Steve NichollsMDOCM504024031.160240360424.832.2
34Ruth RobinsonIndW606049068.05243247247370.528.1
35Doug EdwardsMDOCM604012037.410120180234.017.8

Routegadget Instructions

Because SI boxes weren't used, the steps to add your route is slightly different to normal.

  1. Go to
  2. Select the Marple Event
  3. Tick 'Draw your route' near the top right corner
  4. Select your course (Score)
  5. Enter your name
  6. A textbox to the left of your name will appear. Enter your time in this box. For example if you took 42 mins 15 secs, type in 4215
  7. Optionally, add your comment
  8. On the map draw your route, finishing at the finish control. The position of the finish control could not be placed at the same location as the start control.

Next Street League Event:

Thursday 8th December - Farmers Arms, Wilmslow

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