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Street League Event 2 - Wilmslow

Thursday 8 December 2011

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Planner/Organiser Comments - Ian Gilliver

Thanks to all those who braved a windy and sometimes wet night to take part in our Wilmslow street event.
I hope you enjoyed it. Numbers of entries were very similar to Marple, 4 weeks earlier.

Putting on the event was a much larger enterprise than I imagined, although I have enjoyed the process.
There was a corresponding event in 2001, during the Foot and Mouth outbreak which curtailed orienteering and other rural activities quite severely.
Back in 2001, Chris Drew produced a hand drawn map.
For 2011, having selected precisely the area I wanted it to cover, we were able to download a map using Ollie O’Brien’s Open O-Map software.

But the format of the extracted map does not allow corrections or additions, and so it needed to be traced into O-CAD.
We have Grahame Crawshaw to thank for producing the map, as it rapidly became apparent that I wasn’t going to acquire the necessary skills.

There are a handful of pubs in Wilmslow that have a decent sized car park, but all but one of them are located on a busy road, and (wearing my Safety hat) I had to rule them out.
And so the event was based at the Farmers Arms, which had recently won the CAMRA Community Pub of the Year award from CAMRA.
Thursday is a busy night at the Farmers Arms and so we were allocated the middle-sized room, which became very cosy, given the number of participants and a welcome open fire.
They don’t normally serve food, hence the ‘one pot wonder’. I think you’ll agree the curry was good value at £4/head, but apologies to those late finishers who missed out on rice and naan bread.

While Open O-Map provides an excellent starting point, the resulting map does need to be checked out for inaccuracies – in particular roads that pass through private land (and hence must be omitted) and routes that are OK for pedestrians but not for vehicles. I spent over 20 hours checking the map in the field and gathering data for clues, before feeding back to Grahame for map corrections and proceeding to plan the course.
There are some areas of Wilmslow which are almost devoid of suitable features for this type of event, so the planner has to make compromises in terms of shape of course, and/or make greater use of lamp posts than desirable. Being a CONDES man, I did not find O-CAD intuitive as a planning tool, and I am grateful to Sally, and in particular to Grahame and John for getting me started, and patiently digging me out of holes. I am also grateful to Grahame in his role as Co-ordinator, for responding with sound advice and calming me down when during event preparation issues arose which required solution.

Thanks also to: Steve Fellbaum who as checker/controller made sure that the course avoided avoidable risks, and that the questions were fair and answerable; to Steve Lang for printing; to Tom Fellbaum for collecting equipment, and Julie Brook for making sure I was SI-ready on the night.

I’d like to thank Jen Britton and Claire Barnett for their dedicated work on Registration, Food Ordering, Download and Timing. Without Jen and Claire the organisation would have struggled to cope. Definitely a two or three person job, for which I should have prepared with more forethought.
Jen, Claire and James McCann marked the answers. John and Jen then rapidly produced the provisional results by just after midnight. I’m very happy to accept the decisions they made on evaluating answers which differed from those which I had proposed.

Also on the night, I am very grateful to Grahame for running the Start and Finish with me – and for part of the evening, without me!
Because starters (and hence finishers) come in waves rather than equally spaced, it is definitely at least a two person job and, despite our efforts, a few people went out without a high visibility top – that rule needs to be enforced so that the event is covered by BOF Insurance – and also we found we didn’t have time (OK, I forgot) to remind people of key hazard information at the Start, for which I apologise. Happily and fortunately you all came back safely – though I did note a comment that some footbridges were slippery in the wet. Using SI kit for timing reduces the workload considerably.

Other lessons learned? Well, with hindsight, we could probably have managed with a slightly smaller area and a 1:12,500 map. If you have any other observations, please let us know.
Advice to other planners? This is a time-consuming but rewarding process, but once we have an O-CAD map, it will be easier to stage a subsequent event on the area in future years. And plan to have at least 4 helpers on the night.
What about a similar event in Wilmslow in 2012/13? Well, the landlord at the Farmers Arms would be very pleased to see us again, but the planner might have difficulty in finding a new set of control sites.

Ian Gilliver

Gross Results

per hour
% of winner
1Steve LangMDOCM4060109059.48010901090100.0
2Alex McCannMDOCM166099059.35099099090.8
3John BrittonMDOCM606091059.09091091083.5
4Darren BakerDEEM406084061.284479679673.0
5Ollie WilliamsDEEM166079057.55079079072.5
6Dave McCannMDOCM456074059.25074074067.9
7Matthew Fellbaum + SteveMDOCM146077061.294572572566.5
8Jane AnthonySROCW556070057.04070070064.2
9Paul TurnerSELOCM506089067.0821467667662.0
10Clare &a,p; Rik GriffinMDOCW356067060.251365765760.3
11Peter JacksonIndM606069061.194065065059.6
12Trevor HindleMDOCM456067060.442264864859.4
13Lee ScottSYOM456065060.14764364359.0
14Peter GorvettSYOM606064058.31064064058.7
15Peter BreamMDOCM456064060.06363763758.4
16Paul CliffordMDOCM456062057.04062062056.9
17Chris RostronMDOCM606064060.482461661656.5
18Rebecca GlenMDOCW356061059.32061061056.0
19Andy ThorntonMDOCM504040039.06040060055.0
20Trevor RobertsMDOCM606055058.07055055050.5
21James McCann + JaneMDOCM126061062.568852252247.9
22Alex StricklandIndM404037041.274432648944.9
23Julie BrookMDOCW606048059.08048048044.0
24Rob TaylorIndM606055062.197048048044.0
25John BrewerSROCM456046055.22046046042.2
26James Coppock + SimonDEEM126046058.02046046042.2
27Barry ChambersDEEM606047060.241245845842.0
28Tony HulmeIndM604030039.55030045041.3
29Kate BryantMDOCW554032040.392030045041.3
30Steve NichollsMDOCM504030040.12629444140.5
31Julie LaverockIndW406052062.448243843840.2
32Marie RobertsMDOCW506039059.24039039035.8
33Mick LewisIndM404023037.44023034531.7
34Rae + Pete LomasMDOCW706031051.39031031028.4
35Belinda Carp + Jane RawlingsIndW506029059.14029029026.6
36Paul SmithIndM504031044.0812418627925.6
37Chris PalmerIndM454029043.41111179268.524.6
38Sue BirkinshawMDOCW706026058.35026026023.9
39Simon SomervilleIndM454015037.26015022520.6
40Don BulloughIndM506020059.55020020018.3
41Mark ButterworthIndM404034047.2722411617416.0
42Dave MawdsleyMDOCM704027045.2316210816214.9
43Frances McGaff + TomIndW554024044.2713410615914.6
44Anton PethoMDOCM164022047.11216460.6

Handicap Results

per hour
per hour
% of winner
1John BrittonMDOCM606091059.0909109101183.0100.0
2Steve LangMDOCM4060109059.480109010901177.299.5
3Alex McCannMDOCM166099059.3509909901069.290.4
4Jane AnthonySROCW556070057.040700700994.084.0
5Darren BakerDEEM406084061.2844796796859.772.7
6Ollie WilliamsDEEM166079057.550790790853.272.1
7Peter JacksonIndM606069061.1940650650845.071.4
8Dave McCannMDOCM456074059.250740740836.270.7
9Peter GorvettSYOM606064058.310640640832.070.3
10Matthew Fellbaum + SteveMDOCM146077061.2945725725819.369.3
11Chris RostronMDOCM606064060.4824616616800.867.7
12Paul TurnerSELOCM506089067.08214676676797.767.4
13Clare & Rik GriffinMDOCW356067060.2513657657768.765.0
14Trevor HindleMDOCM456067060.4422648648732.261.9
15Lee ScottSYOM456065060.147643643726.661.4
16Julie BrookMDOCW606048059.080480480720.060.9
17Peter BreamMDOCM456064060.063637637719.860.8
18Trevor RobertsMDOCM606055058.070550550715.060.4
19Rebecca GlenMDOCW356061059.320610610713.760.3
20Andy ThorntonMDOCM504040039.060400600708.059.8
21Paul CliffordMDOCM456062057.040620620700.659.2
22Kate BryantMDOCW554032040.3920300450639.054.0
23Rob TaylorIndM606055062.1970480480624.052.7
24James McCann + JaneMDOCM126061062.5688522522616.052.1
25Barry ChambersDEEM606047060.2412458458595.450.3
26Tony HulmeIndM604030039.550300450585.049.5
27James Coppock + SimonDEEM126046058.020460460542.845.9
28Julie LaverockIndW406052062.4482438438534.445.2
29Rae + Pete LomasMDOCW706031051.390310310533.245.1
30Alex StricklandIndM404037041.2744326489528.144.6
31Marie RobertsMDOCW506039059.240390390526.544.5
32Steve NichollsMDOCM504030040.126294441520.444.0
33John BrewerSROCM456046055.220460460519.843.9
34Sue BirkinshawMDOCW706026058.350260260447.237.8
35Belinda Carp + Jane RawlingsIndW506029059.140290290391.533.1
36Mick LewisIndM404023037.440230345372.631.5
37Paul SmithIndM504031044.08124186279329.227.8
38Chris PalmerIndM454029043.41111179268.5303.425.6
39Simon SomervilleIndM454015037.260150225254.321.5
40Don BulloughIndM506020059.550200200236.019.9
41Dave MawdsleyMDOCM704027045.23162108162234.919.9
42Frances McGaff + TomIndW554024044.27134106159225.819.1
43Mark ButterworthIndM404034047.27224116174187.915.9
44Anton PethoMDOCM164022047.11216466.50.5

Routegadget Instructions

Because SI boxes weren't used, the steps to add your route are slightly different to normal.

  1. Go to
  2. Select the Wilmslow Event
  3. Tick 'Draw your route' near the top right corner
  4. Select your course (Score)
  5. Enter your name
  6. A textbox to the left of your name will appear. Enter your time in this box. For example if you took 42 mins 15 secs, type in 4215
  7. Optionally, add your comment
  8. On the map draw your route, finishing at the finish control. The position of the finish control could not be placed at the same location as the start control.

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