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The Knot Inn, Rushton Spencer, Countryside Score Event

Monday 25th June 2012

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Planner/Organiser's Comments

Firstly a few words of thanks to:
- All the competitors who attended the event, down by a third on the last similar event a month ago due perhaps to the busy summer Events Calendar and the extra distance from Manchester - next time we won't mention Staffordshire (nor the nettles!)
- Alice and her team at The Knot for coping with the influx of orienteers and providing some very tasty food and ales
- John Brick for making arrangements with his colleagues at the National Grid line renewal project for the closure of two key footpaths to be suspended, just for the duration of our event - excellent stuff! I do think it made a significant difference to the route choices available.
- Jane McCann for the map extract, Eddie Speak for telling me again (sorry Eddie!) how to do the map edits, Steve Lang for the printing, and Sal for her continued support
- And of course Andy Thornton for setting up the series, acting as a sounding board, and for his leadership and contribution on the night.

Well, it was a cracking evening to be out in the Staffordshire countryside, and many of you will have seen some splendid views.

Happily everyone came back safely and without major incident.

I hope you enjoyed the event, encountering a variety of farm animals, and finding some interesting and quirky clues - despite having to put up with some dull stretches of road and nasty nettles.

It is apparent from the pattern of answers that a variety of route options were taken, understandably somewhat different for the 60 and 90 minutes options.

Having made several errors of imprecision in setting the clues for last year's event at Brook Bottom, I tried hard this time to make each clue really precise. From reviewing people's answer sheets however, it is clear that two of my answers were incorrect, and some other clues were not as precise as I had thought. I think I've been reasonably lenient in my marking, but if only one person has come up with an alternative answer then I've marked that with a cross.

Despite my best intentions, I do now realise that the following wording is open to interpretation: 'Foot bridge: how many upright supports on each side of bridge?' With the benefit of hindsight, I can imagine some of you thinking "Well, what does he mean by the side of a bridge?" Well, I meant the 'side' rather than the 'end'. Hohum, and sorry for the doubt which I caused.

And finally, congratulations to Simon Proud and Tom Fellbaum for winning the 90 and 60 minute events respectively.?

Ian Gilliver


Position Name Answers
Penalty Points
per 10 Min
1Simon Proud26261252.78
2Jim Trueman26251242.67
2Trevor Hindle25251242.67
4Andrew Stimson24241232.56
5Peter & Adrienne Redhead18180182.00
5Ewan Douglas19191182.00
5Chris Rostron21213182.00
8Martin Green17170171.89
8Steve Fellbaum20203171.89
10Julie Laverock16160161.78
10Julie Brook16160161.78
10Clare Griffin17171161.78
10Paul Hunt20193161.78
14Darren Baker15150151.67
14Melody Thompson15150151.67
14Mark McDermott20183151.67
14Trevor Roberts18183151.67
18Steph Bryant14140141.56
18Carolyn Hindle14140141.56
18Steve Nichols14140141.56
18Ian Watson14140141.56
22Chris & Irene Rhodes14120121.33
22Trevor Longman12120121.33
24Kath Turner17143111.22
25Alice Fellbaum17166101.11
26Richard & Aaron Storey119091.00
27Sue Birkinshaw88080.89


Position Name Answers
Penalty Points
per 10 Min
1Tom Fellbaum17171162.67
2Alex McCann15150152.50
2Roger Bryant16161152.50
4Paul Clifford15151142.33
5Paul Smith13120122.00
5Holly Platt Wells12120122.00
5Kath Speak12120122.00
5Norman Hall 13131122.00
5Dave Mawdsley13131122.00
10Lee Scott14121111.83
10Alan Mullock11110111.83
10Kate Bryant12121111.83
13Gareth & Cathryn10100101.67
14Laura & Hazel Hindle1010191.50
15Richard Evans98081.33
15Ian & Ali Ford129181.33
17Claire Barnett107071.17
18Jan Ellis66061.00
18Lorraine Jackson107161.00
20Harvey and Will Meredith33030.50

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