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MDOC/DEE Challenge - Savio House, Bollington

Saturday 1st September 2012

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Planner/Organiser's Comments

I hope everyone enjoyed running in the event as much as I enjoyed planning it, particularly choosing suitable objects to carry.

I was very impressed by the different strategies people used for successfully conveying objects. As far as I know no eggs were broken. Most of the eggs were later hard-boiled and served for lunch!

With such complex logistics there were a few hiccups, and the numbers were larger than we had anticipated, so apologies for the minor imperfections. As it was a very informal event we have tried to be generous in the results.

Some people forgot to punch when they were collecting an object, however as there was clear evidence of visiting the control, this was allowed.

Some people forgot to punch both the Changeover control and the Restart control, so we could not deduct the time spent at Changeover. In this case we have decided to deduct 30 seconds for each changeover, as this seems a reasonable figure for the minimum possible time for handing in an object and exchanging maps.

One MDOC competitor was mistakenly put down as being from DEE, so we have had to revise the calculation.

DEE had 38 competitors and MDOC 32, so we have compared the MDOC total with that of the best 32 from DEE.

MDOC scored 3774 points and DEE 4354, but subtracting the 6 lowest scores from DEE (594) leaves DEE with a total of 3760, so a very narrow win for MDOC.

Thanks to everyone who helped, particularly Margaret Gregory for organising, Eddie Speak for computing, Julie Brook for co-ordinating the catering and Andrew Stimson for both putting out and collecting controls, helped in control collection by Alan Ogden.
Jen Britton, Sue Birkinshaw, Pete Lomas and Rae Lomas helped on registration, checking and map exchange.
Those drafted in at the last minute included Jane Mockford on Registration, Alex McCann and Stephen Fellbaum putting out controls, and Kath Speak and several others helped with serving and washing up.

Thanks to Dan and Michelle Riley for their excellent new map of the grounds of Savio House. They have set up a permanent orienteering course that is used by visiting groups of young people.

Particular thanks to the Silesian Brothers of Don Bosco for allowing us to use the Barn and the grounds, and for their very helpful co-operation.

Andrew Gregory


Scoring: 5 points per control + a maximum of 10 points per object.
Scaling factors: Brown x 2/3, Blue x 4/5, Green x 1, Junior x 5/4.
Time bonus: 1 point for each minute below 60 mins.

Course Name Club Ctrls Object
Time Score Scaled
BrownThomas FellbaumMDOC185827:2714899 132
BrownThomas BesantDEE184028:4513087119 
BrownRoger BryantMDOC182530:5011577 107
BrownAlex McCannMDOC186032:56150100 128
BrownLiam CornerMDOC185833:5114899 126
BrownOlly WilliamsDEE182834:5311879105 
BrownAlistair ThorntonMDOC185835:5114899 124
BrownJon HateleyDEE184836:5513892116 
BrownDavid McCannMDOC185837:2814899 122
BrownDarren BakerDEE185839:1514899120 
BrownPeter BreamMDOC185840:3714899 119
BrownJames Whitaker185040:4414093  
BrownRik GriffinMDOC185843:2014899 116
BrownIan WeaverDEE185843:2214899116 
BrownIan FarrellMDOC185847:1014899 112
BrownAndrew StimsonMDOC185852:2714899 107
BrownDarren Harper185853:2914899  
BrownChris BesantDEE185854:4514899105 
BlueDaniel WeaverDEE154530:2012096126 
BlueNigel BesantDEE154830:4812398128 
BlueJohn BrittonMDOC154831:0812398 127
BlueMike SmithardDEE154832:1012398126 
BlueStephen FellbaumMDOC154833:0712398 125
BlueAndy CampbellDEE154333:2811894121 
BlueEdward CallowDEE153833:4311390117 
BlueSarah CampbellDEE154834:1512398124 
BlueChris CalowDEE154834:3412398124 
BluePeter RossMDOC155035:48125100 125
BlueTom McCannMDOC154536:1512096 120
BlueChris RostronMDOC154836:5512398 122
BluePaul ShannonDEE154837:0712398121 
BlueDave BryantMDOC154837:1212398 121
BlueSimon CrockerDEE154838:2212398120 
BlueRebecca GlenMDOC154839:0512398 119
BlueNorman HallDEE154839:2512398119 
BlueElaine SuttonDEE154839:2712398119 
BlueCarolyn HindleMDOC154840:5412398 118
BlueStephanie BryantMDOC154841:2212398 117
BlueMaggie HateleyDEE154841:3412398117 
BlueMartin GreenMDOC154842:1712398 116
BlueSian CalowDEE154843:3312398115 
BlueAlan MullockDEE154844:2712398114 
BlueJane McCannMDOC154845:1312398 113
BlueIan WatsonMDOC154846:2812398 112
BluePeter HillsDEE154847:2512398111 
BlueAmy Teasdale152847:2610382  
BlueHazel HindleMDOC154847:3312398 111
BlueSteve NichollsMDOC154848:5012398 110
BlueGeoff WoolfendenDEE154850:4212398108 
BlueJean PayneDEE154851:5812398107 
BlueJames SmithDEE154852:1112398106 
BlueAlan OgdenMDOC154858:0012398 100
BlueCatriona FlemingDEE154358:491189496 
GreenJane CampbellDEE123832:359898126 
GreenMatthew FellbaumMDOC123832:229898 126
GreenKate BryantMDOC123833:019898 125
GreenLaura HindleMDOC123334:509393 119
GreenDavid MawdsleyMDOC123834:509898 124
GreenJohn PadgetDEE123835:439898123 
GreenRobert VerityDEE123837:409898121 
GreenClare CrockerDEE123841:519898117 
GreenVivienne PitcherDEE123841:539898117 
GreenJenny BesantDEE123844:049898114 
GreenBarry BarnesDEE122344:29838399 
GreenAnne HurrellDEE123844:459898114 
GreenBarbara VerityDEE123845:049898113 
GreenJan EllisMDOC123846:089898 112
GreenBob RoachDEE123347:179393106 
GreenAlison DoyleMDOC123849:199898 109
GreenSheila HillsDEE122387:25838383 
JuniorHannah HateleyDEE8409:3280100111 
JuniorJames McCannMDOC84010:2280100 110
JuniorKatie WilsonDEE84010:2680100110 
 Club Total43543774
 no. competitors3832
DEE's lowest 6 scores = 594Revised Club Total (best 32 scores)37603774