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White Peak Weekend Day 1 - Errwood North

Saturday 27th October 2012

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Organiser's Comments

After an absence of nearly 6 years orienteering returned to the Goyt Valley and we were well rewarded with an excellent turnout and some fine weather, albeit with temperatures barely getting above freezing !

The Goyt Valley is a beautiful area and hopefully the courses planned by Vicky and controlled by Brian gave you a good challenge. We appreciate the sensitivities of holding an event in such an area and hopefully the authorities and landowners will see that any negative impact is shortlived.

Thanks to the MDOC helpers for making everything run smoothly and the volunteers who collected all the controls while you were on your way home.

Congratulations to the winners of each class

Steve Fellbaum

Lost Property

1 woolly hat
1 pair of glasses (magnifying type)

Planner's Comments

The good weather and high turnout coupled with all your favourable comments; my favourite being from a small lad on the yellow course "it was an adventure...and without Mum or Dad!" made all the work worthwhile.

Impressive winning times and minutes per K were achieved by competitors on the Brown and Blue courses who enjoyed a combination of technical forest with, (given the O of B restrictions), less technical moor... but all tough going under foot.

For the shorter courses, contained in the challenging northern forest, the winners achieved solid performances.

Win splits and route gadget are as revealing as ever. Deliberate route choices, on the brown and blue, caused healthy après O debate.

Brown: Leg 1:- The straight terrain route proved quicker than the track route taken by some that spotted it. Leg 8-9 Both routes proved valid so long as you got on with it and spiked the control. Leg 14-15 Again both routes were valid options.

Blue: Leg 1:- There were three options. Straight being the most risky but possibly the fastest if it went well ! ie you attacked the green and held your bearing to spike the control...however with no obvious attack point once through the dark green it was very easy to stuff up! Round the west/top or east/bottom of the green were safer options with nothing in them provided you got on with it. 'Gaffling' with the brown course at number 11 caught a number of you (and brown course competitors) out.

Just glad MDOC managed to re-gain permission for this area...just hope it can be repeated now this proved a success.

Many thanks to Brian Shaw for usual wise input and campervan bacon butty!

Vicky Thornton

Controller's Comments

MDOC always put on a good event and they are a pleasure to work with. The results presented on a 28" LCD TV screen was an awesome innovation. Well done to Stephen Fellbaum and his team.

Vicky Thornton is one of the best planners I know, conscientious, indefatigable, always gets the controls in the right place with the correct code and really understands the requirements for a good course. You can't ask for more. It was good to see newcomers to the sport at the event: Errwood is a tough area so you can count yourselves well and truly blooded.

Brian Shaw