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Street League Event 1 - Offerton

Thursday 1 November 2012

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Comments - John Britton (Checker)

It was good to see so many Street Leaguers from last year, plus a few new faces. Sorry about the juggling element with multiple maps and no stapler option, but I think most people agreed that the Estate map was worth the extra faff. Well done Steve Lang for a very solid first run, and well done Laura for getting right into the mix in the Handicap list.

Control #36 was a green box, which on checking afterwards, I found to be directly across the road from another green box I'd not noticed before. Although the dot shows clearly which side was intended, this was poor control checking by yours truly, sorry, and I've allowed both numbers. I also checked 45 as requested, but found no problem with the control. Apologies to Darren for the confusion with the almost-indistinguishable 3 and 8 on #51.

A third of the field got one of their answers wrong. Most look like carelessness rather than being in the wrong place, and several were on big value controls. You'll score better if you take the time to record your answers properly!

Reminder that the results are done by scoring rate - so it doesn't matter which time option you take. Also note the Handicap scores, which use the same formula as last year for rewarding sex and age appropriately.

DID YOU KNOW THAT ... if the chosen night is inconvenient for you, you can run some other time and still get a counting score ? This is on an honesty basis. You ask the organiser for the map and question sheet, and send me your filled-in question sheet plus an honest statement of which time option you were taking and exactly what time you took. I will then slip you into the results sheet as if you'd been there on the night ... the only proviso is that no late-runner is allowed to beat the on-the-night winner. So if all Tuesdays (say) are bad for you, just run those events on a different night.

Next up - Hale, a week on Tuesday.

Comments - Grahame Crawshaw (Organiser/Planner)

John has covered most of the major points by getting his comments in first, so I'll just add a few thoughts and thanks.

Thanks to all for coming along to the first event of the season - from the comments, it would appear that most people enjoyed their runs. Route gadget is available on the website - it would be great if you could add your route.

Although I did my first street event 30 odd years ago (with EPOC), this was the first I have planned for quite a long time. How hard can that be - just scatter a few (say 50?) controls around the map, then sit back and take the plaudits on the night. That just about covers it, but I did learn quite a lot about the importance of the "all controls distance" and the subtleties of points allocation along the way!

John had mapped about 80% of the area before coming across the Offerton Estate, but then spent a considerable amount of time producing a map version which we felt was usable for the event - the area was too good to ignore, but virtually unreadable at 1:15000. Our other concerns about the area (probably related to the fact that we had a visit from a couple of PCSOs on the night) proved totally unfounded. We feel that the estate - with a proper ISSOM map - is worthy of a far more prestigious urban / sprint event - watch this space.

Inevitably there were some things which could have been done better - a stapler at the start, bigger control circles and numbers on the map, tighter control descriptions (I was dimly aware of the 2 green boxes in the vicinity of #36, but thought that the dot was sufficient - Western Green Box would have cleared the issue). Apologies also to those affected by the pub's policy on children in the bar - we should have checked but didn't.

Thanks to Jen and Irene who put in a huge shift on registration and answer-checking, John for results-processing and Julie for making sure the SI gear was in the right place at the right time - and putting the results on the website.

Not long to go before the next event in Hale ...... see you there!

Gross Results

per hour
% of winner
1Steve LangMDOCM4075135074.25013501080100.0
2Alex McCannMDOCM1875135077.29751275102094.4
3Adam BradburySYOM206091059.38091091084.3
4Darren BakerDEEM4575111073.390111088882.2
5Laura & Trevor HindleMDOCW146084059.17084084077.8
6Dave McCannMDOCM456085060.432282882876.7
7Rebecca GlenMDOCW356074056.15074074068.5
8Paul CliffordMDOCM506073059.53073073067.6
9Peter GorvettSYOM656071058.35071071065.7
10Chris RostronMDOCM657591076.093587570064.8
11Peter JacksonIndM606075062.207068068063.0
12Paul WatsonMDOCM356066058.15066066061.1
13Kate BryantMDOCW556066060.271464664659.8
14Matt Driver & Rhian GloverSELOCW216064057.15064064059.3
15Jane & James McCann MDOCW456064057.33064064059.3
16Neil CroasdellEPOCM606064058.07064064059.3
17Trevor RobertsMDOCM656059058.04059059054.6
18Clare & Rik GriffinMDOCW356059060.211157957953.6
19Tony HulmeIndM656056057.02056056051.9
20Linda HaylesEPOCW556058060.402056056051.9
21Lee ScottSYOM454068050.3231636454650.6
22Robert TaylorIndM606054059.31054054050.0
23Julie BrookMDOCW656052057.17052052048.1
24Andrew LittlewoodIndM356049060.241247847844.3
25Ian GilliverMDOCM606066066.1919047047043.5
26Sue BirkinshawMDOCW754033041.153829243840.6
27Craig HarrisonIndM404030043.5611818227325.3

Handicap Results

per hour
per hour
% of winner
1Steve LangMDOCM4075135074.250135010801166100.0
2Laura & Trevor HindleMDOCW146084059.170840840107592.2
3Alex McCannMDOCM1875135077.297512751020106190.9
4Darren BakerDEEM4575111073.3901110888100386.0
5Peter GorvettSYOM656071058.35071071097383.4
6Chris RostronMDOCM657591076.093587570095982.2
7Dave McCannMDOCM456085060.432282882893680.2
8Kate BryantMDOCW556066060.271464664691778.6
9Adam BradburySYOM206091059.38091091091078.0
10Peter JacksonIndM606075062.207068068088475.8
11Rebecca GlenMDOCW356074056.15074074086674.2
12Paul CliffordMDOCM506073059.53073073086173.9
13Sue BirkinshawMDOCW754033041.153829243883271.3
14Julie BrookMDOCW656052057.17052052083271.3
15Neil CroasdellEPOCM606064058.07064064083271.3
16Jane & James McCann MDOCW456064057.33064064081970.2
17Trevor RobertsMDOCM656059058.04059059080869.3
18Linda HaylesEPOCW556058060.402056056079568.2
19Tony HulmeIndM656056057.02056056076765.8
20Matt Driver & Rhian GloverSELOCW216064057.15064064071761.5
21Robert TaylorIndM606054059.31054054070260.2
22Paul WatsonMDOCM356066058.15066066068658.8
23Clare & Rik GriffinMDOCW356059060.211157957967758.1
24Lee ScottSYOM454068050.3231636454661752.9
25Ian GilliverMDOCM606066066.1919047047061152.4
26Andrew LittlewoodIndM356049060.241247847849742.6
27Craig HarrisonIndM404030043.5611818227329525.3


Organiser/Planner - Grahame Crawshaw
Checker - John Britton

Routegadget Instructions

Because SI boxes weren't used, the steps to add your route is slightly different to normal.

  1. Go to
  2. Select the Offerton Event
  3. Tick 'Draw your route' near the top right corner
  4. Select your course (Score)
  5. Enter your name
  6. A textbox to the left of your name will appear. Enter your time in this box. For example if you took 42 mins 15 secs, type in 4215
  7. Optionally, add your comment
  8. On the map draw your route, finishing at the finish control. The position of the finish control could not be placed at the same location as the start control.

Next Street League Event:

Tuesday 13th November - The Bull's Head, Hale Barns

Other Events

Saturday 24th November - Autumn Series Event 5 at Werneth Low

Details of all the above can be found on the MDOC website