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Street League Event 2 - Hale Barns

Tuesday 13 November 2012

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Comments - Peter Ross (Organiser/Planner)

The aim was to support a 75 minute event, which in one way turned out to be a closer call than I first thought. The useable area is wide but not especially deep and only just fitted onto A4 landscape at a scale of 1:15,000

The map was traced over an OS download, which included houses and buildings. I felt that it was important to get the exact location of each control and this level of detail was a great help. I wasn't sure how wide the lines depicting the roads should be and I drew them more the thickness of slices of gammon than parma ham. Nobody seemed to mind.

There was only one pub suitable as a base, and this was over to the east. The controls were scattered randomly - with a hint of divine intervention, and an aversion to dogs' legs - and consequently the majority of the points were to be found to the west of the start/finish. This led a number of competitors to adopt the free dive strategy of daring to go as far as possible before turning back, knowing that the penalty for a misjudgment would be disaster. Most orienteers are optimists I think.

Gross Results

per hour
% of winner
1Steve LangMDOCM4075140073.53014001120100.0
2Iain BellDEEM4575109073.380109087277.9
3John BrittonMDOCM604058040.351856284375.3
4Steve DempseyMDOCM456086060.331784384375.3
5Darren BakerDEEM4575105074.160105084075.0
6Dan ParkerBLM5075101073.210101080872.1
7Lee ScottSYOM456096065.2416279879871.3
8Chris RostronMDOCM6575103076.3246984787.270.3
9Karen ParkerBLW457590072.38090072064.3
10Simon & Joe ProudMDOCM126073060.552870270262.7
11Carolyn & Trevor HindleMDOCW166070053.38070070062.5
12Paul WatsonMDOCM356066058.15066066058.9
13Roger AshbyPennineFRM656066058.29066066058.9
14Barry ChambersDEEM607582075.10581565258.2
15Grahame CrawshawMDOCM606064059.16064064057.1
16Julie LaverockIndW406061058.42061061054.5
17Steve RoundSELOCM606073064.4214158958952.6
18Kate BryantMDOCW556057059.22057057050.9
19Matt Driver & Rhian GloverSELOCW216055059.48055055049.1
20Ian GilliverMDOCM606060061.575954154148.3
21Rachel NolanPennineFRW406054060.03253853848.0
22David GrindrodMDOCM506053056.03053053047.3
23Tim HargreavesStockportHM556052059.15052052046.4
24Rae & Pete LomasMDOCW704034036.26034051045.5
25Kirsten Manor & Luca ConteIndW356053060.532750350344.9
26Andrew LittlewoodIndM357563075.3719611488.843.6
27Trevor RobertsMDOCM656059063.2410248848843.6
28Tony HulmeIndM656046060.361844244239.5
29Sue BirkinshawMDOCW756041059.18041041036.6
30Steve NichollsMDOCM554036042.5789271406.536.3
31Robert TaylorStockportHM606063067.4523339739735.4
32Jane Rawlings & Kerry GibsonIndW606034055.45034034030.4
33Julie BrookMDOCW656055067.0921533533529.9

Handicap Results

per hour
per hour
% of winner
1Steve LangMDOCM4075140073.530140011201210100.0
2John BrittonMDOCM604058040.3518562843109690.6
3Chris RostronMDOCM6575103076.3246984787.2107889.2
4Iain BellDEEM4575109073.380109087298581.5
5Dan ParkerBLM5075101073.210101080895378.8
6Steve DempseyMDOCM456086060.331784384395378.8
7Darren BakerDEEM4575105074.160105084094978.5
8Karen ParkerBLW457590072.38090072092276.2
9Roger AshbyPennineFRM656066058.29066066090474.8
10Lee ScottSYOM456096065.2416279879890274.5
11Rae & Pete LomasMDOCW704034036.26034051087772.5
12Carolyn & Trevor HindleMDOCW166070053.38070070085470.6
13Barry ChambersDEEM607582075.10581565284870.1
14Grahame CrawshawMDOCM606064059.16064064083268.8
15Simon & Joe ProudMDOCM126073060.552870270282868.5
16Kate BryantMDOCW556057059.22057057080966.9
17Sue BirkinshawMDOCW756041059.18041041077964.4
18Steve RoundSELOCM606073064.4214158958976663.3
19Julie LaverockIndW406061058.42061061074461.5
20Ian GilliverMDOCM606060061.575954154170358.1
21Paul WatsonMDOCM356066058.15066066068656.7
22Trevor RobertsMDOCM656059063.2410248848866955.3
23Rachel NolanPennineFRW406054060.03253853865654.3
24Tim HargreavesStockportHM556052059.15052052064052.9
25David GrindrodMDOCM506053056.03053053062551.7
26Matt Driver & Rhian GloverSELOCW216055059.48055055061650.9
27Tony HulmeIndM656046060.361844244260650.1
28Kirsten Manor & Luca ConteIndW356053060.532750350358948.7
29Julie BrookMDOCW656055067.0921533533553644.3
30Robert TaylorStockportHM606063067.4523339739751642.7
31Jane Rawlings & Kerry GibsonIndW606034055.45034034051042.2
32Andrew LittlewoodIndM357563075.3719611488.850842.0
33Steve NichollsMDOCM554036042.5789271406.550041.3


Organiser/Planner - Peter Ross and Jillyan Dobby
Checker - Sue Birkinshaw

Routegadget Instructions

Because SI boxes weren't used, the steps to add your route is slightly different to normal.

  1. Go to
  2. Select the Offerton Event
  3. Tick 'Draw your route' near the top right corner
  4. Select your course (Score)
  5. Enter your name
  6. A textbox to the left of your name will appear. Enter your time in this box. For example if you took 42 mins 15 secs, type in 4215
  7. Optionally, add your comment
  8. On the map draw your route, finishing at the finish control. The position of the finish control could not be placed at the same location as the start control.

Next Street League Event:

Tuesday 27th November - The Railway, Handforth

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