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Ye Olde Park Gate Inn, Over Peover, Countryside Score Event

Wednesday 12th June 2013

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Planner/Organiser's Comments

Iíd like to thank:
- All 57 competitors who attended the event Ėa jolly good turnout!
- Zoe, Matt and their team at Ye Olde Park Gate for their hospitality, coping with the influx of orienteers and providing some very tasty and good value food and ale
- Richard Massey of Mellor Braggins, Estate Manager for Peover Park
- Dave Oldham, Head Gardener for the Peover Estate
- Heather Clawson at Tatton Estate Management
- Jane McCann for the map extract
- Steve Lang for the printing
- Sue Birkinshaw for stepping in to help with time-keeping
- Vicky Thornton for help with results processing, and
- Andy Thornton for his leadership and contributions on the night.
Iím pleased to see that every control was visited in the course of the competition. It is apparent from the pattern of answers that various route options were taken, understandably somewhat different for the 60 and 90 minutes options. And in case youíre wondering, I still donít know what the best route option is.
Happily, Iíve marked only 15 responses as incorrect, out of 923 total responses. I tried hard to make each clue really precise, but itís clear that I slipped up on control 18: East side of polo pitch, how many rails are provided for parking your horse?, which generated a surprisingly large variety of answers, all of which Iíve now accepted.

At Q5, there are 3 bears, of which (in my opinion) the owl can see 2. I always intended to allow answers of 2 or 3 here.

Two people gave Peover Farmhouse as the answer to Q9, but with 22 correct answers of ĎThe Kennelsí, Iíve decided not to allow the alternative.

Q13 and Q23 caused problems, and Iíve only allowed the answers that I proposed, which match the majority of responses.
Finally, congratulations to Steve Lang and Tom Fellbaum for winning the 90 and 60 minute events respectively. Strong running indeed!

Ian Gilliver


Position Name Answers
Penalty Points
per 10 Min
1Steve Lang29291283.11
2=Andrew Stimson27271262.89
2=Simon Proud27271262.89
4=Iain Bell24240242.67
4=Nigel Beasant24240242.67
6=Ray Humphreys23230232.56
6=Julian Brown25241232.56
6=Martin Smith26263232.56
9David Tucker23230232.56
10=Peter Jackson22220222.44
10=Jo Miles23231222.44
12Andrew Gray25243212.33
13Alan Ogden21211202.22
14Clare Griffin19190192.11
15=Ian Coney18180182.00
15=Trevor Longman18180182.00
17=Kath Turner & Becky21203171.89
17=Andrew Littlewood19181171.89
17=Dave Parry18170171.89
17=Gary Mitchell19181171.89
17=Julie Fletcher17170171.89
22Mike Hey19193161.78
23Mike Dennison16150151.67


Position Name Answers
Penalty Points
per 10 Min
1Tom Fellbaum20200203.33
2Trevor Hindle19190193.17
3=David McCann18181172.83
3=John Britton18181172.83
5=Neil Murphy17160162.67
5=Dan Parker19193162.67
7=Jane & James McCann16161152.50
7=Andy & Vicky Thornton15150152.50
7=Carolyn & Laura Hindle15150152.50
10=Julie Laverock15151142.33
10=Darren Baker17151142.33
12=Barry Chambers14141132.17
12=Steve Fellbaum15141132.17
13=David Grindrod15153122.00
13=Perter Ross14131122.00
13=Hazel Hindle13131122.00
13=Bob Verity13131122.00
13=Jenny Beasant12120122.00
13=Lee Scott17153122.00
20=Marie Roberts12121111.83
20=Andrew Gregory12121111.83
20=Jillyan Dobby11110111.83
23=Peter Lancaster11111101.67
23=Jen Britton10100101.67
23=Tony Hulme11100101.67
26=James Verity1010191.50
26=Margaret Gregory1010191.50
26=Sue Birkinshaw99091.50
29=Dave Mawdsley88081.33
29=Barbara Verity99181.33
31Simon Mawdsley55050.83

Routegadget Instructions

Because SI boxes weren't used, the steps to add your route is slightly different to normal.

  1. Go to
  2. Select the Mellor Moor Event
  3. Tick 'Draw your route' near the top right corner
  4. Select your course (Score)
  5. Enter your name
  6. A textbox to the left of your name will appear. Enter your time in this box. For example if you took 92 mins 15 secs, type in 9215
  7. Optionally, add your comment
  8. On the map draw your route, finishing at the finish control. The position of the finish control could not be placed at the same location as the start control.

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