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The Boars Head, Higher Poynton, Countryside Score Event

Wednesday 24th July 2013

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Planner/Organiser's Comments

Many thanks to everybody who came along and made it such a sociable night. Our particular thanks go to Andy Thornton for his help before, during and after the event and the staff at the Boars Head for their hospitality.

We took on the planning of this event quite late on, but were happy to do so on the basis that we had planned here previously and knew that the area offered a lot of choice with an extensive network of paths, a central venue and some pleasant countryside including Lyme Park. By tweaking the map extent we were able to offer some different route choices to previous events on the area and the controls were deliberately scattered to provide you with a challenge to select the optimum scoring route. This appears to have been successful and it was interesting to observe the large proportion of competitors who took several minutes to study the map before running off at the start.

Once again, every control was visited during the event. The most popular was No 25 - the post box just to the north of the start/finish location. The least popular were No 1 (NW corner of map) and, surprisingly, No 34 (up the hill on the direct route to Lyme Park). Out of 583 control visits, we had only 6 incorrect responses and these appear to be genuine errors. We accept that No 22 was marked in the wrong location on the map and apologise to those who lost time trying to find it, although most of you were eventually successful (we have allowed an appeal from the one person who wasn't). Unfortunately, we simply did not have the time to check each control on the map and this is one that we didn't re-visit.

Andy is looking for people who are interested in planning events next year. The informality of these events makes them very enjoyable and by planning an event you will have the ideal opportunity to explore your local footpaths. This was my third event on what I consider to be my local patch - we still found ourselves checking out footpaths that were new to me.

We hope to see you all again next year.

The McCann Family.


Position Name Answers
Penalty Points
per 10 Min
1Steve Lang27271262.89
2Simon Proud23233202.22
3Brian Jackson19190192.11
3Chris Rostron19190192.11
3Karen Parker19190192.11
4Vicky & Alistair Thornton18180182.00
5Julian Brown18181171.89
5Trevor Longman18181171.89
6Andrew Gregory16160161.78
6Jo Miles16160161.78
7Julie Brook15150151.67
8Catherine Walton & David Neal14140141.56
8Andrew Littlewood14130131.44
8Julie Laverock14141131.44
9Brian Robinson11110111.22
10Ruth Robinson10100101.11
11David Grindrod99091.00
12Gary Mitchell1010370.78
12Jeremy Austin1010370.78


Position Name Answers
Penalty Points
per 10 Min
1Lee Scott16160162.67
1Warren Mason16160162.67
2Paul Smith15150152.50
3Peter Bream14140142.33
4Alan Ogden14130132.17
4Andy Thornton13130132.17
5Carolyn Hindle13131122.00
5Martin Green12120122.00
5Sarah Gales15153122.00
5Trevor Hindle12120122.00
5Trevor Roberts13131122.00
6Steve Fellbaum11110111.83
7Barry Chambers11111101.67
7Ian Gilliver13133101.67
7Marie Roberts11100101.67
8Bob Verity109091.50
8Dave Mawdsley99091.50
8Steve Nicholls99091.50
9Hazel Hindle119181.33
9Pete & Rae Lomas88081.33
9Lorraine Jackson88081.33
10James Verity77071.17
10Jennifer Britton77071.17
10Kath Speak77071.17
10Sue Birkinshaw77071.17
11Margaret Gregory33030.50

Routegadget Instructions

Because SI boxes weren't used, the steps to add your route is slightly different to normal.

  1. Go to
  2. Select the Lindow Event
  3. Tick 'Draw your route' near the top right corner
  4. Select your course (Score)
  5. Enter your name
  6. A textbox to the left of your name will appear. Enter your time in this box. For example if you took 92 mins 15 secs, type in 9215
  7. Optionally, add your comment
  8. On the map draw your route, finishing at the finish control. The position of the finish control could not be placed at the same location as the start control.

Next Countryside Score Event:

This was the last of this year's events. Please check the website next year for the 2014 events.

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