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Street League 2013-14 - Event 1 - Romiley

Tuesday 29th October 2013

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Marker's Comments - John Britton

My thanks to everyone who turned out on a dodgy night, and apparently enjoyed themselves. Nice to see lots of new faces, and hear intentions of coming back for more. A truly stunning result from Leon Foster means last year's experts are probably going to have to up their game to be competitive this season - with James Walsh and Rob Farrington in the frame as well.

The wondrous new scoring system tries to first work out a "par" score, and then ranks everyone's totals as a percentage of that score. And it works exactly the same for the Age/Sex-Adjusted scores. The "par" is currently defined as the average of all the MDOC members scores, with the bottom one removed just in case it is an outlier caused by extreme penalties. Hopefully, the par will represent a reasonably stable middle-of-the-road performance, so your best runs relative to other people should end up giving you your best scores. We shall see.

There don't appear to be any contentious controls, but nonetheless there were several wrong answers:
#16 Rob Farrington, #18 David Riley, #22 Rob Taylor and Dan Riley (wrong in different ways), #28 and #36 Max Thickett, #27 James Walsh, #39 Darren Baker. If anyone thinks we have their score wrong, please let me know asap.

Please put your routes up on Routegadget - it is very helpful to planners to see the kinds of things people get up to, and it is very interesting to everyone to see where other people went..

Finally, special thanks to Trevor Hindle for his work providing me with a starter map; Richard Evans for checking everything; Steve Lang for his work on the standard symbol set - hopefully this season our maps will have a very consistent look-and-feel; and to Jen and Irene for Registration and marking.

John ()

Gross Results

per hour
% of par
1Leon FosterAIREM2160101059.34010101010196.1
2James WalshSYOM2175100074.2101000800155.3
3Rob FarringtonHOCM2175100072.2401000800155.3
4Dan RileyMDOCM357589072.160890712138.3
5Laura Hindle + Trevorlate runW166071059.190710710137.9
6Paul TurnerSELOCM557588076.1236844675.2131.1
7Lee ScottSYOM456083065.12156674674130.9
8Paul WatsonMDOCM356067059.240670670130.1
9Warren MasonKnutsfordTriM457589077.0261829663.2128.8
10Darren BakerDEEM456065058.370650650126.2
11Andy ThorntonMDOCM506064058.110640640124.3
12Carolyn Hindle + Hazellate runW186063059.570630630122.3
13Chris RostronMDOCM657576076.3749711568.8110.4
14Simon ProudMDOCM507575076.1940710568110.3
15James McCann + JaneMDOCM146056056.240560560108.7
16Carl BedsenGlossopdaleM407570073.520700560108.7
17Clare GriffinMDOCW406055059.090550550106.8
18Ed GambleCheshireHRM456054059.470540540104.9
19Ian GilliverMDOCM606053058.270530530102.9
20Rebecca GlenMDOCW356053059.580530530102.9
21Kath + Eddie SpeakMDOCW506053060.032528528102.5
22Grahame CrawshawMDOCM656052059.470520520101.0
23Jillyann DobbyMDOCW606052057.040520520101.0
24Albert SunterSELOCM507564073.22064051299.4
25Rob TaylorStockportM607564071.06064051299.4
26Julie LaverockSalfordHW456051056.33051051099.0
27Nicky Pickford + Amy Barter + Jill BillingtonStockportW216048058.01048048093.2
28Brian McCoubreyIndM217559074.43059047291.7
29Rhiann Glover + Matt DriverSELOCW216047058.02047047091.3
30Julie BrookMDOCW656045059.21045045087.4
31Roger AshbyPennineFRM706046060.251344744786.8
32Pete RossMDOCM656044058.18044044085.4
33Peter JacksonMDOCM657555066.51055044085.4
34Paul HuntGoyt ValleyM507554073.59054043283.9
35Max ThickettStockportM456042059.28042042081.6
36Andrew SmithMDOCM406055064.3713941141179.8
37David RileyCTH&HM557547075.032468374.472.7
38Heather Corden + JamesStockportW146055066.1018536536570.9
39Jane Rawlings + Lisa HackneyIndW554025040.3015235352.568.4
40Steve NichollsMDOCM554024040.522621432162.3
41Andrew LittlewoodMDOCM356039062.387931131160.4
42Graham StantonCTH&HM557536074.30036028855.9
43Sue BirkinshawMDOCW756031061.183927127152.6

Handicap Results

per hour
per hour
%AA Par
1Leon FosterAIREM2160101059.34010101010196.12073621010154.9
2Laura Hindle + Trevorlate runW166071059.190710710137.9866.2132.8
3Paul TurnerSELOCM557588076.1236844675.2131.1096248830127.3
4James WalshSYOM2175100074.2101000800155.3431573800122.7
5Rob FarringtonHOCM2175100072.2401000800155.3431573800122.7
6Jillyann DobbyMDOCW606052057.040520520100.9730523780119.6
7Chris RostronMDOCM657576076.3749711568.8110.4779.3119.5
8Lee ScottSYOM456083065.12156674674130.8766101762116.8
9Andy ThorntonMDOCM506064058.110640640124.3755.2115.8
10Warren MasonKnutsfordTriM457589077.0261829663.2128.7794774749114.9
11Dan RileyMDOCM357589072.160890712138.3740.5113.5
12Carolyn Hindle + Hazellate runW186063059.570630630122.3737.1113.0
13Darren BakerDEEM456065058.370650650126.2734.5112.6
14Julie BrookMDOCW656045059.21045045087.38052601720110.4
15Kath + Eddie SpeakMDOCW506053060.032528528102.5264839713109.3
16Grahame CrawshawMDOCM656052059.470520520101.0712.4109.2
17Paul WatsonMDOCM356067059.240670670130.0998943697106.8
18Ian GilliverMDOCM606053058.270530530102.9148417689105.6
19Clare GriffinMDOCW406055059.090550550106.8671.0102.9
20Simon ProudMDOCM507575076.1940710568110.2936417670102.8
21Rob TaylorStockportM607564071.06064051299.4196207666102.1
22Julie LaverockSalfordHW456051056.33051051099.03126281653100.1
23Roger AshbyPennineFRM706046060.251344744786.7979891764899.4
24James McCann + JaneMDOCM146056056.240560560108.740210163397.0
25Rebecca GlenMDOCW356053059.580530530102.914841762095.1
26Ed GambleCheshireHRM456054059.470540540104.9610.293.6
27Carl BedsenGlossopdaleM407570073.520700560108.7604.892.7
28Albert SunterSELOCM507564073.22064051299.4604.292.6
29Pete RossMDOCM656044058.18044044085.4387365460392.4
30Peter JacksonMDOCM657555066.51055044085.4387365460392.4
31Nicky Pickford + Amy Barter + Jill BillingtonStockportW216048058.01048048093.2058944153882.4
32Rhiann Glover + Matt DriverSELOCW216047058.02047047091.2641049452680.7
33Sue BirkinshawMDOCW756031061.183927127152.6224945551579.0
34Paul HuntGoyt ValleyM507554073.59054043283.8853049751078.2
35Jane Rawlings + Lisa HackneyIndW554025040.3015235352.568.4480787150176.7
36Max ThickettStockportM456042059.28042042081.5551576147572.8
37Brian McCoubreyIndM217559074.43059047291.7472.072.4
38Heather Corden + JamesStockportW146055066.1018536536570.9467.271.6
39David RileyCTH&HM557547075.032468374.472.7460.570.6
40Andrew SmithMDOCM406055064.3713941141179.8443.968.1
41Steve NichollsMDOCM554024040.522621432162.3314418939560.5
42Graham StantonCTH&HM557536074.30036028855.9354.254.3
43Andrew LittlewoodMDOCM356039062.387931131160.4323.449.6


Organiser/Planner - John Britton
Checker - Richard Evans

Routegadget Instructions

Because SI boxes weren't used, the steps to add your route is slightly different to normal.

  1. Go to
  2. Select the Romiley Event
  3. Tick 'Draw your route' near the top right corner
  4. Select your course (Score)
  5. Enter your name
  6. A textbox to the left of your name will appear. Enter your time in this box. For example if you took 42 mins 15 secs, type in 4215
  7. Optionally, add your comment
  8. On the map draw your route, finishing at the finish control. The position of the finish control could not be placed at the same location as the start control.

Next Street League Event:

Thursday 14th November - The Angel Inn, 98 King Street, Knutsford, WA16 6HQ

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Saturday 2nd November - Autumn Series Event 3 at Burnage Rugby Club, Battersea Road, Heaton Mersey

Details of all the above can be found on the MDOC website