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Autumn Series Event 3 - Burnage

Saturday 2nd November 2013

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Organiser: Tony Wagg
Planner: Paul Clifford

Planner's Comments

Thanks to everyone who helped with the planning and running of the event not forgetting all the competitors.

With hindsight I should have made the start outside the rugby club grounds as it caused confusion when it was in the middle of an area with no controls, surrounded by uncrossable fence and only 2 exit points. Sorry about that, I will probably be crossed off the planners list as punishment.

Three people commented on control 134, top of earthbank, 2 of whom did not find it. I resurveyed on control collection. It was marked as just inside the corner of a square patterned form line, which surely implied a flat plateau. 2 of you approached from the south through marked thick undergrowth, you brave souls. I suspect that you then hit a small terrace which is where the contour line is rather than carrying on up. The control was actually visible from the terrace. The well known orienteer's training rhyme of the Grand Old Duke of York comes to mind, where the last line is "when they were only half way up they were neither up nor down."

Paul Clifford

Details of all the above can be found on the MDOC website