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Street League 2013-14 - Event 2 - Knutsford

Thursday 14th November 2013

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Planner's Notes - Ian Gilliver

Thanks to everyone for turning up this evening: some 60 participants in total, I believe - a great response!
I hope that many of you enjoyed the challenge that Knutsford sets - so many adjacent areas are barely connected, that it's difficult to gauge at the outset what the best route may be.

John Britton has offered to take on the job of mounting the results, and I expect he will advise on control-specific issues that emerged on the night. Thanks John.
Thanks to Kate and Dave Bryant for their diligent and constructive checking of the map and the controls (clues). They did their job with great efficiency and dedication, and provided me with some welcome reassurance.
Thanks to Jen, Irene, and Rae for their work on registration/download/checking.
Thanks to Grahame for sharing the outdoor job with me - without Grahame I would have struggled.
Thanks to Steve Lang for advice on the map (and of course the printing), to Eddie (in Steve's absence) for uploading the files to Routegadget, and to Julie for her custodianship of the SI kit.

I must apologise for sending the wrong clue sheet to Steve for printing. It was the one that I'd sent to Kate and Dave for checking, and not the corrected version that they had produced.
This only emerged this morning when I was checking Mike Greenwood's results, after he had run the event yesterday evening and dropped off his responses with me this morning.
If I had not had the benefit of Mike's pre-running, two clues would have remained uncorrected for the main event [hence the black blobs on the clue sheets!], and I would have been very embarrassed this evening.
Thanks Mike!!

Kate and Dave had suggested some additional height information be added to some clues. I was happy to accept the recommendations - but I just sent the wrong file for printing.
The additional height info they recommended might well have been useful at Control 69, and perhaps elsewhere too. Sorry.

And finally, Kate and Dave's notes suggested that: "38 Number may be obscured by high leaves on bush....take the secateurs?"
Well, as I wrote to K&D this afternoon: "PS I did trim the branches around control 38 - just as the resident of the adjacent house came home from the shops.
I tried to explain what I was doing, in the rain, in the dark, dressed in jacket and tie, wielding a pair of loppers..."

Marking Comments - John Britton

Ian has looked into all the various wrong answers, and allowance has been made for possible confusions on #22,#29,#69. No credit has been given for the following wrong answers:
Michael Dennison #10 4/2 vs 4/3
Vicky McKinnon #11 11 vs 18 and #62 109 vs 402 and #63 36 vs 38
Steve Dempsey #14 5 vs 6
Paul Turner #14 5 vs 6
Dave Mawdsley #30 277 vs 275
John Edgeworth+James Bishop #31 2 vs 9 and #56 336 vs 339
Rob Farrington #37 7 vs 6
Warren Mason #37 7 vs 6
Simon Proud #38 503 vs 507 and #57 124 vs 126 and #69 242 vs 53
Graham Stanton #48 48 vs 49
Darren Baker #49 613 vs 633
James Verity #52 312 vs 111
Jonathan + Claire England #56 369 vs 339 and #61 65 vs 34 and #67 2 vs 8
Mike Greenwood #60 120 vs 210
Stephen Martin #67 2 vs 8

Gross Results

per hour
% of par
1Paddy Walshlate runM2160108059.29010801080150.9
2John BrittonMDOCM6075136075.522613341067.2149.1
3Rob FarringtonHOCM2175129073.15012901032144.1
4Warren MasonKnutsfordTriM4575143080.0915512751020142.5
5Darren BakerDEEM4575127074.56012701016141.9
6Paul TurnerSELOCM5575141079.4714412661012.8141.5
7James Walshlate runM2160102061.4653967967135.1
8Mike SmithardDEEM606095059.340950950132.7
9Andy ThorntonMDOCM506094059.310940940131.3
10Lee ScottSYOM456091059.300910910127.1
11Dan Parkerlate runM504062040.4623597895.5125.1
12Carl BedsenGlossopdaleM4075108073.4301080864120.7
13Ian FarrellMDOCM216085058.230850850118.7
14Paul CliffordMDOCM506085059.280850850118.7
15Jane AnthonySROCW556085055.270850850118.7
16Chris RostronMDOCM6575104073.5701040832116.2
17Steve DempseyMDOCM506082057.410820820114.5
18Rob Taylorlate runM6075102071.4601020816114.0
19Steve FellbaumMDOCM506081060.126804804112.3
20Pete OwensDEEM506088063.53107773773108.0
21Andrew SmithMDOCM406078060.2312768768107.3
22Simon ProudMDOCM507596075.105955764106.7
23Rik GriffinMDOCM406076059.540760760106.2
24Mike GreenwoodMaccHM506076059.450760760106.2
25Rebecca GlenMDOCW356076055.470760760106.2
26Tim HargreavesStockportM556075056.350750750104.8
27Kate Bryantn/cW606075058.470750750104.8
28Jane MockfordDEEW556074059.250740740103.4
29Karen Parkerlate runW506073059.300730730102.0
30Paul HuntGoyt ValleyM507591074.070910728101.7
31Julie LaverockSalfordHW456074060.2814726726101.4
32Grahame Crawshawlate runM656072056.340720720100.6
33Steve BinghamMDOCM556080062.4281719719100.4
34Roger AshbyPennineFRM707590075.4824876700.897.9
35Stephen MartinKnutsford AcademyM506067058.54067067093.6
36Peter JacksonMDOCM657583075.301581565291.1
37John Edgeworth + James BishopIndM217585076.3749801640.889.5
38Catherine Walton + David NealMaccHW216064054.39064064089.4
39Vicky McKinnonWilmslowRCW356064059.15064064089.4
40Pete RossMDOCM656063056.11063063088.0
41Clare GriffinMDOCW407586077.2774786628.887.8
42Kath + Eddie SpeakMDOCW506062058.33062062086.6
43Tony HulmeWilmslowRCM656061059.31061061085.2
44James McCann + JaneMDOCM146064061.093560560584.5
45Bob VerityDEEM706059060.03258858882.1
46Barry ChambersDEEM606058059.15058058081.0
47Trevor Robertslate runM656060060.422157957980.9
48Julie BrookMDOCW656056059.02056056078.2
49Pete LomasMDOCM706055058.08055055076.8
50Marie Robertslate runW556054051.50054054075.4
51Gary MitchellIndM457567072.55067053674.9
52Jane Rawlings + Lisa HackneyIndW556053054.38053053074.0
53Jean PayneDEEW606069065.5017551551571.9
54John BrewerSROCM456050057.58050050069.8
55Gemma Moorhouse + Mike SmithMaccHW216049056.13049049068.4
56Carol Stynes-MartinKnutsford AcademyW406049056.03049049068.4
57David RileyCTH&HM556048051.08048048067.0
58Chris KempDEEM556052061.395047047065.6
59Dave MawdsleyMDOCM704037042.1367303454.563.5
60Maria DavidMaccHW406041059.58041041057.3
61Jonathan + Claire EnglandKnutsford AcademyW356040057.30040040055.9
62Sue BirkinshawMDOCW756040058.12040040055.9
63Graham StantonCTH&HM556048065.0115132932946.0
64James VerityIndM356032052.27032032044.7
65Michael DennisonIndM216028051.59028028039.1
66Hannah + Joseph + Jannette ProudMDOCW126031062.197024024033.5

Handicap Results

per hour
per hour
%AA Par
1John BrittonMDOCM6075136075.522613341067.21.301387154.3
2Paul TurnerSELOCM5575141079.4714412661012.81.231245.7138.5
3Mike SmithardDEEM606095059.3409509501.301235137.3
4Jane AnthonySROCW556085055.2708508501.421207.0134.2
5Warren MasonKnutsfordTriM4575143080.09155127510201.131153128.2
6Darren BakerDEEM4575127074.560127010161.131148.1127.6
7Chris RostronMDOCM6575104073.57010408321.371140126.7
8Kate Bryantn/cW606075058.4707507501.501125125.1
9Andy ThorntonMDOCM506094059.3109409401.181109123.3
10Paddy Walshlate runM2160108059.290108010801.001080120.1
11Rob Taylorlate runM6075102071.46010208161.301061117.9
12Dan Parkerlate runM504062040.4623597895.51.181057117.5
13Jane MockfordDEEW556074059.2507407401.421050.8116.8
14Rob FarringtonHOCM2175129073.150129010321.001032114.7
15Lee ScottSYOM456091059.309109101.131028114.3
16Roger AshbyPennineFRM707590075.4824876700.81.451016.2113.0
17Paul CliffordMDOCM506085059.2808508501.181003.0111.5
18Grahame Crawshawlate runM656072056.3407207201.37986.4109.7
19Karen Parkerlate runW506073059.3007307301.35985.5109.6
20Steve DempseyMDOCM506082057.4108208201.18968107.6
21James Walshlate runM2160102061.46539679671.00967107.5
22Steve FellbaumMDOCM506081060.1268048041.18949105.5
23Carl BedsenGlossopdaleM4075108073.43010808641.08933.1103.7
24Julie LaverockSalfordHW456074060.28147267261.28929103.3
25Tim HargreavesStockportM556075056.3507507501.23923102.6
26Pete OwensDEEM506088063.531077737731.18912101.4
27Simon ProudMDOCM507596075.1059557641.18901.5100.2
28Mike GreenwoodMaccHM506076059.4507607601.1889799.7
29Julie BrookMDOCW656056059.0205605601.6089699.6
30Peter JacksonMDOCM657583075.30158156521.3789399.3
31Rebecca GlenMDOCW356076055.4707607601.1788998.9
32Steve BinghamMDOCM556080062.42817197191.2388498.3
33Pete RossMDOCM656063056.1106306301.3786396.0
34Paul HuntGoyt ValleyM507591074.0709107281.1885995.5
35Bob VerityDEEM706059060.0325885881.4585394.8
36Ian FarrellMDOCM216085058.2308508501.0085094.5
37Kath + Eddie SpeakMDOCW506062058.3306206201.3583793.1
38Tony HulmeWilmslowRCM656061059.3106106101.37835.792.9
39Andrew SmithMDOCM406078060.23127687681.08829.492.2
40Rik GriffinMDOCM406076059.5407607601.0882191.3
41Pete LomasMDOCM706055058.0805505501.4579888.7
42Trevor Robertslate runM656060060.42215795791.37793.288.2
43Stephen MartinKnutsford AcademyM506067058.5406706701.1879187.9
44Jean PayneDEEW606069065.501755155151.50772.585.9
45Clare GriffinMDOCW407586077.2774786628.81.2276785.3
46Marie Robertslate runW556054051.5005405401.42766.885.3
47Sue BirkinshawMDOCW756040058.1204004001.9076084.5
48Barry ChambersDEEM606058059.1505805801.3075483.8
49Jane Rawlings + Lisa HackneyIndW556053054.3805305301.4275383.7
50Vicky McKinnonWilmslowRCW356064059.1506406401.1774983.3
51Catherine Walton + David NealMaccHW216064054.3906406401.12716.879.7
52James McCann + JaneMDOCM146064061.09356056051.1368476.0
53Dave MawdsleyMDOCM704037042.1367303454.51.4565973.3
54John Edgeworth + James BishopIndM217585076.3749801640.81.0064171.2
55Gary MitchellIndM457567072.5506705361.13605.767.3
56Carol Stynes-MartinKnutsford AcademyW406049056.0304904901.22597.866.5
57David RileyCTH&HM556048051.0804804801.23590.465.6
58Chris KempDEEM556052061.39504704701.2357864.3
59John BrewerSROCM456050057.5805005001.1356562.8
60Gemma Moorhouse + Mike SmithMaccHW216049056.1304904901.1254961.0
61Maria DavidMaccHW406041059.5804104101.2250055.6
62Jonathan + Claire EnglandKnutsford AcademyW356040057.3004004001.1746852.0
63Graham StantonCTH&HM556048065.011513293291.2340545.0
64James VerityIndM356032052.2703203201.0433337.0
65Hannah + Joseph + Jannette ProudMDOCW126031062.19702402401.3532436.0
66Michael DennisonIndM216028051.5902802801.0028031.1


Organiser/Planner - Ian Gilliver
Checkers - Kate & Dave Bryant

Routegadget Instructions

Because SI boxes weren't used, the steps to add your route is slightly different to normal.

  1. Go to
  2. Select the Knutsford Event
  3. Tick 'Draw your route' near the top right corner
  4. Select your course (Score)
  5. Enter your name
  6. A textbox to the left of your name will appear. Enter your time in this box. For example if you took 42 mins 15 secs, type in 4215
  7. Optionally, add your comment
  8. On the map draw your route, finishing at the finish control. The position of the finish control could not be placed at the same location as the start control.

Next Street League Event:

Tuesday 26th November - Burnage Rugby Club, Battersea Road, Burnage, SK4 3EA

Other Events

Saturday 23rd November - Autumn Series Event 4 at Brabyns Park, Marple

Details of all the above can be found on the MDOC website