Ythm1 FebruaryEPOCYateholme, Holmfirth
Brbg8 FebruarySYOBurbage, Sheffield
JK211 AprilNWOAJK Day2, Graythwaite, Ulverston+10%
Flsb18 AprilAIREFlasby Fell, Skipton
PlrW9 MayHALOPillar Woods, CaistorCompass Sport Cup Final
HmFl23 MayLOCHolme Fell, Coniston+10%
TP125 SeptemberMDOCPlace Fell, Penrith
TP226 SeptemberMDOCAngle Tarn Pikes, Penrith
NdnV10 OctoberSELOCNaden Valley, Rochdale
Whrn17 OctoberSYOWharncliffe Woods, Sheffield
Rshw7 NovemberEPOCRishworth Moor, Halifax
Eyam5 DecemberDVOEyam Moor, Bakewell


A competitor's total includes his/her best 7 events
A score prefixed with * means the competitor ran a longer course than his/her division

1Jake Field604728mp5067927489529835313
2Joshua Carroll8317311562
3Pearce Weatherby4118441255
4Adam Dempsey652652
5Nathan Robinson247309556
6Dominic Barrett400mp400
7Tyler Scottmp309309
1Zachary Field100073210009821041983100010007006
2William Humphreysmp924M12BM12B5081432
3Daniel Cotterill998998
4Jason Wood247687934
5Ciehlan Doherty221671892
6Conor McCormack282550832
7Louis Hernandez-Cruz214428642
1Roger Bryant723838889945*455*767*9845601
2Thomas Fellbaum6378366318782982
3Elliot Malkin10001000
4Michael Barratt790790
5Andrew Taylor603603
6Alexander Dickinson575575
1Robert Wreglesworth7533551108
2Robbie Smith7523551107
1Daniel Tinker73886362485249484810195438
2Nicholas Tinker723986mp9145619244108
1Alex Bedwell8698291010864700*1320*10066598
2Alexander Clarke-Williammp0
1Rebecca Humphreys100064211007553497
2Lauren Lu8736911564
3Mia Lennon603374977
4Sabrina Leopold-James380552932
5Chloe Cronin531371902
6Helena Rice812mp812
7Kayleigh O'Brien474301775
8Rosina Khan772mp772
9Pippa Mallon550550
10Hession Ailish472mp472
1Alice FellbaumW12BW12B95193810002889
2Irsa Imran2518111062
1Stephanie Bryant624799879798*624*5986264948
2Vicky Price5506535426622407
3Annie Price665551*5311747
4Jenny Campbell10001000
5Hannah Murphy918918
6Amy Cotterill906906
7Katie Holtmp0
1Catherine Beresford10008455908186431017*7068105839
2Naomi Grayburn7785427537277487027995049
1Rosie Grayburn70510111316780mp839mp7458186214
2Barbara Drew118810005582746
1Elizabeth Britton80411847681050*970*973*725*8516600
2Ruth Beresford9036851077677*663mp6544659
3Lucy Harris517517
4Sarah GreenW18S495495
5Anika Bulcock413413
M21L1Stephen Langmp640774mp620610561rtd3205
2Liam Corner789736855mp2380
M21S1Matthew Tinker7586907578953100
2John Bainbridge408580380291JM5S6525422853
3Kevin Watson5954707726232460
4Andrew Smith4726347575692432
5Nick Taylor675*9188282421
6Ian Farrell575551557dnfmp5872270
7Dan Rileymp960960
8Richard Hainge499499
M35L1Warren Mason6697327572158
2Simon Thompson8587411599
3Martin Crosbymp776776
M35S1Karl Tonks314314
M40L1Dan Parker11149469508531000926100010256961
2Dean Field7628177798688848317498838185880
3Mark Seddon1032971101510359635016
4Timothy Martland*784924811902775mp7734969
5Andy Thornton8889558828537924370
6Malcolm Fowler*650*6981348
7John Kewley779779
8Nick Wood679679
M40S1Paul Van-Calstermp540584*5391663
2Stephen Fellbaum*401517mp6481566
3Steve Dempsey10741074
4Gary Mellor5185111029
5Paul Jarvis578mp578
M45L1Tom Bedwellmp9237759337879977418295985
2Ray Humphreys6647688157357203702
3John Evansmp647mp647
M45S1Stephen Bingham*762*6005946057007458124818
2Nick Price9685355987902891
3Ken Weston*5829201502
4David Dann764764
M50L1Alan Poxon8958127918859007948545931
2John Britton8748448609579738865394
3Phil Colville820876645714M50SM50S*7073762
4Nicholas Maxwell7415707485632622
5Michael Owen6146896031906
6Ian Gilliver660623dnfmp5811864
M50S1Eddie Speak1108*7186337317687624720
2Martin Green982*6656346357133629
3John Gomersall6736687722113
4Dave Mack457491mp948
5Tony Bray510510
M55L1Cliff Etherden82683584682792995984779897895210806591
2Peter Ross8859698368599186468879516305
3Ian Watson699834812876921M55SM55S8766725690
4Trevor Roberts684728649678704747626M55S711773mp5025
5Chris Rostron7678157286005827564248
6Mike Cumpstey7358097787933115
7Christopher Drew6896775107102586
M55S1Tony Davies8737941093712*83710318448066278
2Stephen Beresford675726783*6105676646977218645130
3Geoffrey Millan575M60S503640682701914*6194634
4Chris Kirkham*633599536416482*553*541*5953939
5Grahame Crawshaw718*533468509*6022830
6Dave Bryant7799198922590
7Douglas Edwards5374325591528
8Alan Shaw7777201497
9Don Taylor594594
M60L1Peter Lomas7647067588187819879559976060
2Ted Smith8066186706736246387837387265034
3David Mawdsley934M60S802790*875M55S*7228564979
4Tim Sowood6887907387062922
M60S1David Walker845577*635*7357553547
M65L1Andrew Gregory94610009939169264781
M70L1David Griffiths10511051
2Ian Birkinshaw815815
M75L1Frank Rose971587mp69210007794029
2Roy Hayes820734mpmp1554
W21L1Kristin Jacobson*6758061481
2Martha Taylor860860
3Catherine Drew815815
W21S1Alison Etherden5427561298
2Michelle Riley5856791264
3Marie Williams566566
W35L1Sally Gilliver767mp767
W35S1Julia Simpson10067247162446
2Karen Jones*7266951421
W40L1Karen Parker*10001014*1009*1003*1000*944*8936863
2Jane Walker-Cull7225784826728383292
3Vicky Thornton9868579952838
4Helena Crutchley7659007212386
5Heather Fellbaum6046378982139
6Pip Humphreys6465381184
7Jenny Mallon472472
W40S1Deborah Baker7605791339
2Rhian Roberts6396211260
W45L1Marie Roberts6688588956319609007234777656825783
2Elaine Weston849945965mp10003759
3Helen Price537mp6627261925
W45S1Kath Speak689*8737686472977
2Julie Bedwellmp6004655521617
W50L1Kate Bryant901964882105586488010008986580
2Jillyan Dobby82491174787398380581484281110006247
W50S1Janet Taylor772*8041576
2Vivienne Maxwell573573
W55L1Julie Brook6646766978146034836746698735067
2Elizabeth Drew956*6881044*8013489
3Joan Cumpstey10009128666383416
4Alison Doyle*601*705*483*639*496*420mp3344
5Jan EllisW55S757W55S8007042261
6Jenny Shaw683683
W60L1Rae Lomas1000872839805mp8887945198
2Elizabeth Smith728584774mp10007013787
3Irene Crawshaw7909729369073605
W60S1Adrienne Sowood5455194674972028
W65L1Sue Birkinshaw81410001032mp908*671*6709418196185
W65S1Margaret Gregory690*1000428dnf2118
W75L1Kath Rose889mp557771100010004217


  • The competition is open to all members of MDOC.
  • A competitor must be a member of MDOC.
  • When a competitor runs for MDOC at a selected event, his/her time will be included in the competition.
  • When a competitor runs for another club at a selected event, his/her time will be included in the competition when Stephen Lang has been informed.
  • A competitor will automatically be assigned to a division based on their age, gender and the course they most often run.
  • A competitor can request to be assigned to a different division within his/her age group.
  • A competitor will be awarded points for each run at a selected event, using the formula gold time x 800 / competitor's time.
  • A competitor will be awarded zero points, when he/she starts but retires or is disqualified.
  • Points gained in any national event (i.e. if the event is C1 or C2) will be increased by 10%.
  • A competitor's overall score will be the total of the competitor's best X individual scores, where X is 1 + (total number of selected events / 2), rounded down to a whole number.
  • When a competitor runs a higher course than his/her division then the points he/she is awarded will be transferred.
  • When a competitor runs a lower course than his/her division then the points he/she is awarded will NOT be transferred.
Selected Events
  • Stephen Lang will select events to contribute to the competition.
  • A selected event must be approved by the MDOC Committee.
  • A selected event must be listed on the MDOC website
  • Ideally, there will be one selected event every month.
  • A selected event will be a badge event (C1, C2 or C3) typically organised by MDOC or a neighbouring club.
Author: Stephen Lang Last Changed: 06-Dec-2004