ClmP22 JanuaryNOCClumber Park, MansfieldRegional Event - Robin Hood Trophy
TrBC26 FebruaryMDOCTorver Back Common, ConistonRegional Event
MrsM12 MarchEPOCMarsden Moor, HuddersfieldCancelled
WPAV12 MarchWCHWolesley Park and Abrahams ValleyRegional Event
MccF9 AprilMDOCMacclesfield Forest, MaccleesfieldCompass Sport Cup - 1st Round
IlkM15 AprilAIREIlkley Moor, IlkleyJan Kjellstrom Festival Day 1 (+10%)
GrnW7 MaySYOGreno Wood, SheffieldRegional Event
Wtrg8 OctoberSELOCWatergrove, RochdaleRegional Event
GrnC15 OctoberBAOCGreenham Common, NewburyCompass Sport Cup - Final
Erw121 OctoberMDOCErrwood, BuxtonRegional Event - Twin Peak Day 1
Erw222 OctoberMDOCErrwood, BuxtonRegional Event - Twin Peak Day 2
OgdW29 OctoberEPOCOgden Water, HalifaxRegional Event
HtBM3 DecemberSYOHathersage and Burbage Moors, SheffieldNational Event (+10%)

Calculating the number of events contributing to a competitors score has been adjusted to ignore the WCH Wolesley Park and Abrahams Valley event.


A competitor's total includes his/her best 6 events
A score prefixed with * means the competitor ran a longer course than his/her division

1Matthew Fellbaum10001000984867100088611005970
2John Dempsey6576591316
3James McCann843843
1Tom McCann513531933rtd529mp100061165710006114812
2Alistair Thornton633633
3Adam Dempsey632M12B632
4Robin Atkinson456456
1Alex McCann688866890565901956840922887*8529005456
2Michael Fallows407407
1Thomas Fellbaum10031042*694913*899*908*727*9165681
2Roger Bryant*687982761*771994948*665*1000*8265521
3William HumphreysJM3JM34084365775475485586733339
4Alexander Dickinson403593996
1Alex Bedwell88910198349109384590
2Daniel Tinker77010001770
3Nicholas Tinker794794
1Elliot MalkinJM5S974733803JM5S69680893410225274
2Mike Clowes652652
1Cosima Dickinson*6186521270
1Rebecca Humphreys673mp*517W12Brtd473*456mp8042923
2Alice Jackson100710262033
3Alana Jackson7488251573
1Alice Fellbaum650731753735757887678825100011105332
2Stephanie Bryant910886550*4657293540
3Rebecca Thornton516516
1Elizabeth Britton927890101183789498510055712
2Lucy Harris825840993105610464760
3Ruth Beresford7187387777993032
4Clare Sutherland750857990rtd2597
5Rosie GrayburnJW5S8129501762
6Sarah Green399399
1Catherine Beresford8438236929907278126826844887
2Naomi Grayburn5628347277777543654
M21L1Jiri Kazda10139882001
M21S1Paul Watson5214896194065042539
2Matthew Tinker5415396411721
3Jon Poole7388621600
4Ian Farrell5455421087
5Nick Taylor782782
6Andy Batty419419
7John Bainbridge404404
8Kevin WatsonM60L0
M35L1Liam Corner836M35SM35S9638758048578975232
2Stephen Lang80482880710008246838708008625191
3Andrew Smith7096876962092
4Martin Crosby618mp618
M35S1Andrew Tomkinson*396396
M40L1David McCann7818528267867409247426247768906895059
2Steve Dempseyrtd776*861rtd8252462
3Malcolm Fowler830*9371767
4Timothy Martland8049001704
5Simon Thompson8617871648
6Nick Wood8046791483
7John Kewley*6626591321
8Dan Parker949949
9Edouard Salath834834
M40S1Paul Jarvis6706706336292602
2Jonathan Dickinson564564
M45L1Andy Thornton940106790610638639745813
2Tom Bedwell8747757629438507118209365198
3Jim Sutherland9088048177337907734825
4John Evans8206708217108276185474466
5Ray Humphreys7277317455937146835967526154352
6Paul Van-CalsterM40S*5596764485707026853640
7Stephen Fellbaum6707736356436093330
8Mike Greenwood*8849619792824
9Stephen Bingham784743M45SM45S8422369
10Michael Hayes8737751648
11Simon Proud883883
12Shaun Priestley848848
13Neil Murphy836836
M45S1Alan Ogden*749490*6096002448
2Tim Mallon9576128402409
3Andy Farrismp0
M50L1Phil Colville8137999232535
2Nicholas Maxwell694589mp1283
3Mike Butcher554554
M50S1Martin Green821735853*606744951*7639009176918105252
2Eddie Speak*75471610028327508424896
3Alan Poxon*761*749*7968968217456724768
4Ken Weston822822
M55L1John Britton87210041102921105610349998839796174
2Tony Davies9079129078868209395371
3Peter Ross8247998717367597435917094732
4Ian Watson7497587297897757117798524702
5Cliff Etherden9658088679198354394
6Trevor Roberts674668701712703730dsq4188
7Chris Rostron749747724692M55SM55S7293641
8Godfrey Beddard*7548227937993168
9Christopher Drew8216906367542901
10Tony Bray5994924561547
11Ian Gilliver657598M55S1255
12David Tomkinson376376
M55S1Stephen Beresford796702*611770498814554mp6534346
2Grahame Crawshaw*713*606*512*610781*6716336465835524054
3Chris Kirkham*624547*578*6085734806584705473588
4Dave Bryant964665*8158293273
5Douglas Edwards4354476101492
6Cliff Lomas*669669
7Don Taylor599599
M60L1Tim Sowood7936777442214
M60S1Geoffrey Millan*589*691*580*6592519
2Mike Cumpstey6386121250
M65L1Peter Lomas938850856887970968966937mp10785857
2David Mawdsley87668310009099999549039249855771
3David Walker786*688M65S767740728dsq3709
4Mike Hunter381381
M65S1Ted Smith537537
M70L1Andrew Gregory10001000110610001041883105010866283
2Ian P Watson649649
3David Griffiths614614
M75L1Frank Rose988707100010007309621000693100082210005988
M801Roy Hayes*574868*521*1000*619*638*6154314
W21L1Maria Ivermark970*874700869W21S3413
2Tiina Uotila622754W21S1376
=Tiina Uotila622754W21S1376
W21S1Jane Clark510*476427*4401853
2Martha Taylor772*7951567
3Denise Cook*514514
W35S1Karen Thompsonmp0
W40L1Jane McCann8046667847836906497997116937258464741
2Heather Fellbaum779804952836538W40S3909
3Julia Simpson802909738709rtd3158
4Sophie Wood8247581582
W40S1Janette Proud*523523
W45L1Vicky Thornton105410771056*1000805*10886080
2Ruth Sutherland8157397926517547784529
3Marie Roberts8066358596536186077614332
4Pip Humphreys6915866197575675595986163867
5Jane Walker-Cull6525565911799
6Sally Gilliver*738738
W45S1Kath Speak*741534*6219108665317428654745
2Julie Bedwell5234694601452
3Jenny Mallon7006431343
W50L1Kate Bryant9708288619218358189287818525367
2Elaine Weston902902
W55L1Jillyan Dobby*908*682915*779rtd*826dnf*9705080
2Julie Brook689564691719W55S8324935786237994353
3Jan Ellis6367986488014726534008
4Elizabeth Drew*960940*86210573819
5Alison Doyle*600*413*542*582549*434*442*597*5743444
6Pat Mee6779301607
7Joan Cumpstey5846961280
W55S1Janet Taylor658658
2Vivienne Maxwell439439
W60L1Irene Crawshaw7997847609261000977823839mp8595424
W60S1Adrienne Sowood5485655931706
2Elizabeth Smith490490
W65L1Sue Birkinshaw86079893886010028176859765453
2Rae Lomas1000933859mp987rtd3779
W65S1Margaret Gregory*504503*5754255316533191
W75L1Kath Rose9641000mpmp5087361000444mp7094917


  • The competition is open to all members of MDOC.
  • A competitor must be a member of MDOC.
  • When a competitor runs for MDOC at a selected event, his/her time will be included in the competition.
  • When a competitor runs for another club at a selected event, his/her time will be included in the competition when Stephen Lang has been informed.
  • A competitor will automatically be assigned to a division based on their age, gender and the course they most often run.
  • A competitor can request to be assigned to a different division within his/her age group.
  • A competitor will be awarded points for each run at a selected event, using the formula gold time x 800 / competitor's time.
  • A competitor will be awarded zero points, when he/she starts but retires or is disqualified.
  • Points gained in any national event (i.e. if the event is C1 or C2) will be increased by 10%.
  • A competitor's overall score will be the total of the competitor's best X individual scores, where X is 1 + (total number of selected events / 2), rounded down to a whole number.
  • When a competitor runs a higher course than his/her division then the points he/she is awarded will be transferred.
  • When a competitor runs a lower course than his/her division then the points he/she is awarded will NOT be transferred.
Selected Events
  • Stephen Lang will select events to contribute to the competition.
  • A selected event must be approved by the MDOC Committee.
  • A selected event must be listed on the MDOC website
  • Ideally, there will be one selected event every month.
  • A selected event will be a badge event (C1, C2 or C3) typically organised by MDOC or a neighbouring club.
Author: Stephen Lang Last Changed: 16-Dec-2006