Ogdn25 JanuaryEPOCOgden, HalifaxIvor Noot Memorial
DlmF8 FebruaryDEEDelamere Forest, ChesterDelamere Trophy
FrlF15 MarchSROCFarelton Fell, CarnforthCompassSport Cup 1st Round
MUni25 AprilMDOCManchester UniversityChasing Sprint
PlcF30 MayMDOCPlace Fell, PattersdaleTwin Peak Day 1
AnTP31 MayMDOCAngle Tarn Pike, PattersdaleTwin Peak Day 2
HslG27 SeptemberSELOCHaslingden Grane, Rossendale
ChsC11 OctoberDEEChester CityUrban
EymM15 NovemberDVOEyam Moor, ChesterfieldVeteran Home International Interland Selection
Bdst13 DecemberWCHBeaudesert, Cannock ChaseNational


A competitor's total includes his/her best 5 events
JM11Ben Dempsey864103510502949
2James McCann103510652100
3Ben Martland10009501950
JM21James McCann9501000[755]1050105010595109
2Hector Salathé97710001977
3Jason Salathé9858451830
4Edward Thompson985985
JM31Matthew Fellbaum10761057[dnf]1000102710315191
2Tom McCann10541001934[921]9869964971
3Alex McCann10961096
4Alistair Thornton10881088
5Jordan Grocott10371037
6James McCann10041004
7Hector Salathé10001000
8John Dempsey949949
9Kristian Birtwistle[mp]0
JM41Alistair Thornton103310531053109710715307
2Alex McCann1441111710623620
3Matthew Fellbaum95510031958
4Jonathan Emery949949
5Tom McCann850[mp]850
6Michael Jacot815815
JW21Rosie Martland100010122012
2Rosemary Ogden7809761756
3Laura Hindle10601060
JW31Romane Salathé113610292165
2Carolyn Hindle10521052
3Rebecca Humphreys10461046
4Laura Hindle917917
JW41Rebecca Humphreys10911054104310514239
2Carolyn Hindle983983
3Allanah Birtwistle945945
4Romane Salathé941941
Open1Vicky Thornton (W45)[1049]110510971081109210815456
2Heather Fellbaum (W45)[1021]106910641066[1013][1037]11151088[mp][1020]5402
3Alice Fellbaum (W16)107411071089[mp]10681061[1050][1035][1011]5399
4Thomas Fellbaum (M18)105010691039[915]107110855314
5Andrew Gregory (M70)108010341062105310665295
6John Britton (M55)10631080103110751035[987]5284
7Sue Birkinshaw (W70)106010331032[995][1029]104810685241
8Dan Parker (M45)103410471049105810115199
9Jillyan Dobby (W55)1038102310221031[1009]10695183
10David McCann (M45)104910311022[988]1026[1004]1053[1016]5181
11Jane McCann (W40)[1014]1028[1015][1010]1018101610631049[996][1007]5174
12Roger Bryant (M18)104210511050102610025171
13Ian Watson (M60)1036103510331025[1012][1014][1008]10385167
14Alex McCann (M14)99010191038104410415132
15Jim Trueman (M45)1085[mp]1034101110369505116
16Trevor Roberts (M60)10181014[889][945]10061040[978][954]10285106
17Alan Poxon (M55)1028[992]10041027[967]1003[995]10175079
18Dave Mawdsley (M65)10121014103410199815060
19Ray Humphreys (M50)10391024988977[965][975]10095037
20Tony Wagg (M60)[mp]971977102810329935001
21Chris Rostron (M60)[dnf][977][970]9959781045[967]9799914988
22Tim Martland (M45)979104610209869494980
23Chris Kirkham (M60)[929]1043[894]9929891013933[932]4970
24Geoffrey Millan (M65)102610229959269864955
25Marie Roberts (W50)1016949[dnf]993984[922]10084950
26Peter Ross (M60)993105088910669144912
27Julie Brook (W60)953103992691510254858
28Sean Malkin (M18)96010069799409344819
29Steve Fellbaum (M45)954936944937[873]939[856]4710
30Alison Doyle (W60)[860]982875876952[822]10124697
31Claire Barnett (W40)899908828861[751]9054401
32Karen Parker (W45)11041095[mp]106911274395
33Kate Bryant (W55)10441049102010624175
34Andy Thornton (M45)10451061104110114158
35Warren Mason (M40)1048106310099164036
36Tom Bedwell (M50)1029101010229674028
37Kath Speak (W50)932104110019523926
38Stephen Bingham (M50)103489194610263897
39William Humphreys (M16)9799359299213764
40Grahame Crawshaw (M60)9059319489583742
41Pip Humphreys (W50)8999409129453696
42Tony Mason (M45)695750[582]6987227983663
43Jan Ellis (W60)97483283210233661
44Douglas Edwards (M60)877[mp]8828868233468
45Cliff Etherden (M60)1040105010803170
46Edouard Salathé (M40)1057103310443134
47Steve Dempsey (M45)1033108010033116
48Elliot Malkin (M18)1060101710143091
=Rae Lomas (W65)1034[mp]99610613091
50Irene Crawshaw (W65)107510099983082
51Martin Green (M55)100910009752984
52Paul Smith (M40)100210009072909
53Steffan North (M21)9819419792901
54Stephen Beresford (M60)9779539282858
55David Walker (M65)9249379182779
56Elizabeth Smith (W65)916[mp]918[mp]8992733
57Ted Smith (M65)9188859222725
58Phil Colville (M55)100510542059
59Stephanie Bryant (W18)[mp]10509872037
60Eddie Speak (M55)[mp]10389962034
61Peter Lomas (M65)10309842014
62Dave Bryant (M60)100210052007
63Rebecca Humphreys (W14)96010131973
64Julia Simpson (W40)9619811942
65Paul Jarvis (M45)9589761934
66David Dann (M50)9419871928
67Tim Mallon (M45)9699301899
68Trevor Hindle (M45)9269221848
69Ian Gilliver (M55)[dnf][mp]9199121831
70Hazel Hindle (W45)9088981806
71Margaret Gregory (W70)929844[dnf]1773
72Alan Ogden (M45)9108601770
73Jenny Mallon (W45)8688521720
74Paul Watson (M35)8608061666
75Graham Malkin (M50)6087191327
76Liz Britton (W21)10701070
77Cliff Ethererden (M60)10631063
78Tom Horton (M16)10361036
79Steve Lang (M35)[mp]10301030
80David Mawdsley (M65)10241024
81Liam Corner (M35)10121012
82Frank Rose (M80)[dnf]997997
83John Evans (M50)996996
84Mark Inman (M55)981981
85Stephen Lang (M35)973973
86Simon Proud (M45)947947
87Richard Blake (M60)942942
88Dave Birtwistle (M45)938938
=Jenny Shaw (W60)938938
90Dave Walker (M65)932932
91Elizabeth Inman (W50)931931
92Naomi Grayburn (W20)929929
93Tony Greenhalgh (M45)914914
94John Kewley (M45)913913
95Kath Rose (W80)[mp]908908
96Janette Proud (W45)892892
97Ian Farrell (M21)887887
98Michael Owen (M55)862862
99Alan Shaw (M60)855855
100Mike Clowes (M21)848848
=Michelle Riley (W21)848848
102Andrew Tongue (M21)847847
103Alex Grocott (M16)802802
104John Bainbridge (M35)798798
105Andrea Cameron (W35)796796
106Jenny Birtwistle (W50)582582
107John Dempsey (M14)551551
108James McCann (M10)497497
109Martin Crosby (M40)[disq]0
=Julie Bedwell (W50)[mp][rtd]0
=Steve Rawlings (M55)[mp]0
=Timothy Martland (M45)[mp]0


  • A competitor's overall score is the sum of his/her best 6 event scores.
  • A competitor's event score is 1000 + (50 * (division’s median adjusted pace - competitor's adjusted pace) / division’s median absolute deviation). The average competitor will score 1000.
  • A competitor’s event score is zero, if he/she starts but does not finish.
Open Division
  • The Open division is open to all MDOC members competing on TD5 courses.
  • Scoring is based on the competitor's pace (time/distance) adjusted for category and course length.
  • Adjusted Pace = Pace * (Competitor's Speed Ratio + Competitor's Length Ratio)
  • Competitor's Speed Ratio is based on results from Bird S., Balmer J., Olds T., Davison, R.C.R. (2001). Differences between sexes and age-related changes in orienteering speed. Journal of Sports Sciences, 19, 243-252.
  • Competitor's Length Ratio is based on a comparison between the competitor's course length and BOF's recommended course length for the competitor's category. If the competitor's course is twice the length of BOF's recommendation then the length ratio is +2%. If the competitor's course is half the recommendation then the ratio is -2%. The adjustment is based on athletic records for middle distance.
    Competitor's Length Ratio = 0.02 * Log(Competitor's Course Length / (BOF Course Length Ratio * Longest Course Length)) / Log(2)
Junior Divisions
  • The Junior divisions are open to all junior MDOC members competing on non TD5 courses.
  • There are eight Junior Divisions: JM1 (Junior Men TD1), JW1 (Junior Women TD1), JM2 (Junior Men TD2), JW2 (Junior Women TD2), JM3 (Junior Men TD3), JW3 (Junior Women TD3), JM4 (Junior Men TD4) and JW4 (Junior Women TD4).
  • Anyone 16 or younger at the start of the year is a Junior.
  • Scoring is based on the competitor's unadjusted pace (time/distance).
CategorySpeed RatioBOF Course Length RatioCategorySpeed RatioBOF Course Length Ratio

  • The selected events are approved by the MDOC Committee, and listed on the MDOC website.
  • Ideally, there will be 12 events distributed evenly over the year.
  • The events should be of high quality, typically organised by MDOC or a neighbouring club.
  • When a competitor runs for MDOC at a selected event, his/her performance will be automatically included in the competition.
  • When a competitor runs for another club at a selected event, his/her performance will be included in the competition if Steve Lang has been informed.
Author: Stephen Lang Last Changed: 19-Dec-2009