Manchester and District Orienteering Club
2018 Championship


Tnky18 FebSYOTankersley WoodNational Middle distance event
Clwb11 MarSELOCClowbridgeCompass Sport Cup Heat
MccU25 MarMDOCMacclesfield UrbanNational, UKUL
TgsN26 AprMDOCTeggs NoseSummer Evening Series I
Lyme24 MayMDOCLymeSummer Evening Series II
BrnH19 JunMDOCBrereton HeathSummer Evening Series III
AlyE17 JulMDOCAlderley EdgeSummer Evening Series IV
SlvH29 JulNWOASilver HoweDay 1 of Lakes 5 days
MrsM16 SepEPOCMarsden MoorNational
Fmby6 OctDEEFormby DunesNational & UKOL
MncU4 NovMDOCManchester UrbanTwin Peak day 2 (provisionally), National
RlyM2 DecSYORamsley MoorNational


A competitor's total includes his/her best 6 events
1Dominic Wathey102010201020
Open1Jillyan Dobby (W65)1062105310572115
2Pete Ross (M70)1038104910432087
3Liam Corner (M45)1018103510262053
4Dave McCann (M55)1030102010252050
5Jane McCann (W50)1023101810202041
6Martin Green (M60)1008101010092018
7Julie Brook (W70)103397710052010
8Eddie Speak (M60)100499710002001
9Kath Speak (W55)10159779961992
10Chris Kirkham (M70)10259669951991
11Jenny Mallon (W55)9959769851971
12Paul Watson (M40)9019189091819
13Vicky Thornton (W55)106910691069
14Heather Fellbaum (W55)106610661066
15Kate Bryant (W65)106010601060
16John Britton (M65)105910591059
17Sue Birkinshaw (W80)105110511051
18Chris Rostron (M70)104510451045
19Jonathan Malley (M21)104310431043
20Jim Trueman (M50)103310331033
21Tim Martland (M55)101610161016
22Ian Watson (M70)101310131013
23Andrew Gregory (M80)101010101010
24Dave Mawdsley (M75)100710071007
25James McCann (M18)998998998
26Alan Ogden (M55)995995995
27Stephen Fellbaum (M55)991991991
28Tim Mallon (M55)988[m1-20]988988
29Ray Humphreys (M55)981981981
30Tony Wagg (M70)972972972
31Paul Van Calster (M55)969969969
=Julie Laverock (W50)969969969
33Edwin Van-Calster (M55)950950950
34David Walker (M75)948948948
35Richard Blake (M70)944944944
36Alison Doyle (W65)936936936
37Elizabeth Hamer-Davies (W50)922922922
38Katie McInnes (W21)887887887
39David Wathey (M50)880880880
40Alexander Slavik (M21)[w7]00


  • A competitor's overall score is the sum of his/her best 6 event scores.
  • A competitor's event score is 1000 + (50 * (division's mean adjusted pace - competitor's adjusted pace) / division's standard deviation). The average competitor will score 1000.
  • A competitor's event score is zero, if he/she starts but does not finish.
Open Division
  • The Open division is open to all MDOC members competing on TD5 courses.
  • Scoring is based on the competitor's pace (time/distance) adjusted for category and course length.
  • Adjusted Pace = Pace * (Competitor's Speed Ratio - Competitor's Length Ratio)
  • Competitor's Speed Ratio and is based on the average winning times at BOC (1997, 2001-2009) for each age group's longest course
  • Competitor's Length Ratio is based on a comparison between the competitor's course length and average course length at BOC for the competitor's category. If the competitor's course is twice the length of BOF's recommendation then the length ratio is +2%. If the competitor's course is half the recommendation then the ratio is -2%. The adjustment is based on athletic records for middle distance.
    Competitor's Length Ratio = 0.02 * Log(Competitor's Course Length / (BOF Course Length Ratio * Longest Course Length)) / Log(2)
Junior Divisions
  • The Junior divisions are open to all junior MDOC members competing on non TD5 courses.
  • There are eight Junior Divisions: JM1 (Junior Men TD1), JW1 (Junior Women TD1), JM2 (Junior Men TD2), JW2 (Junior Women TD2), JM3 (Junior Men TD3), JW3 (Junior Women TD3), JM4 (Junior Men TD4) and JW4 (Junior Women TD4).
  • Anyone 16 or younger at the start of the year is a Junior.
  • Scoring is based on the competitor's unadjusted pace (time/distance).
CategorySpeed RatioLength RatioCategorySpeed RatioLength Ratio

  • The selected events are approved by the MDOC Committee, and listed on the MDOC website.
  • Ideally, there will be 12 events distributed evenly over the year.
  • The events should be of high quality, typically organised by MDOC or a neighbouring club.
  • When a competitor runs for MDOC at a selected event, his/her performance will be automatically included in the competition.
  • When a competitor runs for another club at a selected event, his/her performance will be included in the competition if Chris Kirkham has been informed.