Last updated: November 1st, 2002

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Manchester and District Orienteering Club

Twin Peak 2002

Double Badge Weekend
in the Goyt Valley (near Buxton)
in the Peak District National Park

October 19th and 20th


Latest News:


Organiser's comments - Trevor Roberts

I hope you all enjoyed your visit to the Goyt Valley. Although I could not be present on the weekend, I understand that there were no major problems.

When we first started to pull this event together, the major issue was car parking. Fields we had used before were no longer available and some forest tracks had become overgrown. Hence the appeal for people to share cars and the warning that some of the parking could be some distance away. As things progressed we were able to obtain use of the sailing club grounds (at an additional cost) which was used as assembly and for some parking. In addition, skilful negotiating by Frank Rose, secured the use of a car park, normally reserved for the general public. All this meant that we did not need to resort to bussing as originally envisaged. I had reports that some competitors thought it strange to be asked to pay 1 for parking when they were on a public road. In fact this fee was to cover the additional cost of the sailing club.

Once again we successfully made use of the on-line entry system. Over 80% of entries were made this way and it not only reduced the administration involved but also allowed us to extend the entry period at short notice.

My thanks go to David and Sara for their efficient controlling and to all the MDOC team who blended into a well oiled machine. My special thanks go to Julie Brook who offered to take the reins whilst I was away at the weekend but in fact took on a substantial load in her own right, to Eddie Speak who found the capacity to edit courses on OCAD using a laptop from his hotel room during a European business trip and to Phil Colville who printed all the maps under extreme time pressure. Praise be to the wonders of e-mail.

Day Organiser's comments - Julie Brook

Many thanks to all the club helpers, some of whom were drafted in at very short notice. Having such an experienced team ensured the event ran smoothly on the day, so there was actually very little for me to do.

Apologies to those of you who were parked further from Assembly than was necessary on day 1 - on the day there were substantially fewer cars than we had expected so thank you all for heeding our request to share where possible.

Twin Peak prizes and certificates

Prizes (mugs) were awarded to the overall winners on all junior classes and senior L classes; certificates for first three places (first only on senior S classes). There will be a Twin Peak Prize Point at SELOC's Watergrove event (Nov 3) and at the CompassSport Cup Final (Nov 10) so please collect if you can. Certificates will be sent out with these results to those for whom we have an envelope: others at the Prize Point. If you aren't coming to either of these events, please contact me to arrange collection.

Maps for people who didn't run

We would be very pleased to send you your maps if you want them. Just ring, write or e-mail me and you will get them (post free of course).

Tel. 01663 745020 to claim.

Planner's comments

Day 1 - ERRWOOD EAST - Malcolm Fowler

I hope everyone enjoyed the contrast between the Day 1 open moorland courses and the Day 2 woodland courses.

Day 1 courses were affected by access restrictions to parts of the moorland which limited the technical difficulty and route choice of some of the legs but I hope this didn't spoil anyone's enjoyment.

We had a problem with four SI boxes failing during Day 1. These were replaced as fast as we could but inevitably affected one or two competitors for which I apologise.

Finally I did try to avoid the worst of the tussocks, honest!

Day 2 - ERRWOOD NORTH - Cliff Etherden

Errwood North has a variety of terrain and is generally a physical area. Constraints on parking and the lengths of courses meant that only courses 1 and 2 crossed the road into Errwood West. The long leg back to Errwood North created a dilemma as to whether to go round or over the top. The winner of M21L went over the top and the winner of M35L went round, both have similar splits.

All courses potentially had a lot of climbing hence the start being higher than the finish. Legs going uphill I attempted to angle routes across the slope, with the exception of the short leg at the Northern end of the map. In hindsight this was a bit too exciting for the less agile orienteers!!

It is difficult to get into a rhythm in Errwood North as the courses tended to vary from good running to slow walk, with the associated change of visibility. Good compass and pacing techniques were essential in the green and contouring in the northern quarried area.

Winning times were planned with Twin Peak being a two day event and potentially bad weather in October. I was surprised to see how much the forest had tracked during the competition.

I have to say I had difficulty getting my head round the junior courses. There seems to be a big gap now between JM/W5L and the next M/W21 as pointed out by some runners on those courses. With the forest tracking and selection based on results should we give each class its own time slot?

Thanks to all the MDOC members and the controllers Sara (DEE) and Dave (EPOC) for ensuring that the event went smoothly. Thanks also for the positive comments from runners.


1 purple zip-up fleece jacket (small)
1 blue bum-bag (found in day 2 competition area)
1 compass

Tel. 01663 745020 to claim.

Controller's Comments - David Morgan EPOC and Sara Campbell DEE

After a White Rose a few years ago I swore I would never control a multi day event again - then Andrew Tarr phoned me and I agreed provided he was able to find me an assistant. Thank goodness he did, Sara saved me from a nervous breakdown more than once.

When we first looked at the area we thought that day 2 would give the biggest problems in terms of planning. In fact it was day 1 with the combination of good visibility, lack of complex detail and awful underfoot coditions that was the biggest headache. In the end the courses seemed to be about the right length for a two day event in autumn with the possibility of bad weather, with winning / gold times slightly under the guidelines. We were surprised just how fast some youngsters ran round the short junior courses, especially over the slippery fallen trees on day 2 - could we have run so fast? Are the new course combinations right for the Juniors? Comments please to Andy Kelly or BOF office.

Our apologies / sympathy for those who had the nightmare descent at the north end of day 2 - which was worse, going up or down?

Finally, thanks to Sara, Andy and Juliet for their help with the event, to Cliff and Malcolm for their courses and to MDOC for their efficient organisation - makes the controller's job easy. Also many thanks for your comments about the courses.

My champagne moment - sorry this was Friday - crystal clear blue skies and a hen harrier quartering the ground of day 1, totally unconcerned about my presence - magic.


Peter Sharples - United Utilities
Ray Brocklehurst - Tenant farmer
Andy McGraw - Peak Park ranger
John Galloway - Errwood Sailing Club
Sue McKenzie - English Nature
Elaine Weston - Buxton Mountain Rescue

Friends of the Field String Course - Day 1, Fernilee Field

Name Age Club Mins
Philip Wiegand4SYO53
Peter Hodkinson11NOC9
Joy Hodkinson7NOC15
Sarah Crookes719
Ben Beresford7DVO14
Jessica Beresford5DVO19
Fiona Bunn3TVOC40
Sarah Duckworth1DVO39
Laura + Jack Goldsworthy9/7NOR20
Pippa Mallon7MDOC26
Rebecca Humphreys7MDOC16
Luke Houghton7SROC20
William Gale5DEE20
Zac Field7MDOC17
Jake Field6MDOC18
Yasmin + Joe Field3/1MDOC33
Tom Palmer8Ind11
Holly Palmer9Ind13
Rachel Fisher10Ind13
James Fisher12Ind9
Harry Palmer5Ind17
Alistair Thornton5MDOC20
Matthew Fellbaum4MDOC18
Fiona Sutherland7SYO15
Luke Addison8DVO12
Nicola Jackson6DVO15
Zoe Chaffey5DVO29
Jessica Addison10DVO12
Sean Pickering6DEE14
Rosie + Will Corbett5/6POTOC16
Jamie Martin8NOC12
Shaun Martin6NOC13
Tim Martin11NOC8
Thomas Fellbaum10MDOC8
Alice Fellbaum8MDOC11
Anna Ledgar9MDOC11
Scott Marshall5AIRE
Tom Oliver7OD13
Ben Oliver5OD28

Friends of the Field String Course - Day 2, Bunsall Cobb

Name Age Club Mins
Sarah Duckworth1DVO20
Alistair Thornton5MDOC18
Rebecca Thornton8MDOC18
Scott Marshall5AIRE24
Matthew Fellbaum4MDOC19
Ben Oliver5OD17
Tom Oliver7OD11
Joy Hodkinson7NOC23
Sean Pickering6DEE12
Rebecca Humphreys7MDOC15
Pippa Mallon7MDOC12
Greg Croxford5Ind11
Fiona Bunn3TVOC
Harry Mallon9MDOC13
William Gale5DEE28
Noah Howlett4LOC19
Laura + Jack Holdsworthy9/7NOR14
Andrew Sutherland10SYO12
Robert Crookes10TVOC13
Sarah Crookes7TVOC15
Zoe Chaffey5DVO27
Nicola Jackson6DVO26
Fiona Sutherland7SYO11
Philip Wiegand 4SYO35
Joseph Powell323
Jessica Gale617