Last updated: July 7th, 2003

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Lakeland Orienteering Club and
Manchester and District Orienteering Club

June 7th and 8th

Saturday Short Races
Sunday National Event 3 and Northern Championships
Incorporating the British Elite Orienteering Championships


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Northern Champions 2003
Saturday June 7th LOC Short Races - Haverthwaite
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Sunday June 8th MDOC National Event - High Dam
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Twin Peak O-Quiz - Answers


The Northern Championships were part of the National Event on Sunday


* No trophies for these classes

Junior Team trophies

M16LOCTom Winsor, Daniel Adderley, Jack Stainton2ndLOC
M14LOCAndrew Spain, Michael McIvor, Ross Thistlethwaite2ndDEE
M12AireGeorge Stevens, Ben Gill, Richard Jones2ndLOC
W16MDOCElizabeth Britton, Ruth Beresford, Rosie Grayburn
W14LOCLucy Fryer, Ruth Tarr, Faye Cowperthwaite
W12LOCAlison Fryer, Lisa Sanders, Danielle Gabbert

The trophies will be available for collection at future events when they have been engraved with the names of the winners. If winners wish to make specific arrangements to collect their trophy they can phone 01759 371258

Thanks to Vera Parkins WCOC who has donated a W70 trophy.

Saturday June 7th LOC Short Races - Haverthwaite


Simple Results

Controller's Comments: Andrew Tarr (DEE)

To the untutored eye the Short Races seemed the usual slick LOC-organised event, assisted by brilliant weather. This veneer convincingly hid problems such as forestry work the previous day around some essential controls, a misunderstanding over which was to be the car-park field (the farmer had mown and hard-cored the field 1km to the SW) and a conspiracy by the planners and controller to maintain at least one absence in the preceding six weeks. Fortunately Judy kept her cool and assembled a strong team of reliable experts.

Planning appropriate courses had to be more art than science, as the technical and physical terrain used for the élite races has only seen colour-coded events for many years, and the new extension to the NE is, well, a new extension. Allowing for the elusive nature of Short-race Guidelines, I am more than happy with the results posted on the day, and most of the top runners seemed pleased if exhausted. I think most winning times are slightly long; the recent spurt of bracken growth is partly responsible, along with the effect of cattle feet on the final kilometre beside the river, which we hoped would offer faster running. I tried to moderate David's urge to make some controls harder than they already were, and I thank both him and Sheila on your behalf for their dedication and hard work. I must also thank Malcolm Campbell for trying to keep up with the foresters during April and May - the map was still changing ten days before the event.

The only incident to mar a great day was a foolish tantrum with loud expletives from an élite finisher, who I understand makes a habit of such displays. Had I not been in jovial mood I might have considered immediate disqualification under Rules 1.6.1 or 1.6.7. 'Élite' should mean more than just running well through the forest.

Organiser's Comments: Judy Warner LOC

Thanks are due to the following:

Malcolm Campbell for weeks of work updating an ever changing map plus map printing services. My apologies to him for not realising that he had not been credited in the final details.

Martin Bagness for the map extension

Mr Chaplin, Finsthwaite House
Mrs Booth, Haverthwaite
Lake District National Park Authority
Penny Bridge Hall Estates
Forest Enterprise

Tenant Farmers:
Mr D Sauders, for the car park field
Mr M Saunders

Forestry Contractors: Mr Cole and Mr Sanderson for their cooperation
St John Ambulance, Ulverston
NW Junior Squad parents for refreshments

I hope everyone enjoyed the lovely venue, which with the sunshine, certainly helped create a good atmosphere and both helped to make the event very easy to run on the day.

Thanks to John Bettinson for organising permissions, Sheila Hobson and David Heffernan for some excellent courses, Andrew Tarr, controller, for keeping us on our toes and all the LOC helpers who helped to make the event a success.

This was a very difficult event to budget as we didn't know how many people would enter a Short race. In the event about 43% of National Event competitors ran the short race: I would be interested to know why you did or didn't run the short race; were you saving yourselves for the National Event, you don't feel short races are good value or what? You can email me on It might not appear that way, but we kept the price as low as possible to deter as few people as possible. Many of the costs are the same whatever the type of event; access fees, mapping costs etc.

Planners Comments: Sheila Hobson (Courses E to K) and David Heffernan

I hope you all enjoyed the new area. In case any of you felt cheated about running on a postage stamp sized map - we actually had a numbers restriction for the bulk of the original Haverthwaite map. On balance I felt the shorter courses would prefer orienteering on new terrain and accept the constraints of the multiple crossing points rather than having a high percentage of their course in the area of forestry work.

What you don't realise is that the decision to take course E across the road into the forestry area was taken very late - after the first printed draft of the course looked like a plate of spaghetti. (I had been planning on a 1:5000 map). I know e-punching gives planners more licence but the competitor does need to be able to work out which way they are going. The winning times on E were thus a bit long - sorry.

I'd like to thank John Bettinson who had had a vision of using this area for orienteering with the superb field for finishing and parking - and then made sure it happened.

String Course Results - Day 1

Name Age Club Time
James Ackland3INT30 mins
Craig Bell12LOC7 mins
Sarah Duckworth2DVO31mins 30
Michael Hallett5BOK10mins 30
Hannah Hateley2DEE22mins
Christopher Jackson6DEE10mins 30
Sarah Jackson4DEE16mins
Alistair Jones13LOC4mins 30
Amy Kimberley7DVO8mins 30
Oban Lewsley9BL9mins
Chris Marshall11LOC7mins 30
Michael McIver13LOC6mins 30
Jamie Morgan4SOC15mins
Tim Morgan6SOC11mins 30
David and Stephen Noblett10 and 12BL11mins
David Noblett10BL5mins
John Noblett8BL6mins
Sarah Noblett6BL8mins
Stephen Noblett12BL4mins 30
Jennifer Rhodes8LOC7mins
Jennifer Rhodes (2nd)8LOC6mins 30
Michael Rhodes6LOC11mins
Aidan Smith7SYO7mins 30
Joanna Smith5SYO13mins
Andrew Sutherland10SYO5mins 30
Fiona Sutherland8SYO7mins 30
Emma Wilson3CLYDE20mins
Thomas Wilson5CLYDE11mins
Ellie Wright6CLOK11mins
Livia Wright1CLOK20mins

Sunday June 8th MDOC Classic Races - High Dam


Simple Results
Splits (Basic Sport Ident)

Badge Times

Class     Gold    Silver   Bronze    Champ

M10A      28:01    33:37    44:50    25:25
M12A      33:04    39:41    52:55    28:12
M12B               31:31    37:49
M14A      59:40    71:36    95:28    58:30
M14B               40:42    48:51
M16A      84:48   101:46   135:41    82:21
M16B              101:32   121:51
M18A     106:28   127:45   170:21    97:32
M20L     157:28   188:58   251:58   157:28
M21L     129:23   155:16   207:02   124:37
M21S      89:40   107:36   143:29
M35L     110:13   132:15   176:21    98:07
M35S      81:09    97:22   129:50
M40L      96:33   115:52   154:29    93:41
M40S      65:08    78:10   104:14
M45L      93:56   112:43   150:18    83:26
M45S      63:28    76:09   101:33
M50L      96:53   116:16   155:02    87:47
M50S      63:40    76:24   101:52
M55L      97:04   116:29   155:19    93:37
M55S      59:24    71:17    95:02
M60L      85:59   103:11   137:34    83:28
M60S      55:16    66:19    88:26
M65L      91:21   109:38   146:10    82:15
M65S      52:59    63:35    84:46
M70L      85:56   103:07   137:30    83:22
M75L      90:35   108:42   144:56    90:35
W10A      27:25    32:54    43:52    26:27
W12A      34:21    41:14    54:59    34:13
W12B               28:40    34:24
W14A      39:26    47:20    63:06    37:33
W14B               40:28    48:34
W16A      52:30    63:00    84:00    52:30
W16B               78:00    93:36
W18A      91:40   110:00   146:40    91:40
W20L     126:52   152:15   203:00   126:52
W20S      92:53   111:28   148:37
W21L     133:12   159:51   213:08   133:12
W21S      87:32   105:02   140:03
W35L     119:39   143:35   191:27   106:57
W35S      73:13    87:52   117:09
W40L      84:00   100:49   134:25    81:42
W40S      54:00    64:48    86:24
W45L      83:44   100:29   133:58    77:03
W45S      48:34    58:16    77:42
W50L      77:43    93:16   124:22    76:18
W50S      49:00    58:48    78:24
W55L      77:01    92:25   123:14    74:51
W55S      54:28    65:22    87:09
W60L      89:09   106:59   142:39    87:42
W60S      56:57    68:21    91:08
W65L      90:31   108:37   144:50    90:31
W65S      57:49    69:23    92:31
W70L      96:25   115:42   154:16    96:25
W75L     112:13   134:40   179:34   112:13

Controller's Comments: Derek Allison

(Not available)

Organiser's Comments: Peter Lomas MDOC

Raining from 4 a.m. to 5 p.m. at the event wasn't dissimiliar to Twin Peak 2000 but it didn't seem to dampen spirits and fortunately the car park fields were pretty dry beforehand and stood up remarkedly well.

From my side the event went smoothly thanks to all of you and the MDOC helpers - hope it did from your side.

I must apologise for the hitch with the control description sheets which meant that a few of you had to copy them.

The comments from the landowner Mr.Chaplin, and the villagers who ran the barbecue were very complimentary. Mr.Chaplin was most accommodating to our requests which started with one field and the orienteering terrain and ended up including another field, all the farmyard area and the string course woodland. As orienteers we must appreciate this and also the time and effort given by the controller, the planners, club helpers and the organiser.

I would like to thank everyone involved and all of you for taking part and leaving the area litter free.

Planners' Comments: Ian Watson (courses 1-6 & 18-24) and Dave Mawdsley (courses 7-17)

We trust that you found the High Dam courses challenging! It does seem that the National Event courses were a little on the long side although we used BOF recommended length ratios starting from the M21E course for BEOC and we got the winning time for that right. Maybe the conditions had a more severe effect on older competitors.

Sorry about the bracken, we did try to avoid the worst bits but it turned out to be significantly thicker than usual for the time of year.

Particular thanks are due to Derek Allison who controlled the event with minimum intervention but care and a great deal of good humour.

Thanks also to the many MDOC members who helped make the event a success.

Lost property - contact Peter Lomas

Day 1 - 1 Childs woollen cardigan.1 pair of trainers,1 drinks bottle and 1 sweat top
Day 2 - 1 Wilf's Mug.

Maps for people who didn't run

If you would like your map, please contact the Entry Secretary Trevor Roberts 0161 439 6435 7 Brisbane Close, Bramhall, Stockport SK7 1LF.
Give your address and we will post the map to you.

Twin Peak Prizes and Certificates

Any not collected on the day can be requested from Peter Lomas

String Course Results - Day 2

The string course at High Dam proved immensely popular, some people returning as many as four times to try to better their previous times and those of their buddies. Part of the attraction, no doubt, was the ease of access & proximity to the assembly area, but the mini plastic dinosaurs given as prizes seemed to be greatly treasured - particularly by M12's !!

However the main beauty of the course was undoubtedly the terrain - a delightful small wood on a hillside. We are very grateful to the landowner for letting us use it.

Name Age Time Taken (Mins)
Zachary Field85:00
Andrew Sutherland104:45
Fiona Sutherland85:30
Martin McIver105:35
Samuel Horswill94:37
Hannah Horswill76:35
Lucy Butt96:09
Harry Butt65:37
Thomas Butt104:35
Alice Butt124:26
Daniel Reeve66:40
Thomas Reeve410:50
Michael Hallet56:38
Michael Adams65:38
Louise Adams413:30
Emma Farnworth69:10
Alice Farnworth512:17
Nathan Lawson67:20
Harriet Lawson87:14
Niall Ward-O'Brien87:30
Brendan Ward-O'Brien68:17
Hazel Browne610:10
Kira Browne85:28
Jessica Mather411:50
Lucy Haines411:25
Chloe & Lucy Haines11 & 49:55
Hannah Hateley2 1/215:10
Lisa Quickfall84:40
Barnaby Warren76:45
Saskia Warren319:10
Emily Wild59:50
Abbie Wild3 1/28:20
Aidan Smith76:30
Euan Purves137:00
Amy Kimberley76:00
Jessica Gale66:12
Fiona Bunn413:00
Thomas Pownall77:45
Jonathan Pownall411:00
Will Emberton76:05
Mary Emberton104:45
Annie Scarf104:45
Andrew Giddis514:10
Emma Giddis224:20
Isabel Hill224:45
Joanna Smith511:00
Robin Tett106:35
'Bunch of Lads' (Roger Bryant & Co.)M124:35
'Bunch of Girls'??5:20
Thomas Wilson56:50
Emma Wilson39:50
James Ackland424:45
Michael Beasant104:07
Jessica Appleton87:00
Rebecca Appleton610:30
David Noblett104:15
Joe Noblett84:55
Stephen Noblett122:57
Corrie Leyland67:15
Florence Haines84:06
Jamie Sutherland114:20
Holly Stodgell<111:37
Scott Marshall610:57
Ellie Wright67:25
Sarah Duckworth216:45
Alice Fellbaum97:45
Matthew Fellbaum57:33
Thomas Fellbaum116:50
Emily Brown412:49
Livia Wright1 1/219:15
Polly & Fabian Byron5 1/2 & 29:07
Polly Byron5 1/210:24
Christopher Jackson67:19
Tim Morgan66:20
Chris Marshall115:20
Sarah & Jamie Jackson4 & 411:03
Andrew Paterson + 2M124:45
Joseph Bennett114:15
Richard Sexton & Craig Bell126:02
Tom Lawson + 2115:12
Tom Lawson113:07
Simon Austin115:04
Emily Lynch114:28
Lawson & Lynch21 again8:46
Chris Fittes116:15
'AA Breakdown Service'114:16
Emily Williamson411:35
Christopher Brown68:48

Twin Peak O-Quiz - Answers

Not many entries were handed in. The most difficult part was to spot what you had to do! In case you are still puzzled, an example: LID is a top, LIDO is a beach - an "O" quiz.

Winners were Richard and Shirley Moss who won a bottle of Orvieto Classico

High scores from Pete Huzan + Mark Walmsley, Gerri Burgess and Paul Fox+Gill Sharp. Their small prizes were tubes of O-sweets i.e. Polos (Collect at Yewdale event)

1.Top beachLIDO
2.Drink flavourTANGO
3.General currencyFRANCO
4.Capital RROMEO
5.Part arrivedCAMEO
6.Land onLEGO or BORNEO
7.Actor typeBRANDO
8.Measure pulsePINTO
9.Total sportSUMO
10.Marriage groomCOMBO
11.Dance memberLIMBO
12.Smart drinkSTINGO
13.Lady's starHERO
14.Become rich islanderPROSPERO
15.Dog smellPONGO
16.Say meEGO
17.Low secondMOO
18.Average emergencySO SO
19.Damned birdFLAMINGO
20.Tough rateMACHO
21.River smellPOO
22.Female collarLASSO
23.Smart brotherCHICO
24.House singerBINGO
25.Distant portFARO
26.Was on showRODEO
27.Stick gameGOO or maybe POGO
28.Unable to partCANTO