Last updated: October 5th, 2004

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Manchester and District Orienteering Club

Twin Peak 2004

Two Regional Events on Place Fell and
Angle Tarn Pikes in the Lake District

September 25th and 26th


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Co-ordinator's comments - Sue Birkinshaw
Planner's comments - John Britton
Controllers' Comments - Dick & Angela Whitworth
Controller's Comments - Andrew Tarr DEE
Lost Property
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Co-ordinator's comments - Sue Birkinshaw

Although Twin Peak started out as an annual PEAK District event, nobody seems to mind when it moves to the Lake District - and this year the areas could really be called Peaks. We thought that a lot of people would choose not to come when they read about the walks to start and finish, but judging by the entry numbers, the attraction of two technically challenging areas outweighed all the disadvantages - I didn't hear a single complaint - but there might have been many unhappy people if the weather had been as bad as forecast.

The areas had, of course, only been used once before, at Lakes 5 Day in 2002, and MDOC were delighted to have the opportunity of using them again. Thanks to NWOA for retaining control of these excellent areas so that non-Lake-District clubs can host events on them. And thanks to Carol McNeill who did an excellent job of negotiating access for us.

My vote of thanks goes to Jan Ellis, an excellent Day Organiser. She took complete control of all the helpers (and they all got a run despite the problems of remote start and finish) and all the equipment and all the other things that an organiser has to do at an event. I just went "up top" and enjoyed the testing courses. Thanks John and Andrew.

Next year Twin Peak is back at Macclesfield Forest, with a new Assembly Area. We have booked a weekend in May so that we can get into the Forest before the ground vegetation becomes too difficult. See you there.

Planner's comments - John Britton

Well, it was certainly a learning experience, and mostly very enjoyable. Being obliged to make several trips to two lovely Lake District tops is not really something to grumble about, and the weather was kind to me every single time.

Thanks to Andrew for several months of prompt, constructive and diligent controlling, and to David Rosen and Bob Verity for making their 2002 Lakes-5-Day courses available for cribbing ideas from. Putting Orange and Novice courses on Place Fell was a bit marginal and might be reconsidered another time. Thanks also to Dick and Angela Whitworth for their work on Silver Point.

Thanks to Roger Caldwell and Robin Stansfield for their help in setting out the controls on Thursday and Friday respectively. With this style of control, two people can (just) carry 70-odd sites-worth up and around the hills - the heaviest items being the tent pegs for securing the plastic platforms, and the hammer for bashing in gale-proof canes. Further thanks to Robin and Andrew for their help in setting out the SI boxes in good time on the morning of both days, and to the control collection squad (Mark, Mike, Andy, Chris, Cliff and Tony) for their help getting everything back straight away. Thanks also to LOC for loan of boxes and kites.

Apologies to Mike Barnby, who lost time and energy while his mis-labelled map was sorted out on Day 1 and to people affected by the dead boxes on Day 2. And finally, thanks to everyone for their comments and discussion of their routes - all such feedback is interesting and useful.

Pause for thought: watching figures scurrying around the hillsides during the event, it struck me that people orienteering in the peak period had a significantly different experience to the early and late starters. Though it is hard to avoid on totally open areas with a big entry, trains of people hunting controls together isn't really the idea - I suggest that we somehow need to be more rigorous with spreading starters evenly across the racing window while still allowing an appropriate degree of personal flexibility.

Controllers' Comments - Dick & Angela Whitworth
Day 1 Silver Point, Courses 15 & 16.

With hindsight, we realise that manning the path round the Lake at the edge of the map (or a Turn Back sign) would have saved some youngsters a Long Walk.

Controller's Comments - Andrew Tarr DEE

This year's Twin Peak maintained the high standard of its predecessors, and demonstrated several innovations which seem to have been well received:

Although the weather was only mediocre, it could certainly have been worse, which it became immediately after the prizegiving on Sunday. In the prevailing conditions John's courses gave correct running times, and plenty of satisfaction to most competitors. He deserves your thanks for undertaking the mammoth task of planning two badge events 100 miles from home, with all terrain lying between 300 and 700 metres altitude, and getting everything triumphantly right. The only problems on the day arose from some strange behaviour by a handful of SI-boxes, which will need further investigation.

I must thank Robin Stansfield and the Whitworths of Border Liners, who deputised ably for me because of my inability to be in more than one place at a time. Finally thanks to Sue and her team for supporting the whole event in the customary efficient MDOC manner.

Lost Property

Contact the event e-mail to claim items
- Green anorak found on Day1 on the lower path to the Start
- Watch found on Day2
- Whistle on a colourful shoe-lace
- Whistle attached to a bag with Course 9 course description
- Dog chain found on Day2 in Assembly
- Pair of navy thermal gloves found on Day1

There was also one item which someone lost: a blue Nike hoody. We have his name, address and tel no. if it's found

Maps for non-runners

If you would like your map(s), please contact the event e-mail or ring 0161 439 6435. Please tell us your name, class, address and which day's map you want.

Certificates and prizes

Certificates are awarded to the first 3 in every class (who completed both events). If you would like to have yours, please contact the event e-mail or ring 0161 980 5068

Badge Times

DAY 1 - Place Fell DAY 2 - Angle Tarn
GoldSilverBronze GoldSilverBronze

24:5329:5139:48JM 120:0924:1132:14
31:3437:5350:30JM 221:4026:0034:40
36:5344:1559:00JM 327:0632:3243:22
35:3042:3656:48JM 432:5339:2752:36
67:2080:48107:44JM 5 L64:5377:51103:48
52:0962:3583:26JM 5 M52:0862:3383:24
36:5644:2059:06JM 5 S34:4141:3855:30
77:4893:21124:28M 21 L83:56100:44134:18
57:5069:2492:32M 21 S60:3972:4797:02
66:2379:39106:12M 35 L64:1677:08102:50
46:1355:2773:56M 35 S46:4056:0074:40
72:4087:12116:16M 40 L66:5380:15107:00
50:3660:4480:58M 40 S48:3358:1577:40
69:0182:50110:26M 45 L65:2678:32104:42
45:3054:3672:48M 45 S46:1055:2473:52
70:5685:08113:30M 50 L65:2878:33104:44
49:5659:5579:54M 50 S49:5359:5179:48
69:0182:50110:26M 55 L68:0481:41108:54
44:3953:3571:26M 55 S41:3349:5166:28
64:1177:02102:42M 60 L66:4880:09106:52
37:4645:2060:26M 60 S37:4845:2260:28
70:4484:53113:10M 65 L64:0176:50102:26
48:5458:4178:14M 65 S41:1649:3266:02
57:0368:2791:16M 70 L48:0957:4777:02
39:5347:5163:48M 70 S34:1041:0054:40
66:0479:17105:42M 75 L54:0064:4886:24
55:3566:4288:56M 75 S45:0054:0072:00
31:3537:5450:32JW 122:2826:5735:56
36:2943:4758:22JW 224:3329:2739:16
42:5851:3368:44JW 335:3342:3956:52
41:1449:2965:58 JW 435:4142:5057:06
65:3378:39104:52JW 5 L68:2382:03109:24
46:2655:4474:18JW 5 S45:3054:3672:48
72:0086:24115:12W 21 L66:1879:33106:04
50:4160:5081:06W 21 S50:3060:3680:48
64:5477:53103:50 W 35 L65:3678:44104:58
46:0055:1273:36W 35 S43:3952:2369:50
68:4082:24109:52 W 40 L66:2179:38106:10
48:3958:2377:50W 40 S44:0953:0070:40
74:4989:47119:42 W 45 L67:5581:30108:40
51:4362:0382:44W 45 S43:4652:3270:02
78:4494:29125:58W 50 L74:4889:45119:40
45:4854:5773:16W 50 S40:1348:1564:20
59:0070:4894:24W 55 L52:5563:3084:40
41:1449:2965:58W 55 S37:3145:0260:02
69:5883:57111:56W 60 L54:5165:5087:46
48:5458:4178:14W 60 S38:5446:4162:14
65:4178:50105:06W 65L,70L50:4960:5981:18
55:1666:2088:26W 65 S42:2350:5167:48
67:2880:57107:56 W 75 L73:0687:44116:58