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Manchester and District Orienteering Club

Twin Peak 2007

Two Regional Events at High Dam
in the Lake District National Park

June 9th and 10th

Controllers Comments - Ray Barnes (NOC)

All the right ingredients were there - they just needed cooking.

Steve and John carefully devised and prepared the special recipes; Pete, Trevor and their helpers served the dishes, duly warning that the plates were hot.

Most of the customers enjoyed their fare. A few were perhaps not used to eating out at such a high class establishment, so dived in headlong, an embarrassing habit.

Others took it more slowly, and got through their meal much quicker and easier, some even enjoying their greens on Sunday.

With kind assistance from Richard and Bill, I had little to do beyond checking the knives, forks and spoons were clean and laid out properly.

I'd give the MDOC High Dam restaurant a 5-Star rating.

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