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Manchester and District Orienteering Club

Twin Peak 2008

Two Regional Events in Macclesfield Forest
in the Peak District National Park

Saturday / Sunday May 10th/11th

28/5/08 Official Results and Badge Times; version suitable for printing (PDF file)


Organisers Comments - Jane and David McCann

Thank you to all of you who took part this weekend. We are sure that everybody will agree that the forest was probably at its best with the bluebells at their peak. In the sunshine it turned the walk from the car park to assembly into a pleasure, although we did notice a much higher demand for the minibus shuttle on Sunday. Was it the heat or was it a case of saving your legs for the climb to the top of the forest?

I think you will all agree that the Forest Office makes a superb assembly area. It provides good accommodation in poor weather and, as we demonstrated this weekend, a very pleasant setting in good weather. We must thank United Utilities for being such generous hosts in allowing us both access to Macclesfield Forest and the Forest Office facilities. Particular thanks to Trevor Greenhalgh, the Woodland Officer, for being such a welcoming host. Thank you also to Mr White for providing the additional car parking field. Unfortunately there simply is not enough space at the Forest Office to accommodate everybody for an event of this size.

Twin Peak was last in Macclesfield Forest three years ago; we had just taken up the sport and it was our first badge event. Only now can we appreciate the amount of time and volunteer effort that is required to stage an event like this. Thank you to all the MDOC team who have provided help, support and advice over the last six months and then gave so freely of their time over the weekend to make the event happen. Our final thanks go to the planners and controllers who put in many long hours in the forest and are hopefully now enjoying a well earned rest.

Prizes and Certificates
Twin Peak prizes were awarded to the winners of all Junior classes and Senior Long classes. If you didn't get yours, please contact us and we will arrange to get it to you.
Certificates are available to the first three in every class. Let us have your address if you want one.

Lost Property
We have two items of lost property - a Navy cagoule, and a Mobile phone.

If you entered, were unable to run and would like your map, please let us know and we will send it on.

Twin Peak Quiz
Many thanks to Dan and Karen Parker for another challenging quiz. You can still find the Clues and Answers on the website, if you are interested.

The best score was from an SN team with 23 correct answers. Other high scores from Brian and Catherine Odell, Chris Boycott, Colin Smith and the Ockenden family.

To claim any of the above, or for other queries, please email or ring Jane & David McCann on 0161-483-2061 (before 9 p.m.)

Planners Comments

Day 1 - Vicky and Andy Thornton

It took us two years to recover from planning Errwood and we suspect it will take us the same to recover from planning Macc Forest. However the work involved was offset by the fun and experience we gained planning, being a part of such an experienced team and then seing so many happy orienteers a large number of whom were very complimentary - thank you all comments were much appreciated. The dry forest, sunshine and complete lack of foresters and diggers in the forest made for a very relaxing weekend for us!

We had some fun times with Brian - he would phone us from the forest.... "Brian... Brian Shaw here......." and then he would offer up valuable advice and comments and after a few days of this we would say to each other........"it's double O 7 on the line again". As Brian says it's always good to learn something from these experiences, after Errwood we learnt that it is not a good idea to do any arm chair planning before running over the whole area highlighting all the best most runnable and interesting parts with a highlighter pen and then ensure you take the courses through those bits. This year we learn the importance of concentrating on providing good courses in terms of the shape of the courses, the route choices Macc Forest provides, the different directions for different courses on the day and the need to work closely with Phil - day 2 planner to avoid any duplication of similar legs. A big thanks to Phil not just for the fun we had on the planning side but also for the brilliant map printing service he provides for MDOC.

Day 2 - Phil Colville

Can you believe that a new extraction lane and footpath appeared in the area in the five days leading up to the event! Such is Macclesfield Forest 2008 - changeable. However, there are parts, in the north, which are idyllic and steadfast; the downside is that they are "a bit high" and this means climb; judging by the comments that I received, not too high, and well worth the effort - music to the planner's ears. Planning two days on essentially the same area, presents its own set of problems but I think we found a winning formula; and by changing the direction of the courses we managed to avoid undue repetition. There is an amazing variety of terrain and courses were planned to make the most of the opportunity to experience Macclesfield Forest to the full; I trust that you found it challenging and enjoyable. Apologies for taking some of our senior orienteers on a trek up the hill, but the nature of the OOB and the location of the feature rich areas forced certain courses "up"; that said I heard no complaints!

My sincere thanks go to Peter Gorvett for all his helpful suggestions throughout the planning and for bringing a level of precision that I would not otherwise have worked to, and also to the day 1 planners Vicky and Andy Thornton who provided a constant source of solutions, problems and inspiration (in any order). The day 1 controller, Brian Shaw, must also receive considerable plaudits for stepping in while his own day was still playing itself out. Seeing Brian assume the weight of controller for a second consecutive day, with only minutes notice, was awesome and carried through with infectious cheerfulness amid overwhelming fatigue!

Please come again, when it will definitely not be the same as you saw it today, but will continue to stimulate and test your orienteering skills.

Controllers Comments

Day 1 (and a bit of Day 2) - Brian Shaw (SYO)

It's always a pleasure to work with the MDOC team and particularly with Vicky and Andy Thornton who did their usual very efficient job, and we had some laughs which always helps. I finally met up with Phil the day before the event and as a result of the circumstances we got to know each other pretty quickly and again it worked out really well.

Macclesfield is more of a physical than a technical challenge especially in the south of the area so planning interesting short courses in the south is quite difficult and I thought Vicky and Andy did an excellent job and provided some challenging courses. The forest was at its best and the glorious weather added to the enjoyment.

I believe that everyone should try and take away something new from every event, planner, organiser, controller and competitor alike and perhaps one of the things I would offer is that we spend more time on the courses and less time agonising over the map. I don't think I heard one comment on either day about the map which I guess shows that competitors don't pick up on the small inconsistencies which we as planners and controllers do when we, very correctly, scrutinise every control site for fairness.

I guess the other thing which we have to constantly remind ourselves is that a large proportion of orienteers are in the older age classes and their courses should get at least as much attention as the longer courses which are sadly under subscribed these days. As one lady succinctly put it "we don't mind if it's steep as long as we have to think at the same time". Obviously the constraints on parking venues at Macc Forest make it difficult for the shorter courses to get into the north but I wouldn't mind betting that most of the older folk would be prepared to walk 2 or 3km to the start to get into the best bits of forest. The junior courses would be a different matter of course and this means two starts and I as an Organiser would be the first to groan! Ah well that's orienteering for you.

Congratulations to MDOC for putting on yet another successful and very enjoyable weekend of orienteering. The turn out may have been a little disappointing but sometimes good weather can work against you; the first really warm weekend of the year would have persuaded many to stay at home in the garden.

Day 2 courses and north and middle forest - Peter Gorvett (SYO)

The out-of-bounds restrictions make if quite difficult to plan two long courses that are different on each day. The planners largely achieved this, but most of you will have inevitably covered similar ground for parts of both days for sections of your courses, especially around the crossing points.

It was an unexpected pleasure to check the controls in the northern part of the area. My earlier memories were of rough going, but most of the area is beautiful runnable forest.

It was good to work with the planners, they didn't get fazed by the number of my requests for adjustments.

My apologies for my absence on the day. My mother had a stroke on Saturday, but despite early worries, seems to be recovering steadily. Thanks to Vicky Thornton for her help with control checking and to Brian for covering all the issues on both days.

String Course - Heather Fellbaum

The string course always appears to be the 'easy option' when people are needed for organising, but it isn't! - courses still need planning to make it as interesting as possible for our younger runners, maps need preparing and the course needs setting up and clearing away. However, on this occasion I have to admit that it was very easy and I want to say a big thank you to the following people who helped make it a pleasure to organise:
Alison Doyle for helping run the course on both days, Vicky Thornton for drawing 2 excellent maps, Rebecca Thornton for producing the certificates, and all the boys for helping set up and running the course each day in between their proper runs and numerous string course runs: Matthew, Tom Mc, Tom F, Alex, James M, James C and John and to Richard for giving my daughter a lift on sunday so I didn't have to leave the event.
. . . . in fact what actually did I do?!!!

Day 1

Thomas EdmondsBARRO82.25
James McCannMDOC72.30
Tom McCannMDOC102.09
Matthew FellbaumMDOC101.50
Ben HardyLEI35.27
Sarah PedleyEPOC73.16
Jade MountneyIND82.51
Kim MountneyIND62.52
Anna MountneyIND26.45
Helen OckendonSROC112.15
Tom HodsonIND54.08
Tom HoustonIND53.17
Tom HoustonIND52.54
Sarah ChaffeyDVO6-
Yasmin FieldEBOR82.25
Joe FieldEBOR6-
Charlotte JessonPFO3-
Mika TalaTVOC82.25
Julia TalaTVOC5-
Emilia TalaTVOC5-
Edward CalowDEE111.44
Matthew FellbaumMDOC101.51
Alistair ThorntonMDOC115.15
Matthew FellbaumMDOC101.54
Aidon SmithSYO121.55
Colin SmithSYO401.36
Ryan ParsonsIND13-
Alistair ThorntonMDOC112.42
Nicoka, ZoeDVO12, 112.14
Kim MountneyIND62.46
Jade MountneyIND82.35
Anna MountneyIND27.44
Ben BeresfordDVO132.32
Luke AddisonDVO141.35
Tom GaleDVO132.08
Sarah PedleyEPOC72.29
Ben BeresfordDVO132.40
Alistair PedleyEPOC82.12
Ryan ParsonsIND131.45
Jake FieldEBOR111.58
Matthew FellbaumMDOC1015.13
Andrew TongueUMOC21 (too old!)1.30
Jake FieldEBOR112.19
Matt FellbaumMDOC10(slowest time ever)
Thomas EdmondsBARRO84.12
Joe FieldEBOR6-

Day 2

James ChastyIND103.08
Tom McCannMDOC103.27
Matthew FellbaumMDOC102.45
James ChastyIND102.41
Matt FellbaumMDOC102.43
Jack 143.26
Ben DempseyMDOC66.13
Jonothan 143.38
Ben Hardy 38.04
Sarah PedleyEPOC74.46
Alistair PedleyEPOC83.29
Oliver HardyFALHS132.41
Adam SimpsonFALHS152.17
Angus CampbellFALHS13DNF
Kim MountneyIND64.57
Jade MountneyIND84.16
Anna MountneyIND210.01
Matthew FellbaumMDOC102.37
Thomas EdmondsBARRO84.30
Tom McCannMDOC103.01
Helen OckendenSROC113.49
Mika TalaTVOC83.35
Carlotta TalaTVOC85.15
Julia TalaTVOC56.13
Emilia TalaTVOC56.13
Tim ElsmoreSYO64.17
Annie OckendenSROC93.33
James McCannMDOC73.21
Ryan ParsonsIND132.29
Matthew FellbaumMDOC102.30
James ChastyIND10-

Badge Times

             Day 1
Class     Gold    Silver   Bronze

M21L      91:26   109:43   146:18
M21S      71:55    86:18   115:04
M21V      45:12    54:14    72:19
M35L     115:57   139:09   185:32
M35S      74:19    89:11   118:55
M40L      92:47   111:21   148:28
M40S      59:28    71:22    95:10
M45L      79:34    95:29   127:18
M45S      48:37    58:21    77:48
M50L      83:43   100:27   133:57
M50S      51:25    61:42    82:17
M55L      66:39    79:59   106:39
M55S      49:19    59:11    78:55
M60L      76:05    91:18   121:44
M60S      47:10    56:36    75:28
M65L      76:32    91:51   122:28
M65S      53:55    64:42    86:16
M70L      58:56    70:43    94:18
M70S      47:28    56:58    75:57
M75L      64:52    77:51   103:48
M75S      60:41    72:49    97:06
W21L      86:16   103:31   138:02
W21S      51:31    61:49    82:26
W35L        -        -        -
W35S      54:15    65:06    86:48
W40L      73:38    88:22   117:50
W40S      53:01    63:37    84:50
W45L      71:10    85:24   113:52
W45S      50:08    60:10    80:13
W50L      72:52    87:27   116:36
W50S      49:08    58:58    78:38
W55L      72:42    87:15   116:20
W55S      56:59    68:23    91:10
W60L      59:10    71:00    94:40
W60S      47:39    57:11    76:15
W65L      64:16    77:07   102:50
W65S      60:07    72:08    96:11
W70L      63:36    76:19   101:46
W75L     100:58   121:10   161:34
JM1       13:43    16:28    21:58
JM2       17:43    21:16    28:22
JM3       29:58    35:58    47:58
JM4       40:51    49:01    65:22
JM5L      84:53   101:52   135:50
JM5M      61:59    74:23    99:11
JM5S      47:55    57:30    76:40
JW1       21:32    25:51    34:28
JW2       23:06    27:43    36:58
JW3       31:23    37:40    50:14
JW4       52:56    63:31    84:42
JW5L     130:57   157:09   209:32
JW5S      63:45    76:30   102:00
             Day 2
Class     Gold    Silver   Bronze

M21L      91:16   109:31   146:02
M21S      68:42    82:27   109:56
M21V      42:02    50:27    67:16
M35L      96:22   115:39   154:12
M35S      65:29    78:34   104:46
M40L      94:01   112:50   150:27
M40S      63:53    76:40   102:13
M45L      77:52    93:27   124:36
M45S      47:39    57:11    76:15
M50L      79:30    95:24   127:12
M50S      48:38    58:22    77:50
M55L      66:47    80:09   106:52
M55S      47:53    57:27    76:37
M60L      71:51    86:14   114:58
M60S      37:57    45:33    60:44
M65L      66:53    80:16   107:02
M65S      45:41    54:49    73:05
M70L      60:31    72:37    96:50
M70S      41:24    49:41    66:15
M75L      53:40    64:24    85:52
M75S      49:50    59:48    79:44
W21L      81:12    97:27   129:56
W21S      49:41    59:38    79:30
W35L      73:45    88:30   118:00
W35S      52:52    63:27    84:36
W40L      72:01    86:25   115:14
W40S      51:38    61:57    82:37
W45L      62:26    74:55    99:54
W45S      42:38    51:10    68:13
W50L      69:17    83:09   110:52
W50S      43:56    52:43    70:18
W55L      68:13    81:51   109:09
W55S      46:40    56:00    74:40
W60L      59:44    71:41    95:35
W60S      40:52    49:02    65:23
W65L      53:55    64:42    86:16
W65S      50:03    60:04    80:06
W70L      57:50    69:24    92:32
W75L      94:20   113:12   150:56
JM1       15:20    18:24    24:32
JM2       18:00    21:36    28:48
JM3       36:32    43:51    58:28
JM4       32:00    38:24    51:12
JM5L      75:57    91:09   121:32
JM5M      61:20    73:36    98:08
JM5S      46:30    55:48    74:24
JW1       19:07    22:57    30:36
JW2       23:51    28:37    38:10
JW3       43:10    51:48    69:04
JW4       47:26    56:55    75:54
JW5L     104:42   125:39   167:32
JW5S      60:08    72:10    96:14

Course Details

    Day 1 Day 2
Course Classes Length Climb (m) No of Controls Length Climb (m) No of Controls
1 M21L 8.9 480 25 8.9 480 26
2 M35L,M40L 7.8 385 23 8.0 325 20
3 M45L,W21L 7.2 320 19 6.7 300 16
4 M50L,M21S,JM5L 7.0 320 17 6.7 300 16
5 M55L,M35S,W35L,JM5M 5.0 240 15 5.3 280 16
6 M60L,M40S,W40L,JW5L 4.9 240 15 5.3 280 16
7 M65L,M21V,M45S,W45L 4.4 200 13 4.1 210 12
8 M50S,W50L,W21S 4.3 200 12 4.1 210 12
9 M55S,W55L,W35S,JM5S 3.7 185 11 3.8 200 13
10 M70L,W60L,W40S,JW5S 3.7 180 10 3.8 200 13
11 M75L,M60S,M65S,W65L,W70L,W21V,W45S 3.1 135 9 2.8 145 10
12 M70S,M75S,W75,W50S,W55S,W60S,W65S,W70S 2.9 90 8 2.6 150 8
13 M21N,Red 4.6 175 10 4.3 195 13
14 JM4,JW4,Light Green 3.0 110 9 2.8 170 10
15 W21N,JM3,JW3,Orange 2.5 110 11 2.4 135 11
16 JM2,JW2,Yellow 2.0 70 13 1.6 75 9
17 JM1,JW1,White 1.7 45 10 1.1 30 7

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