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Manchester & District
Orienteering Club

SpunchMCR - Tuesday evenings in Manchester City Centre starting 16 April

A series of 4 urban Spunch events from trendy city bars / pubs within 10-15 mins walk from Piccadilly Station:

  • SpunchMCR 1 - Tuesday 16th April at Track Brewery & Tap Room
  • SpunchMCR 2 - Tuesday 23rd April at Sandbar
  • SpunchMCR 3 - Tuesday 30th April at Sandbar
  • SpunchMCR 4 - Tuesday 14th May at Track Brewery & Tap Room

19th Mar 24

  • New urban areas. 
  • New professionally produced international standard quality maps (1:4000).   
  • Choice of 60 min Score Course or measured 10k (optimum route) Line Course. 
  • Pizzas & Beers to follow.
  • Entries now open for all 4 events on SiEntries.  

Each event can be done solo, in a pair, or as a team of 3 or more.  Each participant needs to put in an individual entry EXCEPT Under 16s who go for free with a paying adult.

You will use a detailed A3 waterproof map to navigate your way as fast as you wish from one Spunchpoint to another.  Each Spunchpoint will be at a well-defined feature on your map - a path junction, a significant tree or similar. 

At each Spunchpoint you will receive GPS verification that you are in the right place on your Smartphone/Garmin/AppleWatch. “Beep Beep!”

Each of the 4 events has Registration, Start, Finish, Loos, and Bag Drop at one of two great venues -

Track Brewery & Tap Room, Unit 18, Piccadilly Trading Estate, Manchester, M1 2NP


Sandbar, 120 Grosvenor Street, Manchester, M1 7HL

Both venues are within 10-15 mins walk from Piccadilly Station and have nearby car parks too.  Both have indoor and outdoor spaces for post match social and analysis, and great food & drink!

Each event is also now open for entries on SiEntries, and the SiEntries listings contain a fairly comprehensive description of each event.  All four links are here: 

SpunchMCR 1 - Tues. 16th April, Track:  ​

SpunchMCR 2 - Tues. 23rd April, Sandbar

SpunchMCR 3 - Tues. 30th April, Sandbar

SpunchMCR 4 - Tues. 14th May, Track:


Rolling start - anytime between 1830 & 1930.  Check in on the day from 1800.

Next generation MapSport for all in the heart of Manchester.

Enquiries to: Andy Thornton 

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