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Manchester & District
Orienteering Club

Typical NSL Controls

What are you looking for?

The control sites will mostly be items of street furniture e.g. telegraph posts, hydrants, green boxes, post boxes, lampposts etc.

  • The dot in the middle of the control circle tells you exactly where to look
  • The examples of typical questions and answers tell you exactly what to look for, and what to write down
  • The number of dashes on the answer sheet tells you how many digits / letters are expected

22nd Oct 21


Number of metal or concrete posts. Usually between 1 and 6.

Question: Bollards No? _

Answer: 3


Green Box

Come in various sizes, usually about 3ft high with some sort of number painted on the ends or front


Question: GB 55306/4 _ _

Answer: 06



Always black on yellow. Two numbers within the spaces of the H.

Sometimes mounted on a wall, GB, LP or TP

Question: H 4 / _

Answer: 3


Lamp Post

Number is usually painted, or on a label around head height


Question:  LP  _ _

Answer:  38


Orienteering Post

Permanent Orienteering Course post showing letter and symbol.

Question:  OP  _

Answer:  D

PO box (or PB)


Red metal with a white information plate, with collection times and unique identifier in very small print at the bottom


Question:  PO Box SK7 3 _ _ _

Answer:  18D


Substation ( or Pumping Station PS)

Usually have a white information plate with unique name and number


Question: SS Wybersley Road 3334 _ _

Answer:   31


Telegraph Post

Usually wooden, sometimes metal. Number is usually on white plastic discs a bit above head height.

Question:   TP  5 _ _

Answer:     58

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