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Using MapRun at MDOC NSL events

Instructions for downloading and using the MapRun app on your phone or Garmin watch ...

05th Oct 23

(1) BEFORE the event (at home or somewhere with reliable internet!)

  • (a) Download and Set Up MapRun on your phone
  • (b) Download MapRunG on your Garmin watch (if you have a suitable model (see below) and intend to use it instead of a phone)

(Note: you can download these instructions as a PDF ...)

The MapRun App

Download the MapRun* app to your phone.

Select Event’ then Access Local Events (Offline), then scroll down and select the appropriate event for the time you want to be out. The number should correspond to the course time you have chosen (40 / 60 / 75). Select “Send Event to my Garmin Watch” if you have one.

When you have completed your run, if you use a phone, your result should upload automatically to the MapRun results site (when you have an internet connection). If not, you may need to upload it manually. Go to ‘Results’ and click on the upload link. If you have used a Garmin device, your run will first need to be uploaded to Garmin Connect. Under ‘Results’ on MapRun you can then select ‘Upload from Garmin’.

and finally, remember …….

you DO NOT have to use MapRun on a phone or watch at our NSL events – you can write down your answers on the clue sheet in just the same way as we have been doing for the past 11 years.

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