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Night Street League 1 - Bramhall

Event #1 of the Night Street League Series 2015-16

Updated Results (another late run) ...

Tue 27th Oct 2015

Type of event: Local, Night, Street
Type of terrain: Urban
Info updated: 29th Feb


Event Report

Please check your results carefully for spelling/club/age group/correct timing and score, and let us know asap of any errors. If your score is not what you were expecting, and you don't feature in the wrong-answers list, one of us has made a mistake.

Don't forget that if you can't make a particular event, you can get the map and questions from Grahame , and run by yourself before or after the day, and have your score included.

Marker's Comments

3 people who couldn't read #16 properly have been credited. (98 vs 93)
Also, 342 and 343 have been accepted for #29, after Trevor's investigation.
Other answers not accepted ...

11 Andy Payne 7 vs 1 (but definitely a 7)
15 Tony Marlow 1 vs 03 (possibly a random mark?)
18 Clare Griffin 1 vs 3 (no idea)
22 Cath Jones + Cath Rogers 27 vs 76 (but may be first part of 276?)
27 Dave Mawdsley 6 vs 4 (no idea)
29 Steve White 341 Liz Whitfield 325 (neither plausible vs the two acceptable answers)
35 Cath Jones + Cath Rogers 55 vs 54 - wrong place?
41 Mark Eastman 305 (vs 308) - misread green box stencil ?
48 Chris Rostron 14  vs 98 wrong box for 33?  Matthew Fellbaum 69 (wrong feature?)

John Britton

Pre Event Info

Venue: The Church Inn, Ravenoak Road, Cheadle Hulme SK8 7EG

Register 6.00 to 7.00pm. Starts 6.30 to 7.30pm. Fee £3/£1.50.

Further details can be found on the Night Street League Series 2015-16 page.

Please email Ian Gilliver by 23:59 on Thursday 22nd October indicating the number of maps required and (if you’d like to eat) which of the four specials you’d like (see below).

Additional information from the organiser/planner:

The Church Inn is on the small roundabout which forms the junction of Church Road, Ravenoak Road and Ack Lane West. Google maps at,-2.1843092,18z?hl=en.m.

The pub has a car park across the road and is accessed from the roundabout, directly opposite Church Road. Do not turn into the car park for The Governor’s House pub which is next door.

The Tap Room will be reserved for our use for registration and results. This is a small room at the rear of the main bar and is best accessed from the outside ‘beer garden’ which you can get to from Ravenoak Road. Enter from the ‘beer garden’ and turn left past the toilets to reach the Tap Room.

The event will start and finish at the ‘beer garden’ of the pub.

The pub serves very good food and is shown as a Gastro pub on some listings.

Following discussions, the landlord has agreed to put on four special dishes for us at a cost of £10 each:

  1. 1. Chilli Con Carne and Rice
  2. 2. Steak and Kidney pie with potatoes or chips
  3. 3. Chicken curry
  4. 4. Mushroom and peppers stroganoff


Nearest town: Bramhall

Contacts / Officials

Planner: Trevor Roberts
Checker: Rebecca Glen

Series Co-ordinator: Grahame Crawshaw (0145 786 6264; mob 0758 720 6420)

Enquiries to

Safety and Risk

A comprehensive risk assessment will have been carried out by the organiser, but participants take part at their own risk and are responsible for their own safety during the event.

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