NShb11 FebruaryWCHNorth Sherbrook, StaffordRegional
MrsM4 MarchEPOCMarsden Moor, HuddersfieldRegional
WhtS11 MarchSROCWhitbarrow Scar, KendalNational +10%
SalF18 MarchWCOCSale Fell, BassenthwaiteCompass Sport Cup - Round 1
WHBW25 MarchPOTOCWeston Heath & Bury Walls, Market DraytonRegional
TP19 JuneMDOCHigh Dam, Newby BridgeRegional - Twin Peak Day 1
TP210 JuneMDOCHigh Dam, Newby BridgeRegional - Twin Peak Day 2
Clwb9 SeptemberSELOCClowbridge, RossendaleRegional
Atmr15 SeptemberAIREAttemire, SettleNational +10%
AndH23 SeptemberMEROCAinsdale Hills, MerseysideRegional
DlmF4 NovemberDEEDelamere Forest, ChesterMoved from 4th Feb
Pthr11 NovemberMDOCPiethorneRegional
LngS9 DecemberDVOLongshaw Estate, SheffieldNational +10%


A competitor's total includes his/her best 6 events
A score prefixed with * means the competitor ran a longer course than his/her division

1Tom McCann100087910007066381000962mp8938588345734
2Matthew Fellbaum510765540840712100084010005157
3John Dempsey572M12B572
1Alistair ThorntonJM2104110002041
1Alex McCannmp874M12AM12A10009098967995729127878855476
2William Humphreysmp7503907615765393016
3Nicholas Priestley5844165021502
4Michael Barrett598598
5Alexander Dickinson411411
1Alex Bedwell1022*100010969644082
1Roger Bryant838965740dnf996848mp97711905814
2Elliot Malkin849907958967*924*873*10305659
3Thomas Fellbaum8388948928249614409
4Sean Malkin5698481417
JM5S1Robbie Smith514M20S514
1Pippa Mallon488611429W12B1528
2Alana Jackson5455161061
3Cosima Dickinson536536
1Rebecca Humphreys88373064297977695811005426
2Alice Jackson812mp812
3Rebecca Thornton788W14B788
4Vicky Price770770
5Mollie Trueman550mp550
1Alice Fellbaum8908481000dnf946*927*848*1125*7895736
2Annie Price10001000
1Elizabeth Britton*771*939923*619*790*9214963
2Catherine Beresford7918377826873988517107954766
3Lucy Harris963*100010252988
4Naomi Grayburn625mp7781403
1Stephanie Bryant6378768277187993857
2Hannah Hills837W16B8321669
M21L1Andrew Tongue5837664906755996123725
2Nick Wood699699
M21S1Matthew Tinker6686651333
2Ian Farrell5575171074
3Paul WatsonM50SM50S486480966
4Kevin Watson572572
M35L1Stephen Lang877902795911100093210007395622
2Liam Corner93110009391000M35SM35S8714741
3Martin Crosby7088221530
M40L1David McCann8398698689156466039228738701000dsq5449
2Timothy Martland*7218988892508
3Edouard Salathe63672310552414
4Steve Dempsey9729701942
5Simon Thompson9219001821
6Jim Trueman6166301246
7Malcolm Fowler880880
8John Kewley*588588
M40S1Alex Connock5557606585927223287
2Paul Jarvis7127731485
3Jonathan Dickinson6506181268
4Neil Cooper723723
M45L1Tom Bedwell9407298516507329258174994
2Ray Humphreys7127788249307358126964791
3Stephen Fellbaum695605mp591561dnf6955617337454064
4Paul Van-Calster7787924904126804936065633912
5Dan Parker8968249138943527
6Andy Thornton9739799362888
7Tim Mallon5877077205182532
8Shaun Priestley6827426522076
9Mike Greenwood981981
M45S1Stephen Bingham6764756908586507048194397
2Tony Mason5083034643424622079
3Tony Greenhalgh5325071039
4Alan Ogden624624
M50L1Phil Colvillemp867816M50S692mp9558838267885135
2Tony Perrott632615dnf7051952
3Nicholas Maxwell6305405671737
4John WatertonM50S263389652
5Michael Owenmp0
M50S1Martin Green715852*7159035968328049235029
2Alan Poxon8396848648257387078384811
3Eddie Speak744832mp7005762852
4Jim Sutherland845845
M55L1John Britton96994310159829889269665863
2Tony Davies7819027988897628007588859579018518375385
3Ian Gilliver582641mp6491872
4Cliff Etherden8817231604
5Nick Taylor4885371025
6Steve Rawlingsmp0
M55S1Stephen Beresford6157658346055644826075866514077
2Grahame Crawshaw603662594519*589*6795587143841
3Mike Butcher4204616751556
4Alan Shaw444501945
5Ken Weston761761
M60L1Ian Watson8148027247657719718327698335023
2Peter Ross845859dnf5637079758854834
3Chris Rostron7317977736328037367007068927977324798
4Chris Kirkham590715535647M60SM60S612M60Smp5366823782
5Tony Wagg8188137337076523723
6Mike Cumpstey7378146216032775
7Christopher Drew7276425856382592
8Tim Sowood8107391549
M60S1Trevor Roberts*783835*840744563*7297616067534716
2Geoffrey Millan*460*720*777*631*660*598*642*6124042
3Douglas Edwards369369
M65L1Peter Lomas1008819887852719mp9985283
2David Mawdsley798858756734785dnf8854816
3David Walker7227366506137116495507084176
4John Evans7737971570
M65S1Ted Smith529630762623738*6763958
M70L1Andrew Gregory1012100095910171000927100011286157
M75L1Frank Rose92594910009913865
M801Roy Hayes*721*772*571*681*6643409
W21L1Maria Ivermark10008778419488798465391
2Clare Sutherland681681
W21S1Jane Clark*4916161107
2Andrea Cameronmpmp341380721
3Ruth Beresford533dsq533
W35S1Karen Thompson767767
W40L1Jane McCann704801835100061969110009046747675988535393
2Heather Fellbaum591786824617dnf9658138379265151
3Karen Parker1056mp94310773076
4Julia Simpson7938291622
5Helena Crutchley5996301229
6Sophie Wood771771
W40S1Helen Dempsey590590
W45L1Marie Roberts852669707625724810W45S8294591
2Vicky Thornton*99810461086*9204050
3Pip Humphreys7145545847847893425
4Kath Speak766664mpW45SW45S709W45S2139
5Sally Gilliver10031003
6Jenny MallondnfW45S*572dsq572
7Jane Walker-CullW50LW50L0
W45S1Julie Bedwell489395mp884
2Helen Price694694
W50L1Kate Bryant1000948777dnf948105199110125950
2Liz Wood7476527479863132
3Elaine Weston936936
W50S1Jane Rawlings618618
W55L1Jillyan Dobby*896820*99399710159258609735799
2Jan Ellis7766207076656995424009
3Alison Doyle*554*554*648dnf*524*492*625*443*599*580*6373643
4Elizabeth Drew9348477329743487
5Joan Cumpstey10007807618703411
6Jenny Shawmp657657
W55S1Vivienne Maxwellmp577577
W60L1Irene Crawshaw93485091410008748875459
2Julie Brook5736696327877128017388487944680
W60S1Elizabeth Smithmp5297141243
2Adrienne Sowoodmp0
W65L1Rae Lomas8549641167100090711005992
W65S1Margaret Gregory486mp5714984177012673
W70L1Sue Birkinshaw7737579358591000100099290610009995926
W75L1Kath Rosemp73310007512484


  • The competition is open to all members of MDOC.
  • A competitor must be a member of MDOC.
  • When a competitor runs for MDOC at a selected event, his/her time will be included in the competition.
  • When a competitor runs for another club at a selected event, his/her time will be included in the competition when Stephen Lang has been informed.
  • A competitor will automatically be assigned to a division based on their age, gender and the course they most often run.
  • A competitor can request to be assigned to a different division within his/her age group.
  • A competitor will be awarded points for each run at a selected event, using the formula gold time x 800 / competitor's time.
  • A competitor will be awarded zero points, when he/she starts but retires or is disqualified.
  • Points gained in any national event (i.e. if the event is C1 or C2) will be increased by 10%.
  • A competitor's overall score will be the total of the competitor's best 6 individual scores.
  • When a competitor runs a higher course than his/her division then the points he/she is awarded will be transferred.
  • When a competitor runs a lower course than his/her division then the points he/she is awarded will NOT be transferred.
Selected Events
  • Stephen Lang will select events to contribute to the competition.
  • A selected event must be approved by the MDOC Committee.
  • A selected event must be listed on the MDOC website
  • Ideally, there will be one selected event every month.
  • A selected event will be a badge event (C1, C2 or C3) typically organised by MDOC or a neighbouring club.
Author: Stephen Lang Last Changed: 01-Jan-2008