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Manchester & District
Orienteering Club

2017 Club Championship

Events, scoring system and results

Congratulations to the winners of the 2017 Club Championship. Read more for details ...

(Owing to the cancellation of the final event, the results are based on 11 events not 12)

13th Dec 17

2017 Club Champions

Congratulations to the winners of the 2017 Club Championship:

Junior Men, Yellow:

  1. Jack Riley
  2. Henry Baylis
  3. Harry Buxton

Junior Women, Yellow:

  1. Megan Francis
  2. Ruby Burnham

Junior Men, Orange:

  1. Dominic Wathey
  2. Harry Buxton
  3. Andrew Paulson

Junior Women, Orange:

  1. Milly Collins
  2. Katherine Rushworth
  3. Elsa Screen

Junior Men, Light Green:

  1. Dominic Wathey
  2. Alex Pegg
  3. Henry Baylis

Junior Women, Light Green:

  1. Milly Collins
  2. Ellie Pilkington


  1. Heather Fellbaum (W50)
  2. Jillyan Dobby (W65)
  3. Martin Green (M60)
  4. Chris Rostron (M70)
  5. Kate Bryant (W60)
  6. Jane McCann (W50)
  7. Dave Mawdsley (M75)
  8. David Wathey (M50)
  9. Dave McCann (M50)
  10. Stephen Fellbaum (M55)

There were no juniors in the White categories this year.



The MDOC Club Championship is administrated by Chris Kirkham.

The list of events to count is as follows:

Code Date Club Event Notes
Thrs 29 Jan DEE Thurstaston Common Middle distance, Level B
Blth 12 Feb MDOC Bleathwaite & Little Arrow Moor Day 2 of Twin Peaks, Level B
Cmps 12 Mar SROC Simpson Ground CompassSport Cup Heat
Crch 9 Apr DVO Crich Chase East Midlands League, Level C
Tggs 25 Apr MDOC Teggs Nose Summer Evening event
HghD 6 May LOC High Dam British Long champs, Level A
LymP 23 May MDOC Lyme Summer Evening event
Brrt 22 Jun MDOC Brereton Heath Summer Evening event
Aldr 13 Jul MDOC Alderley Edge Summer Evening event
Stck 15 Oct MDOC Stockport Urban Part of Suomi Finland 100 Festival
Eccl 26 Nov SYO Ecclesall Woods Regional event
EymM 10 Dec DVO Eyam Moor & Bretton Clough (Cancelled)




  • A competitor's overall score is the sum of his/her best 6 event scores.
  • A competitor's event score is 1000 + (50 * (division's mean adjusted pace - competitor's adjusted pace) / division's standard deviation). The average competitor will score 1000.
  • A competitor's event score is zero, if he/she starts but does not finish.

Open Division

  • The Open division is open to all MDOC members competing on TD5 courses.
  • Scoring is based on the competitor's pace (time/distance) adjusted for category and course length.
  • Adjusted Pace = Pace * (Competitor's Speed Ratio - Competitor's Length Ratio)
  • Competitor's Speed Ratio and is based on the average winning times at BOC (1997, 2001-2009) for each age group's longest course
  • Competitor's Length Ratio is based on a comparison between the competitor's course length and average course length at BOC for the competitor's category. If the competitor's course is twice the length of BOF's recommendation then the length ratio is +2%. If the competitor's course is half the recommendation then the ratio is -2%. The adjustment is based on athletic records for middle distance.
  • Competitor's Length Ratio = 0.02 * Log(Competitor's Course Length / (BOF Course Length Ratio * Longest Course Length)) / Log(2)

Junior Divisions

  • The Junior divisions are open to all junior MDOC members competing on non TD5 courses.
  • There are eight Junior Divisions: JM1 (Junior Men TD1), JW1 (Junior Women TD1), JM2 (Junior Men TD2), JW2 (Junior Women TD2), JM3 (Junior Men TD3), JW3 (Junior Women TD3), JM4 (Junior Men TD4) and JW4 (Junior Women TD4).
  • Anyone 16 or younger at the start of the year is a Junior.
  • Scoring is based on the competitor's unadjusted pace (time/distance). 
Category Speed Ratio Length Ratio Category Speed Ratio Length Ratio
M14 77.3% 38.6% W14 62.6% 29.2%
M16 81.0% 56.6% W16 68.0% 38.2%
M18 86.9% 71.5% W18 68.0% 48.7%
M20 94.1% 83.7% W20 78.1% 58.6%
M21 100% 100% W21 79.4% 63.9%
M35 86.9% 85.5% W35 64.8% 59.3%
M40 88.7% 80.3% W40 64.9% 54.0%
M45 84.7% 69.9% W45 62.3% 47.8%
M50 77.9% 66.6% W50 61.0% 47.8%
M55 70.9% 59.8% W55 54.6% 40.1%
M60 66.6% 53.3% W60 51.2% 36.2%
M65 60.0% 46.5% W65 43.7% 35.3%
M70 54.2% 38.7% W70 41.7% 31.2%
M75 49.6% 34.3% W75 37.2% 28.8%
M80 41.0% 36.0% W80 21.3% 28.2%



  • The selected events are approved by the MDOC Committee, and listed on the MDOC website.
  • Ideally, there will be 12 events distributed evenly over the year.
  • The events should be of high quality, typically organised by MDOC or a neighbouring club.
  • When a competitor runs for MDOC at a selected event, his/her performance will be automatically included in the competition.
  • When a competitor runs for another club at a selected event, his/her performance will be included in the competition if Chris Kirkham has been informed. 

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