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Ben leads TORUS Cup after round 6

Congratulations to Ben Kyd who won the 6th round of the TORUS Cup on Thursday, winning 4 of the 7 stations. He is now leading the competition overall.

John Kewley reports ...

23rd Oct 20

MDOC’s Ben Kyd put in a storming performance “in” Poland yesterday to win event 6 of 8 in the TORUS Cup, winning 4 of the 7 stations. The current overall ranking is best 4 from 6, but it’ll be best 5 from 8 after the next 2 events so Ben will need at least 1 more strong performance to win overall since his 5th best score is lower than his rivals’ ones.

MDOC themselves remain 2nd overall in the Club competition while GBR dropped to 6th.

In the B Class MDOC’s David Gray didn’t compete, but remains 4th overall.

MDOC Results after Stage 6

A Class:

1: Ben Kyd (1st overall)

52: Dom Wathey (100 overall)

71: John Kewley (51 overall)

110: River Edis-Smith (68 overall)

204: Alain Kyd (153 overall)

231: Siobhan Henn (194 overall)

249: David Wathey (207 overall)

256: Stephen Bingham (255 overall)


MDOC Team were 3rd (now 2nd overall) – Ben, Dom, JK


GBR Team were 5th (now 6th overall) – Ben, Robert Finch SOC, Andrew Stemp AIRE, Dom, Tom Dobra BOK

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