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Covid-safe Trial - Wythenshawe Park - Results

Wed 2nd Sep 2020

The Covid-safe event held at Wythenshawe Park on Wednesday evening provided some entertaining courses, two of which ventured outside the Park courtesy of a hybrid map that combined an updated Park map with the Night Street League map of the adjoining urban area.

Results, including the routes taken, can be found at

There is a summary of the results here

Read more for further comments ...

05th Sep 20

Many thanks to the Planner, River Edis-Smith, who grabbed the unique opportunity to fuse two types of event into one, and congratulations to Chris Rostron who, thanks to his foresight and head torch, converted the second half of his run into a night event.

Thanks also to Marie and Trevor who saw their contactless payment system successfully take the money, and to Ian Watson whose Pre-entry system worked admirably. Sue managed the social distancing to a tee. MDOC now have the systems and the expertise to put on further, large covid-safe events. A big win for us all.

It was a wet dismal sort of an evening and the light faded rather sooner than usual at this time of year, so well done those that turned up and and ran their courses complete with their bamboozling butterfly loops.

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