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Good results for MDOC competitors in latest TORUS event

John Kewley reports ...

The most recent TORUS event saw the TrailO community commemorating (commiserating?) the lack of the European Trail Orienteering Championships (which moved from May 2020 to August 2020 to May 2021 and will now not be until May 2022. We therefore had 5 days (corresponding at least nominally, to the Model, TempO, PreO1, PreO2 and Relay days that we’d have had at ETOC and on their respective days). The best 3 from 5 results counted for individual, club and country.

Terrain was Finnish forest (in contrast to most of the TORUS days so far which have been park or urban). This was expected to suit the more experienced Orienteers and Trail Orienteers who had experienced this terrain more and so it proved.

Going into the final event JK had the narrowest of margins over Ben to be top Brit, but both Mike Greenwood and Tom Dobra (BOK) had lower scores to drop and Tom ended out on top.

19th May 21

MDOC team (top 3, and others in top 100)

  • Day 1: JK (50), Ben (61), Sam (94)
  • Day 2: Dom (23), Ben (65), Mike G (71) – an honourable mention to ex-MDOC Dave Pilling in 38th
  • Day 3: Ben (59), Mike G (79), JK (83) – with Dave P in 64th
  • Day 4: JK (9), Mike G (12), Ben (20) – with Dom (70) and Sam (79) showing a great strength in depth performance for MDOC
  • Day 5: JK (52), Mike G (63), Ben (73) – with Dom (100)

MDOC ended up 5th and GBR 7th, but MDOC were 2nd on day 2 and 1st on day 4.

Overall Individual (755 competed in at least 1 event)

[49. Tom Dobra (top GBR)]

50. JK

55. Ben Kyd

57. Mike Greenwood

82. Dom Wathey

113. Sam Drinkwater

183. River Edis-Smith

199. Alain Kyd

367 David Wathey

370 Stephen Bingham

576 Siobhan Henn (only 2 counting events)

Unfortunately it is only the top 32 who get to compete in the knockout phases so unless there are a lot who can’t make them such that additional places are freed up there won’t be any MDOC involved  (they are currently scheduled to take place at 10:00 CEST on Saturday so many Europeans will likely be in the forest training or at events – whereas all other events so far have been “free start” to fit in with your own schedule).

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