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MapRun Summer Series 2 in Glossop available from 15th August

Well played those of you who ran the Stockport Edgeley MapRun courses. Congratulations to Marie and Trevor Roberts on successfully planning their first MapRun event. It was a first for MDOC too because we haven’t previously had a MapRun event on a standard Urban map.

The courses are not closed, so it's not too late for others to run too.

The next event, in Glossop, will be available from Saturday 15th August ...

14th Aug 20

The next event is also a double first. Grahame Crawshaw is making his MapRun planning debut with three Scatter courses for you to try, and we haven’t had scatter courses before. Scatter courses are somewhere between a Score and a Linear. The object is to start at the Start, finish at the Finish and collect a defined number of controls in between.

Grahame has put out 21 virtual controls in Glossop: collect 8 to complete the Short course, 12 for the Medium, and 16 for the Long. Fastest wins. (P.S. you have to decide in advance which course you are doing). Just a thought, why not call the short course a sprint and do two courses on the day?

The event will open on the 15th, Saturday morning. Download the App and 'select event' UK>Manchester>Navvies>Summer Series.

Maps and Final Details in PDF format can be found at

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