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MapRun Summer Series 4 at Dovestone Reservoir available from 12th Sep

Dove Stone comprises three reservoirs situated in a steep ruggedly beautiful and popular valley just to the east of Greenfield. This time we offer three scatter courses on a traditional map on traditional moorland terrain. 

10th Sep 20

There are three MapRun Scatter courses from which to choose. You can visit whichever controls suit you best and the shortest course - the Dash (12 controls from 38) - can be done as a 3 km sprint around the bottom reservoir. Most, if not all the running will be on paths and there will be very little climb.

The longest course - the Daunting (30 controls) - is at the other end of the scale. It will require strenuous climbing across tussocks and boulders. It will be about 7 km of hard going so allow at least an hour. The middle course - the Diverse (20 controls) - is somewhere in between the Dash and the Daunting in terms of climb, terrain and distance. It will be about 5 km.

Final details are now available on the Navvies website and the courses will be available there from 8pm on Friday night ready for those wanting to run the courses on Saturday. 

Download the App and 'select event' UK>Manchester>Navvies>Summer Series.

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