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MDOC Kahoot Challenge!

Dom Wathey has set a Kahoot! challenge aimed at junior members of MDOC (but open to all members). The first quiz will be based on control descriptions, and has 15 questions - it should only take about 5 minutes to complete. Read on for details ...

13th Jul 20

Note: At the end, it should give you the questions you got wrong again in order to correct your mistakes, but please don’t retry, as we are limited with numbers. 

To try it out search for Kahoot! and it will be the first website that comes up. You can create an account by typing in an email and password, or you can download the Kahoot! app. Once you have done this, click the 'Play' button (if online) or for the app, click ‘Enter PIN’. The PIN for the junior quiz is 05614063, the PIN for the senior quiz is 07382391. You will have until August to complete the Kahoot!

All members are welcome to join in.

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