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MDOC MapRun Series re-opens with Hadfield scatter

The MDOC MapRun Series is being relaunched this week on Sunday 4th April 2021 with a new scatter event in Hadfield. Grahame Crawshaw has planned short, medium and longer options to keep you entertained in this new area ...

01st Apr 21

Each of the new MapRun Series courses will be available for four weeks from their launch date via:

The proposed schedule is below:

Hadfield (planner: Grahame Crawshaw):  Sunday 4th April to Sunday 2nd May 2021

Sale East (planner: Mike Wharton): Saturday 17th April 2021 to Sunday 16th May

Bollington (planner: Dave Mawdsley): Saturday 1st May 2021 to Sunday 30th May

Chorlton (planner: David Gray): Saturday 15th May to Sunday 13th June

Since last year, the MapRun smartphone app has seen an upgrade to MapRun6. The smart watch version of the app, MapRunG, is also proving popular.

The NAVVIES website has all the instructions you need to download the app, print a map and run the courses.

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