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MDOC victory in online TempO

Congratulations to Ben Kyd for winning round 7 of the international online TempO Cup “TORUS”. He left multiple World and European TempO champions and medallists in his wake. FootO specialists are also taking part, notably Severin Howald of the Swiss National team and Alessio Tenani from Italy.

Click on the check box and then on “MDOC” beside Ben’s name for all MDOC results.

10th Jun 20

John Kewley reports ...

Overall Ben is now up to 11th overall just ahead of last year’s WTOC TempO’s 4th, 1st and 2nd. Best 5 results count.

This performance also led MDOC to another good team performance with the 3 counters in 1st, 50th and 61st for 2nd team on the day and 5th overall.

Likewise GBR were 2nd on the day behind ITA and are now in 6th.

Starting at midnight tonight will be round 8 planned by 2011 World PreO champion Lauri Kontkanen.

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