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Orienteering Club

North West Night League 2018/19

Chris Rostron, co-ordinator of the NWNL, reports:

I am very pleased to announce that BrightBikeLights will be sponsoring the North West Night League for an Eighth consecutive season.

Last year Duncan Harris (DEE) was the men's winner and Jane McCann (MDOC) the Ladies' winner. 

NB. Competitors who have won prizes in the previous 3 years are ineligible to win.

Read more ... for news of 2 new headlights and dates for 2018/19 ...

29th Oct 18

More from Chris ...

Whilst collecting the prizes for last season I was shown two very exciting new products:

BrightBikeLIghts Orienteering Headlight Set (2018)

The Orienteering Headlight has been updated for 2018 and  now features TWO LEDS to provide 2200 lumens, a reduced weight for  the light unit and a high capacity battery giving over 20hours on the low setting.

There are 4 setting giving a range from 300 to 2200 lumens and  it comes with all the necessary bike and bike helmet fittings, making it a truly versatile light.

Orienteering/Runners Headlight Ferei HL65

This headlight has an LED Light  providing upto 1500 lumens. The battery is contained on the back of the headband and the whole unit is very lightweight. It has 9 light settings and an emergency mode  when lower light levels are required, for example for map reading.

This is ideal for the Night Street League events as run by SROC, MDOC and DEE.

There is an additional option available for either a 2 or 4 cell battery pack and extension cable to increase the  duration on maximum brightness. This means it can also be reliably used on the Traditional Forest/Moorland Orienteering Night events.

There are other models in the Ferei range which you may be interested in. I have been using an older version in the Night Street League for the last three years  and highly recommend them.

Please check the BrightBikeLights website for the full specifications of these two headsets.

The dates for this season are:

24th Nov 2018 SROC Low Park Wood, Kendal

15th Dec 2018 PFO    Holcombe Ranges, Ramsbotham

19th Jan 2019 LOC     Dale Park, Graythwaite

9th   Feb 2019 MDOC Brereton Heath, Holmes Chapel

2nd  Mar 2019 DEE     Nettlefold Woods and Old Pale Heights, Kelsall

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