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Twin Peak 2012 in the Lake District

Saturday May 19th 2012
The Northern Championship (Level A)
Part of the UK Masters Cup and the North West 'O' League

Sunday May 20th 2012
Middle Distance Event (Level B)
Part of the North West 'O' League

High Dam - Newby Bridge



Planners comments (Northern Championships)

Assessor's Report

We were blessed with good weather for this event and there were no major problems. Hopefully, this meant that most of you enjoyed your outing on one of the best areas of terrain in England.

If anyone could not make it on the day and would like to receive the map of their course, please send an email to Sue Birkinshaw at

Thank you for your comments

Thank you to everyone who sent their comments to Dick Towler to help him to compile his Assessor's Report. This was the pilot of the proposed Assessor Scheme whose long term aim is to help improve event quality by highlighting what aspects worked well and what should be done better in future.

For more details see the Assessor Scheme document.

Dick's report can be seen by clicking here.

If you have any queries please refer them to Dick at .


Day 1, Northern Championships:

The Northern Champions 2012

Day 2, Middle Distance:

Overall Twin Peak Results


We have enjoyed planning on the excellent terrain that High Dam offers, and while we have encountered a variety of weather conditions in preparing for the event, including rain while placing the controls, we were lucky with the weather on the day.

While High Dam offers top quality terrain for experienced orienteers, the network of paths leaves few options for TD1 and TD2 courses. Hence, when the opportunity arose, we chose to use Wintering Park for the juniors. Wintering Park is a delightful piece of undulating mature woodland, but our first draft courses had much too much climb, and in the end we found that our options were again constrained by the limited availability of linear features, leading to a White course of only 1.1km.

We were advised that winning times for senior courses at the three 2011 Regional Championships had been too short. Although we had the benefit of the results of previous events on High Dam to guide us, in particular from Twin Peak 2007, it is apparent that our championship courses were also generally too short. Inevitably the ratios of Actual Winning Time to Estimated Winning Time vary considerably by class and gender, but ‘on average’ we were 12% too short. It’s our mistake clearly, though it would have been a brave decision to increase our target course lengths beyond those that we provided.

It is clear from comments received that not everyone appreciated being sent into the low visibility forested area, though it did provide contrast with the more runnable areas, and require precise technique. Some also would have preferred not to have an uphill finish after a testing run. However, it is also apparent that many competitors enjoyed orienteering in the remarkable variety of high quality terrain that High Dam provides.

We would like to thank the following:
• The five land owners who allowed us access to their excellent terrain
• Martin Bagness who updated his maps of High Dam and Wintering Park efficiently and effectively
• Warrior OC for allowing us use of Wintering Park
• Steve Lang for preparing the maps for printing, and reacting calmly to our many and various requests for adjustments
• Eddie Speak for procuring SI kit for the two days of competition from a variety of clubs; thanks also to those clubs who loaned us the equipment; and thanks to Julie Brook for getting the boxes ready for competition
• Mark Roberts for assembling our new control stakes in double-quick time, thereby relieving us of an extra job as the event approached
• Dave Mawdsley, Steve Dempsey, John Taylor and Lewis Taylor who performed the lonely job of manning the gates in Wintering Park so that sheep did not escape
• Control collectors Ian, Sara, Todd, John, Chris, Tony, and Steve B
• Pete, Rae, Trevor and Sue for their support throughout the process
• Our Controller, Ray Barnes, who through his thorough reviews added significantly to the precision of the event
• And finally our spouses, Sally and Peter, who have supported us, dealt with our pre-occupation with this event over several months, and calmed us down when the pressures of the planning role threatened to get on top of us.

Ian Gilliver (courses 1, 4, 8 and 15-20) and Jillyan Dobby (courses 2, 5, 6, 7 and 9 to 14)

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