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Orienteering Club

Some outstanding results for MDOC juniors at JK 2014

Despite not achieving podium places in the overall results, a number of MDOC juniors had some outstanding results at the JK.

26th Apr 14

  • Alistair Thornton had an outstanding day 3 result on the M18E long race coming 4th out of 46 competitors.
  • Matthew Fellbaum had a really good 3rd day too coming 5th out of 85 in M16A and 5th overall.
  • Laura Hindle had a great run on her day 3 in W16A coming 6th out of 73, making her 6th overall.
  • Alice Fellbaum came 2nd out of 27 on day 3 in W21L meaning she came 6th overall.
  • And Tom Fellbaum was delighted with 14th out of 96 in the sprint in M21E, in a very strong field.
  • In the relay, Tom and Alistair (both on 1st legs) came back in a winning position and Alice came in 2nd. Carolyn and Laura also had good runs, despite the pressure, to bring their team home 9th overall in Women's Short.

The other juniors all did very well and will have learnt from the experience of a top level competition.

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