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Twin Peak 2019 - Goyt Valley / Stockport

Saturday/Sunday 9th/10th November 2019

Two events south of Manchester

  • Saturday 9th November - National Event in the western part of the Goyt Valley.     Junior selection race for Interland 2019 
  • Sunday 10th November - Regional Urban Event in Stockport.  Part of NW Urban League

Enquiries to

30th Jun 19

Day 1 - National Event in the western part of the Goyt Valley.   Junior selection race for Interland 2019.  

The area is mostly forested, with the longer courses also using open moorland.  Full set of courses from White to Blue. Nearby parking for most cars but overflow parking and larger vehicles will give significant walks to Assembly. As this is a Junior Selection Race, starts will be from 10.30 to 1.00 to allow for long travel times on a Saturday.

Day 2 - Regional Urban Event in Stockport.   Part of NW Urban League.

The event will use a newly mapped area to the west of the town centre as well as including the multi-level complex central area.

Subject to review, the Assembly will be at the west end of the Precinct close to the Bus and Railway stations.  The usual 6 urban courses will be available. (no M/W12-)

Due to Remembrance Day events in the Town Centre starts will be from 11:15  to 1.00.

A bit of history about Twin Peak

The first Twin Peak was in 1993. MDOC produced the first full colour map of the whole of the Goyt Valley (Errwood is the central reservoir). We had a huge event, 2 Badge events with prizes, a 2-day Long-O for KIMM training, a night event, a quiz. 

1200 people on Saturday, 1400 on Sunday. Entry fee: £12 for the 2 days.

25 years on…..

Permission problems restrict us to just one day in a small part of the Valley, but in honour of the first event we are calling it Twin Peak 2019.

And we offer an urban event in Stockport for the other day.  The courses are incompatible, so no prizes. But we give you another chance to try the Peak District Quiz (much easier now with the internet). It will be published in the Final Details.

Entry numbers ???    Entry fee: £20 for the 2 days.

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