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UK Orienteering League 2015 Results

Age class wins for Matthew, Heather and Andrew

The final results of the UK Orienteering League 2015 have now been published and three MDOC members are among the Age Class winners - Matthew Fellbaum (M18), Heather Fellbaum (W50) and Andrew Gregory (M80).

13th Nov 15

As well as winning M80, Andrew is 3rd overall across all age classes in the Individual League.

A further 10 MDOC members had top ten places in their age classes:

Laura Hindle, 4th W18
Alistair Thornton, 6th M20
Jane McCann, 5th W45
Steve Dempsey, 8th M50
John Britton, 6th M60
Kate Bryant, 3rd W60
Chris Rostron, 10th M65
Irene Crawshaw, 8th W70
Sue Birkinshaw, 2nd W75
Margaret Gregory, 6th W75

MDOC finished in 5th place in the Club competition - the scorers were Paul Watson (M40), Vicky Thornton (W50), Alistair Thornton (M20), Chris Rostron (M65), Jane McCann (W45), Laura Hindle (W18), Margaret Gregory (W75), Andrew Gregory (M80), Matthew Fellbaum (M18), Heather Fellbaum (W50), Steve Dempsey (M50), Liam Corner (M45), Kate Bryant (W60), John Britton (M60) and Sue Birkinshaw (W75).

Congratulations to all of them.

Full results on the UKOL website

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