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Wythenshawe Special

A special welcome to listeners of Radio Wythenshawe

We have two ways to start you Orienteering in Wythenshawe Park - using our Permanent Orienteering courses or using the MapRunF App on your smartphone.

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14th Sep 20

You may have noticed some small wooden posts as you have walked or jogged or even run a Park Run around Wythenshawe Park. These are part of our Permanent Orienteering Courses. There are quite a few. You just have to find them. You will need a map and a waterproof one can be bought here:

If you like it there are plenty more permanent orienteering courses across Manchester. Start looking at

If you have a smartphone you can download the free MapRunF App. It has five Wythenshawe courses from which to choose.  As a beginner you are probably best with the Yellow or Orange courses. They are shorter, and easier and the App can show you where you are as you navigate your way around. Lots of support on how to use the App and free PDF map down-loads can be found at

If you like orienteering with the App there are plenty more MapRun courses across Manchester. Start looking at

Good luck!

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