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Manchester & District
Orienteering Club

Twin Peak 2015

in the Lake District

Saturday/Sunday May 30th/31st 2015 - two Level B Events on Place Fell and Angle Tarn Pikes beside Ullswater.

Day 1 Results including Winsplits, Ranking Points, Routegadget, Splitsbrowser, String Course

Day 2 Results including Winsplits, Ranking Points, Routegadget, Splitsbrowser, String Course

Overall Results, Lost Property, Twin Peak Quiz Answers, String Course Quiz Answers ...

02nd Jun 15


Day 1 - Place Fell

Day 2 - Angle Tarn Pikes

Overall Results

Lost Property

The following items have been found:

one woolly hat
one compass
one ladies/child watch found on the track on Saturday
3x control description holders - one for Blue 1, one for Blue 2, one empty

Email to claim

Twin Peak Quiz - Answers

The winners were Joan and Mike Cumpstey BL, closely followed by the Calow Family DEE, Les and Heather Smithard KFO and Joe Taunton NOC.

The significance of the theme “The Fiftieth Shade” is that 2015 is MDOC’s 50th Anniversary.

Twin Peak Quiz 2015 Answers (as a PDF)

String Course Quiz - Answers

String Course Quiz Answers (as a PDF)

NW Assessor Scheme

Feedback from competitors is encouraged, both positive and negative. If you have any comments after the event, please send them to the Place Fell controllers Dan and Karen Parker at or the Angle Tarn controller Chris Burden at as soon as possible. They will prepare a short report which goes to NWOA with the aim of improving the quality of NWOA’s high-level events.

Pre Event Info

  • Twin Peak 2015 Final Details as a PDF
  • Twin Peak Quiz 2015 as a PDF - please email your answers to before 9pm on Saturday or hand in at Enquiries by 11am on Sunday.
  • Start times on Fabian4 website (revised Wed 27th May)
  • Twin Peak 2015 Flyer as a PDF (updated 4th May)


Saturday: Place Fell. The White, Yellow, Orange and “Silver” (see below) courses will use the Silver Point low-level area beside Ullswater – around 600m from Assembly.

Sunday: Angle Tarn Pikes for all courses.


Patterdale is on the A592 at the Southern end of Ullswater, about 12 miles North of Windermere and 12 miles SouthWest from junction 40 of the M6 at Penrith.


Parking is at Side Farm, Patterdale GR NY 398 162. The track to Side Farm is east off the A592 with bumps, a narrow bridge and single track sections. Please be prepared to back-up, or wait, if cars are trying to go the other way from you - and beware pedestrians.

There will be no marshal at the turn off the A592.  There is a sign for “Side Farm” on the West side of the road which will be adorned with an O kite and Orienteering arrows.

No exit before 14.00 on Saturday and 12.00 on Sunday.

£1.50 parking fee per day. Sorry it’s an odd amount - please have the right money ready.

Coaches and large campervans cannot get to Side Farm. Contact the organiser for advice.


Assembly is adjacent to the Side Farm Tearoom.

All event facilities will be located at Assembly: Enquiries, EOD registration, SI-card hire, Download, Toilets, CompassPoint (NB. Saturday only), Podium Catering, NWJS Cake stall, Results display.  The Side Farm Tearoom will be open for snacks and drinks.  There will be space for a few club tents.


Must be on leads as there are sheep everywhere.


Pre-entry via Fabian4.
Online entries close 24th May.
If you can’t use Fabian4 for any reason, contact the organiser.

PLEASE check exactly which course you want before starting the entry process. Fabian’s drop-down list offers you course names (eg. Short Blue 2) NOT classes.

Pre-entry Fees (per day):

TD5 courses, Black to VS Green Seniors £14.00
  Juniors/Students £4.00
LIght Green Seniors £8.00
  Juniors/Students £4.00
White, Yellow, Orange, Silver Seniors £4.00
  Juniors/Students £4.00

Start times will be allocated as per your requested period for each day, and where both days’ requests are the same (Very Early, Early, etc), individuals will have starts in opposite orders.
Split starts with open start times can be arranged.


Start times:      Saturday 12.00 – 15.00                     Sunday 10.00  – 13.00                        Registration:    Saturday 11.00 – 13.30                     Sunday  9.30 – 11.30

Split Starts:      Pick up a Start Slip from Enquiries for each runner, and present it at the Start. Because of the distances involved, the first runner should go very early. (The same track is used to get to the start and to return from the finish, so you could meet en route)

EOD Fees per day:

TD5 courses, Black to VS Green Seniors £15.00
  Juniors/Students £4.00
LIght Green Seniors £9.00
  Juniors/Students £4.00
White, Yellow, Orange, Silver Seniors £5.00
  Juniors/Students £4.00

Before going to EOD Registration, please fill in an EOD slip, and hire your SI-card (if you need one). Hire charge is £1 per day for adults. Lost cards are charged at £30.

You can enter for both days on Saturday and you will be given balanced Start Times, making you eligible for Twin Peak prizes. If you prefer to enter each day separately, you will be regarded as two different people and will not be eligible for prizes.

All the courses are colour coded, so you can enter any colour you choose. Age groups have been allocated to specific courses, and prizes will only be awarded to people running the “correct” course (or “running up”). On Saturday, we appreciate that some competitors don’t wish to take on the walk to the start, so there will be a “Silver” course which makes the best we can of the Silver Point area – approximately Orange length and TD4.

We are not printing maps on site, but we intend to print a significant surplus.  If there are surprising numbers of EOD, you may not be able to run the course of your choice.


There will be a £2 fee for any changes to pre-entries after entries close. Check your entry is exactly what you want before all entries close on 24 May – in particular, that you’ve chosen the right course (there’s plenty to pick from) and that you’ll have time to get round before Courses Close.


For Place Fell and Angle Tarn Pikes you will use the excellent 2002 maps at 1:10000, updated in 2009 and 2015.  White, Yellow and Orange courses have 1:7500 maps. Note that Rough Open is printed White for clarity.

For Silver Point White, Yellow, Orange and Silver courses, the map is at 1:5000 (and Rough Open is normal yellow).  

All maps will be on waterproof A4 paper with control descriptions on the front.

Maps for White and Yellow may be studied at the Start, before the Start. All other maps are in bags after the Start punch.

Control Descriptions

Loose waterproof copies of the control descriptions will be available in the start lanes. Take your own method of protection and/or affixing.

For White, Yellow and Orange courses, loose descriptions are in English, those on the map are pictorial; descriptions for all other courses are pictorial on the map and on the loose sheet.

Clear Station

The Clear and Check boxes will be at the Start.

Control sites

On Place Fell and Angle Tarn Pikes, kites will be hung on canes, with SI boxes on base plates at ground level. At Silver Point, kites will be hung on plastic stakes with SI boxes on top. If an SI box fails to bleep and flash, use the pin punch attached to punch in the special box on your map.

The Start

The Start is a punching Start. All competitors will have an allocated Start time, which you are expected to honour. If you miss your Start time, you will have to wait until you can be fitted in.

You will have observed there are plenty of courses, and relatively few runners on each. On these areas, visibility can be so good that “trains” can easily form – which we are trying to minimize by spreading people across the start period as widely as possible. So please respect the Start marshals judgement of when there is a next free slot.  Please make sure that you know exactly which course you are on prior to entering the start box - this applies particularly to competitors on courses where there is an added number designation (eg. Short Brown 1 / Short Brown 2).

Courses Close

Saturday 17.00; Sunday 15.00; (ie. 2hrs after last Start). If you think you will need more than two hours to get round your course, please ensure you don’t have a Late or Very Late start.

Clothing Dump

On each area, the Start and Finish are very close together. We will mark out an area for you to leave clothing (and anything else you choose to take to the Start such as drinks). Supply your own bag. Please remember to collect ALL your possessions, including empty drinks bottles, before returning to Assembly.


There will be no drinks at the Finish on either day. There will be (potable) tap water available as you return to Side Farm. If you want a drink when you finish, take your own with you. Should the weather be very hot, you will have to provide your own on-course hydration system.


It is essential that you download at the marquee in the Assembly Area. Failure to do so could result in Mountain Rescue being called out to do an unnecessary search of the area.


Results will be displayed at Assembly at regular intervals, and on the MDOC website as soon as we can.

String Courses

There will be a different String Course each day, neither suitable for pushchairs.

On Saturday it will be on the fellside behind Side Farm, with the start about 300m along a track.  Open from 12.30 to 15.00.

On Sunday it will be in the open field area near to the car park - including a pleasant, rocky, wooded hillock. One short section is very rocky and could be slippery. Small children might need help. Open from 10.30 to 13.00.


Twin Peak prizes will be awarded to the winners of Senior Long classes and Junior A classes, based on 2-days' cumulative times (except for M80-85 and W75-85 where only Sunday counts). Presentation at 2.45 at Assembly. Potential winners who have late runs on Sunday – please get to Assembly and download as quickly as possible. Please stay for the Prizegiving if you can – we have a cunning plan to make it exceptionally brisk. If you cannot stay until 2.45 you can e-mail or ring us after the results are published to claim your prize.


Certificates will be available at Enquiries for any Yellow, White and String participants who would like one, along with stickers.


Controllers Day 1: Dan and Karen Parker BL Day 2: Chris Burden AIRE
Planners Day 1: Steve Dempsey Day 2: Dave McCann
Organiser John Britton  
Assistant Sue Birkinshaw  

(nb. Most Day 2 courses were originally planned as the Reserve Day for Lakes 5 2014)


If possible, please use email to ...
You can try phoning John but may have to leave a message for a return call.


A typically devilish Dan and Karen quiz will be available on the web site, and at Enquiries, to keep you busy. Email your answers to before 9pm on Saturday or hand in at Enquiries by 11am on Sunday.


Dalemain Estate, National Trust, Natural England, Side Farm, Patterdale Mountain Rescue

Course Lengths

      Place Fell Angle Tarn TD
      km climb km climb  
1 Black M21 9.5 430 10.4 550 5
2 Brown M35, M40 7.5 395 8.3 515 5
3 Short Brown 1 M45, W21, M20 6.7 340 7.0 395 5
4 Short Brown 2 M50, M21S, M18 6.4 325 6.3 360 5
5 Blue 1 M55, M35S, W35, M16A 5.9 295 5.9 330 5
6 Blue 2 M60, M40S, W40 5.8 280 5.0 340 5
7 Short Blue 1 M65, M45S, W45, M20S, W20 4.1 190 4.6 290 5
8 Short Blue 2 M50S, W50, W21S, M18S, W18 4.0 170 4.5 245 5
9 Green 1 M55S, W55, W35S 3.8 170 4.1 250 5
10 Green 2 M70, M60S, W60, W40S, W16A 3.3 170 3.6 225 5

Short Green

M75, M65S, W65, W70, W45S, W50S, W18S, W20S 2.6 130 3.3 205 5
12 Very Short Green M80, M85, M70S, M75S, W75, W80, W85, W55+S 2.2 115 2.6 135 5
13 Light Green M14A, M16B, W14A, W16B 3.2 135 2.7 185 4
      Silver Point Angle Tarn  
14 Orange M12A, M14B, W12A, W14B 2.7 150 2.5 195 3
15 Yellow M10A, M12B, W10A, W12B 2.6 150 2.1 150 2


M10B, W10B 2.4 125 1.8 115 1
17 Silver   2.8 170     4

*TD i.e. navigational difficulty 

Terrain Notes

Both Place Fell and Angle Tarn Pikes are highly runnable, being almost exclusively rough grass.  Bracken has spread since the maps were originally drawn, especially on some of the lower eastern slopes of Place Fell, but very little of it should be in your way. Both maps have significant landmarks mixed with areas of more than average complexity - even in perfect conditions, navigation is not straightforward, and as the competition areas lie between 400m and 700m above sea level, low visibility is a distinct possibility.

Main paths have cut through the grass and are clear and stony. Some of the mapped intermittent (broken dashed line) paths may not be as easily seen, as they haven't yet cut through the grass.

Some courses have more than the recommended ratio of climb to distance, as the only way of enabling courses to reach the better parts of the map.

Saturday  –   Place Fell and Silver Point

Silver Point - Courses 14 to 17 (White, Yellow, Orange and Silver)

This is an area beside Ullswater which does not go up onto the high fell. It is mostly open with a network of paths.  There is some bracken on the Orange and Siver courses but at this time of year it is low and easy to pass through on sheep trods. There are also patches of gorse and juniper which have extended since the map was drawn but this shouldn’t cause any problem as you will not need to use them for navigation.

Route to Start/Finish

The route leaves Assembly in the same direction as the main Place Fell start, but diverges after about 900m. If you want to accompany juniors to this start you need only allow a few extra minutes. Suggested time to the start is 15 minutes – about 1km from Side Farm.

Place Fell - Courses 1 to 13

Route to Start/Finish

2.2km with 310 metres climb, partly up a rough rocky path. Suggested time is 45 minutes, but some people might need to allow a bit longer, especially as there may be people coming the other way. (A fit M45 did it at a fast walk in 30 minutes). Remember to take your own clothing bag and finish drink. The Finish is very close to the Start (but a little higher up) and you return to Assembly by the same path from the Clothing Dump which is close to the Start.

Planner's note

Place Fell has several distinct areas, the high summit, a slope eastwards containing some marshy sections and the northern section that has a mass of interesting rock and contour features. Views over the lake and across to the Helvellyn range can be stunning.

Underfoot the grass is rough, but not so rough as to prevent a good running speed. There is very little bracken and courses have been planned to avoid this where possible. In the northern section there are a number of very small intermittent paths that are not shown on the map

Sunday  –  Angle Tarn Pikes

Route to Start/Finish

About 1.2 km with 150 metres climb up a good path. Suggested time is 30 minutes (or 40 minutes for slow walkers).

There are two Starts – a Junior Start for courses 14-16 (White, Yellow, Orange), and a Main Start for everyone else. They are 100m apart.

Remember to take your own clothing bag and finish drink. The Finish is close to both Starts, the Clothing Dump is between all three, and you return by the same path from the Clothing Dump.

Planner's notes

Paths: This is a heavily-walked area, and every visit has found new paths that could potentially be mapped. Not all of them are on your competition map.

Streams: Courses 1-14 cross a number of significant streams. There are many safe crossing points and you should not need to deviate significantly from your chosen route to use one.

Courses 15-16 have been planned to cross streams via footpaths and therefore should not present any difficulties.

Walls: The longer courses (Black and Browns) pass over a significant wall - this wall is high in places and is best crossed via the gate openings, which are shown on the map. There are other walls mapped as ruined, which are freely crossable everywhere. The wall which runs alongside the stream out of the NW end of the Tarn is mapped as ruined but isn’t really freely crossable – however, there are easy crossings and your courses should lead you towards them.

Taped Route Course 16 (White): In order to meet technical difficulty requirements, we have provided a taped route (220m) for part of this course – this comprises canes stuck in the ground every 20-30m with small bits of tape attached. Please make sure your Juniors are prepared for this. The course is also on the long side for this colour, due to the limitations of the area.

Exposure: Some parts of the area are steep and even the main paths can be quite exposed.  Please take appropriate care at all times.

Safety Notes

Lone runners MUST leave car keys (or something equally unforgettable) at Enquiries and complete a Safety form.

First Aid will be available both at the Finish and at Enquiries. 

A whistle must be carried whatever the conditions.

Come prepared for all possible types of weather. Shorts are allowed. Cags may be compulsory - this means a waterproof jacket with a hood. There is a clothing dump very close to the Start and Finish on both days so you can carry food, drink, extra clothes, etc, to the Start and make late decisions on what exactly you need to keep yourself safe all the time you're on the hill - be it fluids or clothes. Veterans of last year's Lakes 5 Days may compare and contrast the conditions experienced on Swindale and Pike O'Blisco.

Safe routes off the fells

There are two routes off Place Fell, via the Finish or via the main ridge path which goes South to Boredale Hause, then NW down the track to Side Farm.

The only safe route off Angle Tarn Pikes is via the Finish. 



Side Farm has a fully serviced camp site, adjacent to our Assembly Area.
017684 82337 for full details. Adults £8, child £3, car £2, dogs on leads.
No advance bookings taken, but there are 70 pitches. Small campervans taken.

Larger campervans, try Gillside Farm, Glenridding 017684 82346.

For other accommodation contact the local Tourist Information Centres:
Penrith 01768 867466
Windermere 015394 46499
Keswick 017687 72645

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