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Manchester & District
Orienteering Club

Twin Peak

MDOC's annual 2-day event.

Twin Peak 2016 will comprise two Level B (UKOL) events in Stockport / Manchester on Saturday 9th  and Sunday 10th July.

01st Jan 16

Twin Peak 2016 in Stockport and the City of Manchester

Saturday 9th July and Sunday 10th July.

Two Level B (UKOL) events:

Day 1 - Sprint Event (UKOL and NW Sprint Championships) in Offerton, Stockport.

Day 2 - Urban Event (UKOL, UKUL) in the City of Manchester.

(Further details soon)

A Short History

In 1993 MDOC decided to get Stirling Surveys to make a new map of the whole of the Errwood Valley. The area had been used in the past, mapped by, among others, UMOC. As the area is about 18 sq km, this was an expensive project and we hoped to cover a reasonable proportion of the cost by holding a National Event. We were disconcerted to be told that the area was not sufficiently technical to host a National. The idea of having a 2-day event was suggested and one member jokingly said it should be called Twin Peaks. (Some will recall that there was a much-watched TV programme of that name at that time). And so our annual event came into existence and has become a regular fixture on the orienteering calendar.

For 5 years we held the event at Errwood and Macclesfield Forest alternately, always in the "Peak" District and always in the early autumn.

In 1998 we changed everything. In support of the World Cup races in the Lake District, we held one race on High Dam and DEE put on a second race at Great Tower, with the added excitement of a boat trip across Windermere to reach the Start. The date was moved to June and we reckoned that "Fells" were near enough to "Peaks" to use the now well-established name.

Since that time, the date, format and location of the Twin Peak weekend has been very varied. We have included urban races, Middle Distance races and even a 2-part Sprint. We have been to Stockport town, City of Manchester and Bleathwaite/Torver in the Lake District.

But there is no doubt that the original format of 2 classic (long) races in the countryside, with prizes for class winners, based on times from the two days added together, is the most popular.

So in 2015 we shall celebrate the 21st Twin Peak by returning to the fells above Ullswater.

Previous Events

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